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location_on MN, United States

thumb_up Borrowed 3.50 | 100% paid on time

account_balance_wallet 2,730 USD monthly income, salaried

business Works in information and communication

Investment loan

ID: 2GRJ684N20


I am requesting a 6-month term loan for 8.3 BTC to bring up my hashing power on HashNest.

I currently have:
10 Th/s of my own hardware mining.
6 Th/s at Genesis Mining
2.5 Th/s and 100 Mh/s (Scrypt) at HashFlare
15 Th/s at HashNest

The purpose of this loan would be to purchase 8 Th/s of Ant S5 hash power at HashNest.

I currently make $43 a day of revenue off of my mining hash power. I also have a full time job and have two rental properties that provide steady cash flow.

I have been an investor on bitcoin lending sites before and understand the importance of selecting a loan that will be repaid. I do pledge to make on time payments and to fully complete the repayment cycle. Over the course of repayment, I will provide updates on how the funds have been spent.

Thanks for looking, and happy investing!


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