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Borrower rating at loan publication

location_on Paraná, Brazil

warning Borrowed $1,145 | 12% paid on time


account_balance_wallet 5,000 BRL monthly income, salaried

business Works in public administration and defence

Investment loan


Aquaponics - Fish and Vegetables Creation

- The objective of this project is to create fish, tilapia, in tanks with water recirculation. The fish waste will be used to create plants like lettuce , watercress , arugula among others.
- The investment seeks requested the installation of a tank with approximate production capacity of two tons of fish meat per year and also about 500 heads of lettuce month.
- The expected return is 10 months;
- This project is a test and will be in residence. This test aims at verifying the operation of the system as feed water recirculation system , any diseases and test the entire process.
Investment in large-scale involves investments of over US $ 20,000

Payments (Repay the loan)

* - I am a public servant , steady job;

* - I have enough income to include the portion of funding in my monthly expenses .

* - 25% of the loan will be kept as a reserve for possible problems during the creation of fish and vegetable production.


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