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13 Best Amazon Bulk Listing Tools ¬Ľ Ramp up your growth

Daniela Cherkova
Aug 7, 2018

When you first started selling on eBay you were probably able to create and upload your product listings without devoting endless hours to the process. Creating and uploading listings is perhaps the most time-consuming task for many Amazon sellers ‚Ķ at least until they discover what Amazon bulk listing tools have to offer. There are dozens of ecommerce solutions that provide bulk listing capabilities, often as part of a comprehensive ecommerce management package.

Some address the needs of lower-volume sellers, while others are enterprise-level solution for very high-volume sellers, and the rest fall somewhere in the middle. Most of them support bulk listing not only to Amazon but also to eBay, Etsy, and other selling sites as well as online stores and shops operating on ecommerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce.

This article highlights a baker’s dozen of the Amazon bulk listing tools commonly used by those who sell only on Amazon as well as by multi-channel sellers. To avoid playing favourites, they’re presented here in Alphabetical order.

1. Accelerlist

Accelerlist offers tools specifically designed for Amazon sellers, including a cloud-based Amazon bulk listing tool that is compatible with any browser. Sellers can choose the workflow most appropriate to their listing needs: Speed or Precision. The Speed workflow is designed for large-inventory sellers who have many items to be listed in bulk. The seller sets default values for each field (e.g., list price, condition, note), so that many products can be scanned and listed very quickly. The Speed workflow is often used in conjunction with a repricer. The Precision workflow enables the seller to optimise each listing, grading and pricing each product as it is scanned. To facilitate pricing decisions, Accelerlist  displays the most competitive offers and provides Keepa/CamelCamelCamel links.

The normal price for Accerlist’s bulk listing tool is $49 per month after a 14-day free trial, with a 30-day money back guarantee. The website currently is advertising a limited time offer of only $29 per month, a special price that will remain in force for as long as the seller remains subscribed.

2. ChannelSale

ChannelSale is a multi-channel ecommerce SaaS platform (Software as a Service) accessible by an unlimited number of concurrent users from any computer in any location, with no software installation.  In addition to automating numerous other ecommerce tasks, it provides a single interface for setting up products and bulk creating product listings across Amazon, eBay, and a number of other marketplaces. Sellers can define all product attributes such as color, size, model, and others, as well as unlimited custom seller-defined product attributes, which will appear as dropdowns from which buyers can make their selections. ChannelSale provides a high degree of flexibility to meet the needs of each seller and the different channels and marketplaces they sell on. To make sure your products are listed in the appropriate categories and are properly search indexed ChannelSales‚Äô product category mappers do the initial mapping for each seller to review and approve.

Channel Sale offers flexible pricing plans that impose no transaction or listing fees and require no revenue share. All pricing plans accommodate an unlimited number of store fronts and SKU feeds with no minimum SKU requirement. Each plan is based on a simple flat fee. The Silver plan, at $249 per month, is for sellers with total monthly sales revenues of up to $25,000. The Gold plan costs $449 per month and is for sellers with up to $50,000 in monthly sales revenues. Sellers with up to $125,000 a month in sales revenues use the Platinum plan, with a monthly cost of $749. An Enterprise plan is negotiated for sellers bringing in more than $125,000 per month in sales revenues.

All of these pricing plans accommodate an unlimited number of products. There’s no charge for mapping and auditing the first 100 product categories, but beyond that, there is a $75 fee for each additional 100 mappings. And there may be additional charges for some custom development tasks.

3. Ecomdash

Ecomdash offers a multichannel listing tool suitable for both high and low-volume sellers. It provides the format for quick and accurate bulk upload of information and images for all of a seller‚Äôs SKUs to Amazon and other channels. Sellers are able to customize product descriptions and shipping attributes and edit product listings. Ecomdash automates a wide range of inventory management functions, but its listing tool is available as a stand-along option for $50 per month, without any inventory or sync functions. This provides an affordable option for sellers interested only in an Amazon bulk listing tool.

Ecomdash describes its pricing structure as ‚Äúpay as you go pricing that grows with your business.‚ÄĚ The monthly price, after an initial free one-month trial, increases from one sales volume tier to the next, from $50 per month for the lowest tier (100 or fewer sales orders monthly) to $350 per month for sellers with 6,001 to 10,000 sales orders in a month. Customisable enterprise pricing is offered for sellers with more than 10,000 sales orders per month.

4. Jazva

Jazva is positioned as a single platform solution for Amazon sellers. It‚Äôs not only a powerful Amazon bulk listing tool, but also an integrated, scalable platform for managing and monitoring all of a seller‚Äôs listing across multiple Amazon accounts and multiple channels from one interface. It‚Äôs equally effective for listing a single product on one marketplace or thousands of products on multiple marketplaces, with the ability to customise titles, descriptions, and prices for different channels. Bulk editing enables sellers to update some or all products at the same time, changing categories, pricing, and images as needed.

Jazva’s pricing is only available by requesting a quote.

5. Kyozou

Kyozou is a multi-channel selling platform. Its listing management tool, ‚ÄúMulti-Lister,‚ÄĚ gives sellers the ability to simultaneously list to Amazon, eBay, Newegg, Reverb.com, and their own Kyozou webstore. In addition to multi-channel listing and inventory management, Kyozou provides complete ecommerce support and integration with those marketplaces.

Kyozou’s pricing plans are designed to match each seller’s business model by offering a choice between Pay per Listing and Pay by Percentage of Sales arrangements, with no hidden fees tacked onto the monthly payment. While a Percentage of Sales plan is preferable for most sellers, those who sell a limited range of high-profit items often do better with a Pay per Listing plan.

Each seller is assigned initially to a fee bracket based on the number of average monthly listings or average monthly sales. Exceeding the threshold for that bracket pushes the seller into the next bracket, with a corresponding increase in fees. Kyozou reviews the situation with the seller in advance of any fee increase so there are no surprises and the seller can consider a different pricing structure. The first month is free for all sellers, regardless of which pricing plan they choose, and no contract is required, but a one-time onboarding fee is required at sign-up.

6. Listtee

Listtee was specifically designed as an Amazon bulk listing tool that enables sellers to quickly and easily list, add, and replenish items and connects to every US and UK Amazon warehouse. Available in both desktop and web versions, it provides presets for Item Conditions and Notes and allows sellers to grade and ship about 100 items in only 30 minutes.

There are separate small business and enterprise pricing models. Small businesses pay $49 per month (after a 14-day free trial) and can switch between merchant and FBA listings, create custom MSKUs by supplier type, and create, customize, and change condition notes. For $149 per month (again, after a 14-day free trial), enterprise-level sellers gain all of the small business features plus the ability to create subaccounts, at $25 per month per operator, for individual employees to speed up the listing process (the number of subaccounts can be changed as needed.)

7. Monsoon

Under new ownership in 2017, Monsoon is adding new tools and services to its eCommerce solutions, building on the popularity of its existing tools, such as Monsoon Marketplace, a powerful tool for listing items individually or in bulk to Amazon, eBay and other channels. The seller creates listings once, sets listing rules for each channel, and Monsoon does the rest, automatically bulk listing items from the catalog according to the listing rules. Any item that meets the listing rules for quantity on hand, category, inventory age and the like gets listed automatically, without any action required on the part of the seller.

There is no set pricing model, as Monsoon works with each new user to determine an appropriate monthly fee based on their particular needs and such factors as order volume. There is, however, a one-time implementation fee of $500 for all new users, which covers the cost of a written implementation plan, software installation, online training, and the services of an implementation project manager.

8. Nembol

Nembol is a multi-channel listing tool that is available in both desktop and mobile versions, enabling sellers to simultaneously list products  on Amazon and other marketplaces, POS, social media, and an online store. The desktop version also provides the ability to synchronise listings across devices, create listings for multi-variant products, and publish them across multiple channels. Only Amazon Professional sellers can connect Nembol to their Amazon seller account. And only products with a valid barcode that is already associated with an ASIN (Amazon‚Äôs unique product identifier) can be listed on Amazon using Nembol.

The Nembol mobile app works on IOS and Android devices and is free. It accommodates up to 500 products. There are three pricing plans for the web-based desktop version, distinguished only by the number of products allowed:

  • Small‚ÄĒup to 500 products for $29 per month
  • Medium‚ÄĒup to 2,000 products for $49 per month
  • Large‚ÄĒup to 10,000 products for $89 per month

These prices kick in after a 14-day free trial period.

9. SalesWarp

Sales Warp is a cloud-based SaaS order and fulfillment solution for online and in-store retailers of all sizes. Its multi-channel listing software provides templates for listing to Amazon, eBay, and Magento, enabling sellers to quickly and accurately list in bulk or by category. Sellers can also create their own listing templates for their product categories as well as for kit and bundle products. SalesWarp integrates directly with marketplaces and eCommerce platforms and provides functionality beyond that of a simple Amazon bulk listing tool.

According to SalesWarp, their pricing model ‚Äúvaries based on order volume and annual revenue, as well as features and functionality.‚ÄĚ Sellers considering SalesWarp need to contact the vendor directly for pricing information.

10. ScanLister

While many of the solutions discussed in this article are SaaS, ScanLister is a desktop application designed specifically as an Amazon bulk listing tool. It works for the Amazon marketplace in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, German, Spain, and France and is available in both Windows and Mac versions. All the seller needs to do is grade the condition of an item to be listed and scan its barcode. It‚Äôs appropriate for use with books, media, and any other Amazon product category.

There are two pricing options: monthly subscription or lifetime purchase. ScanLister is available by subscription at $19 per month with a 14-day free trial. This price gives the seller five license keys to use on up to five computers, plus access to a private Facebook group. The subscription can be cancelled or switched to a lifetime purchase at any time. The lifetime purchase option entails a one-time $299 payment with a 30-day money back guarantee and free updates for life. Like the monthly subscription, a lifetime purchase gives the seller five license keys for use on up to five computers and access to a private Facebook group.

11. Sellbrite

Sellbrite’s multi-channel listing feature enables sellers to list their inventory in bulk from one central catalogue to Amazon, eBay, Etsy, BigCommerce, Walmart, and other popular marketplaces and eCommerce platforms. Sellers have the ability to customise titles, descriptions, prices, shipping fees, and more by creating reusable listing templates for each channel they sell on. A number of templates may be be applied to any one listing, with separate templates for shipping fees, pricing, and so on.Grouping these recipes together creates a recipe for that listing. Making a change to a template will automatically update all listings the template has been applied to. It should be noted that eBay sellers can also take advantage of a CrazyLister-powered feature enabling them to develop custom HTML templates to create mobile-optimized eBay listings.)

Sellbrite’s listing tool eliminates the need for multiple listings to accommodate different product attributes such as color and size. Sellers can create variation listings that combine all of an item’s options in one listing, which can significantly reduce listing fees. Sellbrite also supports the use of category-based item specifics, such as operating speed for computers or service providers for cell phones, to facilitate searches by prospective buyers based on such attributes.

Sellbrite offers a two-tier pricing model‚ÄĒStandard, for $220 per month, and Premium for $260 per month. The Premium level provides additional features to support a growing business. Choosing yearly rather than monthly billing saves sellers $520 per year for the Standard plan and $690 per year for Premium. Both plans provide a 14-day free trial and can be cancelled at any time.

12. Solid Commerce

Solid Commerce is an integrated SaaS ecommerce operations platform that provides the ability to list products and to edit and manage inventory listings on Amazon, eBay, Etsay, and a number of other marketplaces as well as the seller’s own web store. After entering titles, descriptions, images, quantities, and prices, that information is automatically pushed to the seller’s designated marketplaces. From that point on, any changes made in Sales Commerce automatically update those listings on the appropriate channels.

Pricing starts at $399 per month; further pricing details are available by requesting a free quote.

13. Vendio

Vendio is not only an Amazon bulk listing tool, but also supports Amazon sellers in a number of other ways, such as inventory management and order fulfillment. Vendio’s Amazon Match & Publish feature matches items an Amazon seller has listed on eBay or CSV to Amazon’s catalogue and imports them in bulk to Amazon. All the seller needs to do is search the Amazon catalogue by entering an identifier, such as a UPC, ISBN, EAN, or title and select the listings to match. Vendio enables sellers to share their Amazon inventory with eBay, their own Vendio store, OpenSky, Facebook, and mobile devices.

There are three different Vendio pricing options: Pro, Managed, and Premier Managed. All of them support multi-channel bulk listing and differ primarily in the number of products accommodated and the amount of storage allowed. The Pro plan, at $99.95 per month is for sellers with 3,000 products or less and provides 2 GB of storage. The Managed plan, at $149.95 per month is for sellers with 3,001 to 15,000 products and provides 5 GB of storage. The most expensive option, the Premier plan, costs $249.95 per month and is for sellers with 15,001 to 25,000 products and gives them 50 GB of storage. Sellers with more than 25,000 products need to obtain custom pricing from Vendio. All Vendio plans offer a free trial period.

The Pro plan provides customer support via phone, email, and chat, while both the Managed and Premier Managed Plans provide support from a dedicated account manager.

Of all the Amazon listing tools reviewed in this article, Vendio is the only one that imposes a limit on data storage. If either the allowable number of products or the storage capacity used exceeds the stated limits, the seller pays a premium‚ÄĒ20 cents per additional product and $10 per 500 MB of additional storage.

Amazon’s Volume Listing Tools

Let’s not ignore the fact that Amazon supports Professional sellers who list in volume with its own tools for managing bulk inventory. Among these are the following pre-built spreadsheet templates for uploading large numbers of products:

The seller downloads the appropriate template in Microsoft Excel and adds inventory items to the spreadsheet, then uploads the completed spreadsheet to Amazon.

Selecting an Amazon Bulk Listing Tool

Most sellers will need to take the same factors into consideration when selecting a tool for bulk listing on Amazon, though they may arrive at quite different conclusions. They‚Äôll need to ask themselves questions like:

  • What marketplaces and ecommerce platforms will I be selling on?
  • What other inventory management tasks do I need to automate?
  • What business systems will this solution have to integrate with?
  • What are my specific business needs?
  • What will my needs be in the future as my business grows?
  • What solution fits my budget?

There are many other tools that provide Amazon bulk listing capability and automate a number of other tasks to create additional efficiencies and opportunities for those selling on Amazon and/or other channels. Some of the solutions reviewed in this article provide powerful features other than Amazon bulk listing and appear on most lists of online selling tools.

Given the importance of Amazon SEO for product search in the ecommerce world, one thing not to lose sight of amidst all of these considerations is the ability of the tool you choose to support search engine optimisation. Be sure to pick an Amazon bulk listing tool that provides the ability to edit product titles and descriptions. That way, as you learn more about what keywords are working well for you and which are not, you can easily tweak both titles and descriptions accordingly.

Take your time to learn about and evaluate these 13 Amazon bulk listing tools, and only then make an informed decision. See which solutions experienced Amazon sellers have implemented successfully by checking out seller forums and review sites. In the end, you‚Äôll be glad you did your homework to find the best solution to support the long-term growth and success of your Amazon business.


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