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location_on Laguna, Philippines

warning Borrowed $668 | 14% paid on time

account_balance_wallet 43,000 PHP monthly income, self-employed

business Works in information and communication

Working capital loan


I've been mining altcoins since last year. I shifted to cloud mining lately and reinvested my btc via It’s just a small operation though (less than 1 BTC per month income).
I'm also working as a freelance writer in Odesk for 4 yrs now apart from having a small business (internet cafe) which provides a decent source of income. My total income is around $1k plus 1 BTC in mining per month compared to the minimum wage here of less than $200, expenses is around 1/3 of that. I need a bigger capital to get ahead and prosper. This is the reason I'm filing a loan. I'm planning on expanding my business but needs the additional capital. I have saved the bigger chunk and just need the boost. Earnings from mining will be used to pay for my instalments and income from Odesk will serve as backup just in case something goes south. I've submitted all my credentials for this loan. I'm willing to provide additional proof if you deem it necessary. Help me with my loan and earn some in return.


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