Corporate bond tokenization for ABN AMRO

ABN AMRO, The Netherlands

Conducted efficiency analyses of tokenization in the debt capital markets (DCM) business of the bank

Prepared process flows for the end to end issuance and settlement of tokenized corporate bonds where ABN AMRO acts as an arranger bank

Supported internal pilot tokenization transaction

Supported transaction with ABN’s corporate client APOC which issued bond on a public chain with Bitbond tech

Working on production implementation of tokenized bond transactions setup including integration into bank internal process and IT systems such as core banking and payments systems


Registering a EUR 450 thousand digital bond on a public blockchain on behalf of their client APOC


  • Leverage efficiency gains of tokenization in the DCM business of the bank
  • Meet demands of institutional investors and corporate issuers around digital assets
  • Develop innovation project into production state
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    Corporate bond tokenization for SCB

    Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore/Philippines

    Implemented an issuance platform for tokenized corporate bonds in Southeast Asia

    Covered the entire value chain including connection of a distribution partner (Union Bank of the Philippines), order book management and custody

    Delivered tokenization module and custody software


    Supported discussions with local regulator


    The Union Bank of the Philippines issued a tokenized bond of USD 187 million through the platform in December 2020


    • Establish an issuance platform for security tokens
    • Improve access to corporate bond investing for retail investors
    • Increase secondary market liquidity for bonds

    Tokenization platform for DCM products

    Vonovia/firstwire, Bochum/Cologne

    Provided technology for the first tokenized bond of a German DAX30 company via Bitbond client firstwire

    Delivered the technology for tokenization and transfer of security tokens

    Enabled independent arrangement of transactions via firstwire without intermediaries such as CSDs

    Helped coordinate underwriting of the transaction by MM Warburg, custody by Bankhaus von der Heydt

    Digitized the entire value chain


    Issuance of EUR 20 million digital registered bond by DAX30 company


    • Automate issuance and investment process on the firstwire marketplace
    • Innovative debt financing of real estate projects
    • Give institutional investors access to tokenized bonds

    Digital asset banking platform

    Bankhaus von der Heydt, Munich

    Implemented a technology platform for digital asset banking including tokenization and custody

    Supported the bank with necessary documentation for crypto custody license application

    Delivered the technology for the automated issuance of the bank’s EUR stable coin

    Achieved significant efficiency gains through technology deployment (lower costs, fewer intermediaries and reduced complexity, digital onboarding, global transferability and high secondary market liquidity)


    Over EUR 50 million assets under custody


    • Reduce issuance time for securitizations from 6 weeks to 3 days via tokenization
    • Introduce stable coin based payments settlement via the bank’s EURB digital Euro
    • Launch custody of digital assets under German crypto custody license

    First European tokenized bond

    Bitbond Finance, Berlin

    Developed legal concept and discussed it with German financial regulator BaFin throughout the year 2018

    Received approval for tokenized bond prospectus in January 2019 and conducted the BB1 tokenized bond offering thereafter

    Developed proprietary tokenization technology that is compliance with EU prospectus regulation

    Manage coupon payments on-chain in an automated way

    Made the BB1 tradeable on a decentralized exchange


    Over EUR 2.6 million bond volume


    • Prove that a fully dematerialized bond is possible under EUR prospectus regulation
    • Raise working capital from retail investors
    • Show that our tokenization technology works at scale