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Top eCommerce Trends That Will Boost Your Online Business - Infographic

Daniela Cherkova
Nov 11, 2018

This is a guest post by Ana Bera. Ana is a 5’3 ray of sunshine and chocolate addict. As the Head of Marketing and Content at Subscriptionly she uses every opportunity she gets to learn from others and then share the knowledge and generate fun and informative content. She is a Toronto born world traveler, hungry for knowledge and ready to make a difference in the marketing world.

Have you ever wondered what the most important trends shaping the eCommerce industry at the moment are? Here’s a hint – it’s all about the client. Namely, the main point is that we are moving to a more customer-centric model of business.

As you will see on the list, clients are expecting more from retailers than ever before. They want:

  • Better targeted offers that are relevant to them: Forget the one-size-fits-all approach. Clients want more personalized service from you now, and that means setting them up with offers that matter to them.

  • Omnichannel shopping options: People like to have a choice when it comes to buying what they want. That means that you need to consider offering them different ways to shop. Maybe, for example, you could set up a buy button on your social media pages, or consider creating an app for clients to use.

  • More delivery choices: It can be very frustrating for a client to wait for delivery of something that you have ordered. People are becoming increasingly impatient. The good news? Many people are willing to pay extra if it means that they get their items sooner. Therefore, you should add an expedited delivery option if you can.

  • Automated customer service: At an intellectual level, clients understand that businesses cannot always run 24/7. That doesn’t mean, however, that they are always understanding when it comes to them wanting something. This is particularly true when it comes to getting answers to questions. If they’re online at 2:00 am, they expect answers. Automation is an inexpensive solution to this dilemma.

  • Mobile should be a priority: If your site doesn’t look good on mobile platforms, you are losing a lot of business. Not only is Google ranking you lower as a result, but clients might be less willing to visit as well. Make sure that your site operates flawlessly on mobile devices to gain business points.  

Are there more trends that you need to be aware of? Of course, there are, but to find out what these are you’ll need to check out the infographic below.

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