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Pick the Best eBay Repricer! Our Top 10

Chris Grundy
Aug 7, 2018

There are times when it makes sense for eBay sellers to reprice the products they offer, most often to be more competitive. This process of marketplace repricing enables sellers to change product prices to fare well in price comparisons and be viewed favorably by eBay’s Best Match algorithm.

It’s not always easy to reprice accurately on eBay because of the difficulty of identifying identical products in the eBay marketplace. Listing titles can be long and crammed full of keywords and in most cases sellers are not obligated to use eBay’s product catalogue. Without an automated tool, you’d have a tough time surveying competitors’ prices for the same products that you sell, not only on eBay but through other channels, including their own online stores. An eBay repricer makes short work of price comparison and repricing on any scale.

While it’s relatively easy to figure out how low you have to go to beat the competition, price is not the only thing that the Best Match algorithm looks at. Using an eBay repricer doesn’t necessarily knock a product’s price into the basement and can even result in a price increase.

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Types of eBay Repricers

Some eBay repricers are standalone specialist tools that only do repricing, while others are included in a comprehensive marketplace management system. Some are rules-based and others are algorithmic, and a few support both methods, allowing the seller to decide which should be applied to specific products or groups of products.

Rules-based eBay repricers enable the user to establish a set of rules that will determine how the repricer treats specific products, for example: “Beat the current Best Buy Box winner by 2%” or “Only reprice against items listed as New.” This type of repricer enables the seller to set potentially dozens of rules. This gives sellers a high degree of control and flexibility, but the tradeoff is the time spent setting up the rules.

Algorithmic eBay repricers use predetermined rules, and the only parameter defined by the seller is the minimum acceptable price for each product. There are, however, other factors built into algorithmic repricers that could result in two different algorithmic repricers arriving at very different conclusions as to what the optimal price is for the same product.

Top eBay Repricers

There are relatively few eBay repricers compared to the large number of repricers for Amazon sellers. There are a few repricers that provide multi-channel support. These are our top 10 picks for eBay repricers, listed alphabetically so as not to play favourites.


StreetPricer is an automated price tracking and repricing solution for online retailers. Its scans eBay and Amazon for competitors and works with multiple eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce. Its “Radar” uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms so it can handle catalog or non-catalog items. For catalog items, operations can be reasonably automated, and in some cases, completely automated, depending on the product categories your items are in. For non-catalog items, you can use StreetPricer’s AI-Scan to give you results, without supplying product keywords. Alternatively, if you are willing to spend the time to come up with keywords for your items, it always gives more targeted results.

The results from StreetPricer’s AI-Scan vary, and it is quite dependent on what information you supply with your own items, and similarly what item-specific data is supplied in your competitors’ items. In any case, you can set filters and parameters in StreetPricer to tailor the results to your business.

StreetPricer is one of the very few repricers out there that supports eBay’s multi-variations. It has a “Mark variations in bulk” feature, which cuts down the amount of time you have to spend sorting out all the variation combinations between your items and your competitors’.

StreetPricer is easy to use. It can handle multiple stores, multi-currencies, multiple sites, as well as data download and upload. Subscription is on a monthly basis and it starts from US$29 for 1,000 SKUs to US$489 for 100,000 SKUs.


Although Appeagle doesn’t specifically advertise itself as supporting eBay sellers, it’s a multi-channel software package that allows users to see what competitors are charging in different marketplaces for the same products. It includes a Continuous Repricing tool that automates the repricing process, updating product prices based on that competitive data. Appeagle’s repricer allows users to decide whether to use the predetermined algorithm or to customise it to specify their own rules. And they can do that on a product by product basis, relying on the algorithm for some products and a customized strategy for others.

There are three pricing levels, based on the number of listings. The Basic Plan, at $100 per month, accommodates up to 250 listings. The Premium Plan, which costs $150 per month, is designed for sellers with up to 5,000 listings. The custom-priced Enterprise Plan handles up to 10,000 listings. All three levels support eBay repricing, though the Premium and Enterprise plans are compatible with more marketplaces than the Basic Plan and offer more features. There is a 14-day free trial of the Premium Plan, after which you can decide which level is appropriate for your needs.


ChannelMax provides multi-function, multi-channel support for online sellers. It includes a rules-based repricing tool with 60 rules that is compatible with eBay. Sellers can rely on the default configuration or customise it as a rule-based repricer for some or all of their SKUs. The monthly cost of the repricing tool depends on the number of SKUs, from $49.99 for 100 SKUs to $99.98 for 50,000 SKUS, with several price points in between those two levels. During the 30-day free trial period, users have unlimited access to all features.


Jazva’s single-platform solution for eBay sellers includes a dynamic rules-based eBay repricer, launched in 2017, that offers users two repricing strategies: query-based or listings-based. The query based approach reprices a product based on the top 100 listings that match the item most closely in terms of price and shipping cost. The listings-based approach reprices only against specific listings. Pricing information for the software is available only by contacting JazVa.

Price Spectre

Price Spectre is an affordable standalone dynamic rules-based eBay repricer. The user sets both a pricing rule and a minimum price for each listing or sets default search parameters to be applied to all listings. There are over a dozen pricing rules for which users can specify their parameters. They can also create custom pricing rules in javascript. Several times a day, Price Spectre searches eBay listing according to the rules and minimum price set by the user and adjusts product prices accordingly.

The cost of Price Spectre depends on the number of active managed listings. Users are invited to try out one managed listing as a free trial for seven days. After the trial period, the monthly fee ranges from $2.95 for up to five listings to $19.95 per month for 201 to 1,000 listings. Sellers with more than 1,000 active managed listings pay $19.95 plus another $0.02 for each additional listing.

One pricing feature unique to Price Spectre is the availability of premium points, which can be purchased for $0.02 per point and can be used to gain access to special features of Price Spectre. Sellers who prefer to adjust their prices manually are permitted to use Price Spectre as a bulk editing tool at no cost. U.S. reigistered eBay sellers can obtain Price Spectre through the eBay Apps Center.

Repricer Express

Repricer Express is fa full suite of tools for developing customized pricing strategies. It is favored by many eBay and Amazon sellers because it enables them to set their own pricing rules and specify a minimum and maximum price for each listing. The shipping rates charged by competitors are taken into account in the repricing process, which helps ensure selling at a profit. Repricer Express continuously monitors and adjusts eBay selling prices around the clock, 365 days a year.

There are five Repricer Express Plans, distinguished by the number of SKUs accommodated, and all plans provide continuous multi-channel repricing. The lowest-priced plan costs $55 per month for 2,500 SKUs. The mid-range plan gives you 10,000 SKUs for $99 per month. The most expensive plan is $249 per month for 50,000 SKUs. Sellers with more than 50,000 SKUs are eligible for custom pricing. There is a free 15-day trial period limited to no more than 25,000 SKUs.


SellerActive is a multi-channel suite of eCommerce tools that integrates seamlessly with eBay. It includes a self-learning algorithmic repricing tool that provides rapid, continuous repricing to help eBay sellers remain competitive. Users have the option of setting their own rules and customise pricing strategies to give them greater control.

There are three standard plans, all of which provide a bulk listing tool, multi-channel inventory control, and unlimited repricing. All but the least expensive plan also include advanced fallback repricing. SellerActive’s pricing is based on gross merchandise value (GMV), not the number of SKUs.  GMV does not include shipping or sales tax. The least expensive plan, at $299 a month, is for sellers with monthly GMV of up to $25,000.

The Pro plan, which goes for $499 per month, is for sellers with monthly GMV between $25,001 and $50,000. For $899 a month, the Elite plan meets the needs of sellers with monthly GMV of up to $100,000. Custom plans are available for unlimited GMV sellers. Paying annually instead of monthly gives you a 20% discount.

Seller Dynamics

Seller Dynamics offers an eBay repricer as part of a comprehensive set of eCommerce tools for multi-channel sellers. It is compatible with 21 eBay marketplaces and bases repricing on supply and demand principles. Sellers can easily set up pricing profiles for catalogue items or use the manual edit system or bulk upload new prices for items not listed in the catalogue.

There are five plan levels, and pricing for all but the Small Biz plan is based on a percentage of monthly sales. The Small Biz plan is available for $60 per month or $600 annually and is limited to sellers with 2,000 SKUs and $6,000 in monthly gross sales. None of the other plans impose limits on the number of SKUs or on gross sales.  The cost of the Standard plan, designed for businesses selling up to $30,000 per month, is calculated as 1.49% of gross sales, with a minimum cost of $25 per month or $250 per year. Neither the Small Biz nor the Standard plan requires the seller to sign a contract.

The Premium and Premium+ plans cost 1.25% and .99% of gross sales respectively, with a minimum of $490 per month ($4,900) for the Premium plan and $900 per month ($9,000 annually) for Premium+. The Premium plan is intended for sellers up to $60,000 per month in gross sales while the Premium+ plan is for those with gross sales of more than $60,000. Both of these plans require a contract. There is also a customised Transition plan for sellers changing suppliers, which has negotiated pricing and a minimum monthly cost of $25.


SolidCommerce’s cloud-based eCommerce operations platform includes a rules-based eBay repricer that enables users to set their own pricing parameters. It leverages pricing data from Amazon and other channels, as well as eBay price trends, to determine the optimal pricing for each SKU. Pricing information is not available on the company’s website and must be obtained directly from SolidCommerce.


While the company’s emphasis is on meeting the needs of Amazon sellers, Teikametrics offers eBay seller tools including a proprietary eBay repricer. A dedicated team of eBay experts helps users set their repricing parameters and provides unlimited configuration and ongoing technical support. The software reprices in real-time to optimise the eBay seller’s profits. Those interested must contact the company directly regarding the cost of its eCommerce tools.


Wiser purports to offer the only eBay repricer capable of repricing non-catalogue as well as catalogue items based on real-time competitor pricing data. Its customisable performance-based rules can instantly reprice items to beat the prices of specific top eBay sellers. And they can be set up to change automatically at different times of the day, when traffic matches specified parameters, according to sales performance, or in other predetermined scenarios. Wiser’s eBay repricer gives users access to their own pricing history and that of competitors and automatically alerts them to repricing opportunities.  Price information for this and other Wiser tools must be obtained directly from Wiser.

Choosing the Right eBay Repricer

While virtually all automated repricers work for Amazon sellers, relatively few repricing tools support eBay, and some of the ones that do can only reprice catalogue items against other catalogue items. Most of the tools reviewed in this article were created for Amazon sellers but are compatible with eBay, and many also work for other marketplaces and selling platforms. So, one question to consider is what other channels the tool you select must be compatible with.

Price will also be a major consideration for most sellers. Some are affordable for low-volume sellers, while others are clearly intended for major players. Other factors to think about are how much control you want over the repricing process and how frequently you want to reprice your eBay listings.

Whichever eBay repricer you end up using, you’ll definitely be in a more competitive position than you would be in if you had to reprice all of your listings manually every time you wanted to make a change.

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