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Bitbond Borrower Application: Your Ultimate Guide

Chris Grundy
Jan 11, 2018

This guide aims to lead you through the borrower application process. Before we get started, make sure you complete the application in a language of your choosing by clicking on the drop-down box on the top right of the screen. This will allow you to choose between English, German and Spanish.

Step 1. Personal Details

The first section you will come to concerns your elementary personal details. This step usually takes no more than 1 minute.

Please indicate your gender as well as stating your first and middle name.

If you have a middle name which is indicated on the proof of identity you will be using, please state that too.

Then, please provide the date on which you were born. You should be able to pick the appropriate date from the drop-down calendar.

Alternatively, please enter the date in the format indicated on the right.

If your current name is different to the name you received at birth, please write your first name below.

Finally, click on the drop-down boxes to indicate the country you were born in and where you hold citizenship.

Once you have completed these fields, click the next button.

Step 2. Connect Accounts

This step usually takes applicants 3 minutes to complete and is very important. Here you are able to connect your online accounts to your Bitbond account.

The more accounts you connect, the better the rating you can get.

Your rating with Bitbond and your maximum loan amount depend on how well your business is doing.

With these accounts you can show us your activity.

When you connect an account it is read-only access. That means we’ll never post to any of them and can’t manipulate anything.

Once you have connected your accounts, a light blue sash will appear across the connected accounts. In the example case, Facebook and Twitter have been connected.

Step 3. Contact Details

Congratulations, you are already at the second step. This stage usually takes around 1 minute to complete.

Start off by entering your phone number, first stating your country code. In the case of Germany this is +49. You can check your country code here.

Please make sure that you type in a correct phone number. You’ll need to verify your number later via SMS so you can withdraw your loan security.

Once this is completed, move on to your address. Here, it is very important to enter your current address, including house number.

In case your name is not on your post box and/or buzzer, please state the name that is, in the “Additional address” field.

Follow up this information by inserting your postal code as well as your city of residence.

If you deem it necessary, please also provide the state you currently reside in. Definitely indicate your country of residence the drop-down box below.

Finally, please indicate if you have moved within the last 3 months. This is to give clarity in case your utility bill, proof of income or any used documentation differs from your stated address.

Step 4. Residence

You have now entered the “Residence” stage. This is a simple yet important step which requires you to provide a proof of residence.

There are a number of viable options to choose from here. The most popular are:

  1. Utility bill (water, gas, electricity, etc.)
  2. Internet/telephone bill
  3. Mobile phone bill
  4. Voters registration form
  5. Vehicle registration

Your proof of residency must:

  1. have been issued within the last three months
  2. be either in JPEG, PNG, PDF file format
  3. must include your names and address
  4. be clearly readable
  5. be a scan or a picture of an invoice you have received via postal service
  6. not be edited or censored in any way
  7. not be an unopened envelope
  8. not be a bank statement
  9. not be a screenshot

Step 5a. Employment details

In this guide we will spread step 3 into two parts. The first part will look at the written information you need to provide. The second step will help you upload your proof of income.

Begin by clicking on the appropriate employment status. Here is a run-down of the options:

  • Self-employed - You either own a business or work as a freelancer
  • Salaried - You have an employer and your main income comes from a salary.
  • Retired - Your main income is from a pension
  • Student - You’re studying or take part in continuing education
  • Unemployment - You’re not fully employed but have a side job.

Once you have identified the appropriate status, move on to the drop-down box marked “Industry”. Here you will be able to choose the niche that you are currently working in.

Finally, please name your current employer and monthly income. Be sure to denominate your salary in the appropriate currency.

Step 5b. Upload your proof of income

This step focuses on uploading your proof of income. Please upload your latest pay slip. In case you are paid on a weekly basis, put your last 4 pay slips in one scan.

Things to consider here are:

  1. Choose JPEG, PNG or PDF as the file format
  2. Make sure your scan is clearly readable

This second point means that your proof of income may not be:

  1. edited or censored in any way
  2. a screenshot

Thus, please provide a good scan or photo to make this part a smooth experience.

Step 6. Identification

The penultimate step requires you to go through a short 2-3 minute video identification procedure. This is done by our partner identity TM.

Please make sure that you have:

  • A working webcam or phone-camera
  • A working microphone
  • A valid email address
  • A valid passport or an ID card (US citizens may also use a valid driver’s license)

You can find detailed information about the video identification in this blog post.

Step 7. Submit your application

Now, click the box to confirm that all the information you have provided is truthful and accurate and press the blue submit button.

Now that you have successfully completed your borrower application, why not check out our guide for helping you complete your loan request?

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