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location_on Western Australia, Australia

warning Borrowed 2.00 | 0% paid on time

account_balance_wallet 4,400 AUD monthly income, salaried

business Works in human health and social work activities

Working capital loan

ID: 2PVTV84X97

I wish to perfect and document a method; whereby a 'Block' of Bitcoins (25 BTC) can be obtained for significantly less than market value, by solving for the block itself (a verified set of transactions) via a virtual Linux node hosted on rented hardware, and rented SHA256 hashpower (~1PH for 24hr).

I have already spent considerable testing smaller scale versions of this design; as well as most efficient use of the computing time and hashing power.

0BTC goes directly to the VPS provider (to cover up to 3 months worth of Virtual Machine rental - I will fund this myself).
6BTC goes directly to procurement of SHA256 hashing power (Nicehash, MiningRigRentals etc).

I've been a Systems Engineer since the age of 17 (now 30); I don't like to waste anyones time. I am competent and ready to stand by my claims.
This is the 2nd time I've listed this loan, and given the other loans i've seen financed (personal finance, flimsy pretexts) - it's getting disappointing.


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