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location_on NY, United States

insert_emoticon First time borrower


account_balance_wallet 2,500 USD monthly income, salaried

business Works in professional, scientific and technical activities

Investment loan

ID: 23YCSB4456

I am a data scientist and cointrepreneur. In my spare time I scan the cryptonet analysis comments and data from legitimate coin businesses to isolate the best and greatest opportunities. Then I find the opportunities and I test. Once I confirm I look to make real margins by investing more which I why I raise capital for it.

I plan to invest THIS LOAN in appox. 1,665 GH/s BTC mining contract for appox 5.9 months.

In crypto world there is always the chance things wrong so if they do the loan and terms are still guaranteed as I am a working professional and will guarantee the loan. I currently have assets over 1 BTC earning on 4 different investment platforms. Again I find the data and analyze it myself for legitimacy and best strategies
(intelligence) follow @eztechwin on twitter.


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