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location_on Gauteng, South Africa

warning Borrowed 8.70 and $341 | 52% paid on time

account_balance_wallet 31,800 ZAR monthly income, salaried

business Works in information and communication

Working capital loan


Hi guys,

This is my sixth loan. I have missed only one payment out of all my re-payments (by a few days) due to being scammed on an investment on another BTC P2P site. That is now behind me.

I would like to apply for a 5.9 BTC loan over 12 months. The funding will be allocated as follows:

1. Initial development and testing of my site, as well as my faucet is being finalized this week. I need to start advertising aggressively over the next few months in order to increase visitors.
2. I need to finalise tuition fees for my son for next year's schooling.
3. I would like to upgrade my current notebook which is extremely outdated.

I will repay the loan from my existing salary as I have been doing the last few months. I will also be receiving a 13th check in December 2015 which will be saved in case I am unable to repay the loan for some reason or another.

Thanks for reading and considering helping me.


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