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location_on Rigas novads, Latvia

thumb_up Borrowed $5,476 | 100% paid on time


account_balance_wallet 1,700 EUR monthly income, self-employed

business Works in information and communication

Investment loan

ID: 2R98S74ZNE

Dear Investors,
I'm entrepreneur, investor and a big believer in Bitcoin and p2p lending. I have decided to finance my business and investment opportunities with P2P lending platforms as the source for capital. I will start with small loans to build trust and reputation and then I will increase terms and amounts gradually. I own and run a leading digital agency in Riga. We are in the market for more than 8 years ( I have active investment accounts on several P2P lending platforms (Bitcoin and Fiat).
I paid my previous loan in half the term and you can count on very early repayment for this loan too.

I have investments and the business to pay back the loan. My reputation means more to me than having some extra coins, so be assured that this is a safe investment opportunity.
Your questions and comments are welcome.


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