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The Smart Way To Invest €10,000

Chris Grundy
July 3rd, 2019

It's not easy to invest €10,000 in a smart way. Stocks and commodities had a rough 2018, and the interest rates offered by banks barely beat inflation. Here we give you the answer.

Great returns in three easy steps

This guide makes it easy for you to invest €10,000 the smart way. Most people never figure it out and end up losing a lot of money. Follow these simple steps to stay smart

Most people make simple investment mistake

„Too many investors focus on maximizing short-term investment return instead of designing an investment portfolio that has a high probability of achieving their long-term investment objectives.“ - CFA Institute

Step 1: Understand the probable return of your investment

The most important step to investing €10,000 wisely, is to find an investment opportunity with an articulated, expected return.

Without this information, you can only guess or hope what your investment will yield.

Investments that seemed like a safe bet may well turn out to be lemons.

Above you can see the negative yield that investors experienced on the stock market in 2018.

Step 2: Dare to think outside of the box

„[2018] cut across a broad swath of Wall Street, ranging from stocks and commodities.“ - MarketWatch

Making correct decisions is not enough when you‘re part of the crowd.

You need to think outside of the box and find an investment opportunity that many people don‘t have on their radar.

Step 3: Hold on to your investment

„A common mistake investors make is selling off too soon.“ - The Balance

One of the most important aspects of investing is to stay in the market long-term. Far too many people sell whenever the price declines a little.

In order to enjoy long-term profits, and invest €10,000 the smart way, find an investment opportunity you can hold on to while enjoying great returns.

Why the BB1 token is the smart way to invest €10,000

The BB1 token is the first German Security Token and brings many attractive qualities to the table.

  1. Most importantly, it clearly articulates the expected return for investors: 4% per year + a variable amount.
  2. BB1 is a Security token employing cutting edge technology, making this your chance to enter an incredibly exciting market before others hear about it.
  3. The token has a maturity of 10 years and pays token holders every quarter until the maturity is reached. At that point Bitbond Finance will buy back the tokens at their original price of €1 per BB1

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