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Bitbond Borrower Interview With Chris: Family Man And Entrepreneur

Chris Grundy
Sep 17, 2015

This weeks Bitbond Borrower interview is with Chris from Australia. Chris is a family-man, entrepreneur and bitcoin enthusiast. In this excellent interview, he gives us his insights into bitcoin, the need for innovation and his professional background. Readers can invest in his larger loan request, as well as in a smaller loan request by following the provided links.

Bitbond: Could you let us know a bit about your professional background?

My professional life actually began by working in a call centre taking orders for Pizza Hut back when I was 16.  Although this seems of little interest, it meant that my first Job was as a csr in a call centre whereas most of my friends were taking jobs at MacDonald’s or Safeway.

From there, I worked in a variety of customer service and sales roles which would lead to an eventual fusion with my love of computers and technology as I worked as a tech support agent for some of Australia’s biggest communication companies.  

Bitbond: What was your first encounter with Bitcoin?

I first heard about bitcoin several years ago, when a work colleague wouldn’t stop talking about it. Honestly, at the time I didn’t even get what cryptocurrency was or how it worked. He was sure that it was worth investing in as it would most likely be worth a lot more in the future.  

I wish I had paid more attention to him at the time, as I could probably being living on my own private island somewhere if I had.

Bitbond: Why have you decided to apply for a loan through Bitbond?

I love the entire concept of peer to peer lending. I feel that by cutting out the banks and their fees there is so much more freedom and potential profit for lenders and investors. I spent some time looking through the Bitbond site and the listings and so on and thought it was brilliant.

Bitbond: Could you describe in detail what the purpose of the loan is?

I have applied through bitbond to help with funds for starting my own business. It’s something I have always wanted to do and I don’t want to make a half-hearted effort. Starting you own business has a lot of costs involved.

Bitbond: What motivated you to start your business?

My reason for starting my business is based on a few factors. Firstly, we live in a time where everyone has computers, smartphone and constant internet. There are many computer techs out there but the costs are just ridiculous.  

No matter what the issue, you would pay a minimum callout fee plus who knows what else even if the problem could be fixed in less than 5 mins.

I decided that I would like to offer a different way of helping people with their computer problems. Especially in terms of charging. If I can help someone with a simple email telling them a few steps, then I would let them determine the price.

With more detailed remote support and onsite I also plan to incorporate prices based on the specific customer and their issue.

I am firmly set on giving at percentage of the profits (most likely 50%) to a charity like the Salvation Army.  

Bitbond: Do you have a team or do you run the business on your own?

I will be starting just on my own, but with any luck my idea and business model will grow my company nationwide.

Bitbond: Do you feel that Bitcoin is widely known? Are there many places in your area that accept Bitcoin?

I think it is still not yet widely known. There are a few cafes etc. that accept bitcoin but most people would never have heard of it.  I do see a huge potential in the future though.  

Thank you for taking the time and providing such great answers.

Follow the links to find his loan request #1 and loan request #2.

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