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location_on Bahia, Brazil

warning Borrowed $26 | 0% paid on time

account_balance_wallet 4,000 BRL monthly income, salaried

business Works in information and communication

Investment loan

ID: 2C1E4H4C37

I started in stock markets  2004 . Early 2012 began in forex and binary options. I trading manual, develop expert adivisor and also autotrading, one of my works is manage accounts. The purpose that loan is invest in my several accounts  that use diferent strategies auto or manual ones. Each trade receive a small piece from the money for security reason.The guy owner thar account asked help to me after bad trades i help him with one of my system and him made a deposit of U$$250.00 and after one month (june) him has U$$649.57.Now more than U$$800.00Of course he use a high risk you can ckeck in this link in the tab balance --!tab=history If you woud like i can show the stament from some manage account just of one medium costumer i made him withdraw more than U$$5.500 with one moderate investment.Here the withdraw stament
 If you would like more information fell free to send to email for me in [email protected]


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