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Borrower Interview 🎥 Statistician Data Analyst And Entrepreneur

Mollie Thick
Jun 14, 2016

We had a great talk with our borrower Qenehelo from Lesotho, in Southern Africa! Our borrower is a statistician data analyst and a bitcoin lover. When realizing his country hadn't got any statistical consultancy company, he opened his own small business and is making efforts to make it grow day by day!

Bitbond: Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us. When was the first time you heard about Bitbond?

Qenehelo: I heard about Bitbond in early May this year, while I was doing a research on where I could get a loan to help my business to grow online. I was interested in bitcoin mining and came across Bitbond and started to read more about it. I am using Bitbond for the first time, and I love it very much.

Bitbond: Great. Since when have you been running your own business? Could you tell us a bit more about what you do?

Qenehelo: I started my business in February 2015 and I am still making profits. I am working as a statistician data analyst at NGO called Partners in Health Lesotho for a full time job and I am a consultant to my business during off work hours and on weekends.

Bitbond: Nice. How come you ended up starting this business and why have you chosen this particularly niche?

Qenehelo: I am a Statistician by profession. I realized the need of the business when I was working at the Ministry of Health and a lot of private sectors, public sectors and clinical students doing masters consulted me with statistical and data analyses problems on their researchers. That was when I first noticed that there is no any other statistical consultancy business in my country and so I came up with the idea of opening my business.

Bitbond: Cool! What do you hope to achieve with your loan and why did you choose Bitbond over a bank?

Qenehelo: I hope my business will grow locally and internationally as researchers and surveys are growing daily. Developing countries like mine, Lesotho, are realizing the importance of making decisions based on original facts - which is data.

I hope my business converts into a statistical consultancy company providing a wide range of data analytics and other statistical consulting services to the private and public sector. I chose Bitbond because is faster and better than banks with interest charges.

Besides from that, I just love to be in the bitcoin world, because they can be mined if the business is running loss. Mining at hashocean is also interesting, that’s why I decided to do them both, mining and business.

Bitbond: What are the benefits of peer-to-peer lending and why does it fit your business?

Qenehelo: The loans are faster, more reliable and with lower interest rates. That makes small business like mine to be profitable.

Bitbond: What is your favorite feature on Bitbond? What features do you think are missing?

Qenehelo: My favorite feature is the way Bitbond operates and calculates the interest rates. In other platforms, longer dated loans have higher interest rates than shorter dated ones; while in Bitbond interest depends on the borrower’s rating and it is on a reasonable scale. Fast communication with no paperwork is definitely great. What I would like to be improved is the early repayments structure, to at least 5 days.

Bitbond: What would you want potential investors to know about your loan?

Qenehelo: I assure investors that I will invest the loan in a very profitable business without any competition in my country, and I am going to buy 5000 hush power or more to secure the monthly repayment of the loan if the business has some hiccups. If you know how to invest in the consultancy business you can get good profits with fewer expenses. So they don’t have to worry about it. Also, I have my salary as collateral and you have enough information about my job. Please invest with me in this one and the following loans. Thank you!

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