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What is an NFT Affiliate Program?
How to earn crypto with NFT affiliate programs

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) sales are still going strong, despite the so-called ‘Crypto Winter.’ Signing up for an NFT affiliate program is a great way to leverage your audience and earn money for those who are in this space and passionate about NFTs, tokenized assets, and crypto.

In 2022, NFT sales are already over $24.3 billion, according to a DappRadar report published by Reuters (data from Q1 – Q3), with the market and investors anticipating solid numbers for Q4 to round off the year.

NFT affiliate programs have been around as long as there have been tokenized assets online, particularly in the Web3/Crypto and Blockchain-based sectors. For anyone who’s built an audience, a fan base, or an authority that people listen to, this is a cost and time-effective way to monetize that audience while demonstrating you support something you’re passionate about.

In this article, we take a closer look at NFT and crypto affiliate programs and how you can earn money as an NFT affiliate partner.

What is an NFT Affiliate Program? 

Affiliate marketing has been around since the early days of Web2.0 platforms and social networks.

When “blogging” first emerged as an online medium for communicating ideas and connecting, it didn’t take long before online retailers figured out this was a great way to get their products to a broader audience. Affiliate marketing existed before SEO was “a thing,” before PPC advertising, YouTube, Google Analytics, Facebook, the “Creator Economy”, and long before Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies appeared on the scene.

How does NFT Affiliate marketing work

In 2022, NFTs are still incredibly popular, and affiliate marketing in the hands of creators and influencers is a powerful way for NFT owners to generate extra revenue. 

Crypto, blockchain, Web3, and NFT creators and influencers can leverage the power of affiliate marketing to bring exciting new products and projects to their audience and earn additional revenue from affiliate links.

It doesn’t matter where your audience is, either. Whether you’ve built your platform on YouTube or Twitter, have an email newsletter with high engagement rates, or are already deep into the Web3/Metaverse; if you’ve got an audience and are passionate about NFTs, then joining an NFT affiliate program is the best way to monetize content.

Now let’s take a look at 5 of the leading NFT affiliate programs, and see how you can join the Bitbond Crypto Affiliate Program.

5 Examples of NFT Affiliate Programs 

#1: Bitbond Crypto Affiliate Program

Token Tool by Bitbond is a market-leading way to create tokenized versions of anything — such as fiat currencies, bonds, stocks, platform-specific currencies, art, valuables, usage rights, certificates, and numerous other assets — and sell them as NFTs.

With the Bitbond Token Tool, anyone can create NFTs without having to code a smart contract on the Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and Binance Smart Chain blockchains.

Monetization of tokens is super easy, with a web3 token generator app. All you need to do is connect your preferred Web3 Wallet. Once connected, you can create ERC20 Tokens equivalents (ARC20, MRC20, and BEP20), mint NFTs, distribute tokens and NFTs, and create and manage token sales.

As a member of the Bitbond Crypto Affiliate Program, anyone using your affiliate link/code will receive a 10% discount. It’s free to join, and you don’t need to pay anything to join as an affiliate partner. You will earn 30% of the gross revenue from any affiliate token and NFT sales. You don’t need to be a Token Tool user, but we would love for you to try our software!

Every customer who uses your affiliate link that signs up to Token Tool will receive a 10% discount – see Token Tool Terms & Conditions for more detailed pricing information.

On every purchase a user who’s come through your affiliate link completes, you will receive a 30% commission of the gross revenue from that sale. If you’ve got business or enterprise clients you would like to refer to us, we recommend getting in touch via our contact form. We can also offer preferential rates for those with large audiences.

Bitbond is a market-leading tokenization software company, with over $200 million in tokenized assets already created using our SaaS solutions.

Check out Bitbond’s Token Tool here.

#2: Coinbase

Coinbase needs no introduction to anyone in the crypto and NFT space. It’s a huge crypto exchange, and one of the many things users can do on the platform is mint, trade, and sell NFTs.

Coinbase gives anyone the ability to join their affiliate program, including NFT sales. Affiliates can earn “50% of your referees’ trading fees for the first 3 months” and get paid in crypto, or via PayPal or bank transfer in a fiat currency of your choice.

With over 108 million verified users and the most recent quarterly trading volume of $159+ billion, Coinbase is one of the world’s largest and most trusted crypto platforms and exchanges, making it a valuable source for earning affiliate commissions through NFT sales.

#3: is described as the world’s fastest-growing crypto app, with over 50 million users buying and selling 250+ cryptocurrencies and assets. If you sign-up for the Visa card, you can earn 5% cash back on purchases, and when you hold onto crypto assets, you can earn 14.5% rewards.

Naturally, also gives you the ability to buy and sell NFTs.

The affiliate program pays a $20 commission for every new customer who uses your affiliate link and $10 for anyone who links their mobile account to the desktop app.

#4: is a platform for creating, minting, selling, buying, and trading NFTs. It’s designed for and by creators in this new, Web3-centric creator economy. describes itself as an “NFT-as-a-Service solution,” and one of the upsides of this is it offers a top-tier affiliate commission reward structure. Its SaaS plans go up to $1000 per month and pays 50% for every new premium account sign-up, so you could earn $500 for every customer your affiliate link lands. It comes with a 90-day cookie window.

Here’s more detail about the NFT Affiliate Program.

#5: AI Art Shop

As the name suggests, the AI Art Shop is a website whereby you can create AI-generated artworks without any human input (artificial intelligence). AI-created art is shaking up the art, design, and games industries, and users can create some stunning and realistic artworks using AI programs.

Not only that, but AI-generated art can sell for hundreds (or thousands) of dollars.

AI Art Shop offers affiliate program members a 15% commission on every sale made via their unique affiliate link/code. The only downside is it comes with a limited 7-day cookie window.

Here’s more detail about AI Art Shop’s NFT affiliate program.

How do you make money through an NFT Affiliate Program?

Make money with NFT Affiliate Programs in 5 steps:

Sign-up for an NFT affiliate program (we recommend the Bitbond Crypto Affiliate Program) 

Get a code or affiliate link from that program

Start promoting that code through content you create online via whichever channels and platforms you are most active on

Watch the affiliate referral commission payments start rolling in!

Renew that code whenever it expires, or the cookie window needs refreshing.

It’s really easy. In most cases, all you have to do is:

  1. Sign-up for an NFT affiliate program (we recommend the Bitbond Crypto Affiliate Program
  2. Get a code or affiliate link from that program
  3. Start promoting that code through content you create online via whichever channels and platforms you are most active on
  4. Watch the affiliate referral commission payments start rolling in!
  5. Renew that code whenever it expires, or the cookie window needs refreshing.

It’s that simple!

Author: Saher
Published: 2024-03-18

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