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location_on Ontario, Canada

warning Borrowed 2.80 | 20% paid on time

account_balance_wallet 841 CAD monthly income, student

business Works in education

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ID: 23TM3Z441W

Hey my name is Joseph and I'm currently on disability and going to school full time taking business accounting. I also trade Altcoins daily and have become pretty good at it. The reason I'm looking for this loan is to add some capital to my day trading account so that I can make some more profits. I will be paying the loan back with the extra profits that I make from the trading. If I am coming close to the deadline of the loan and am not at the mark to pay the loan back I do have an income that I can purchase Bitcoin with to make sure that the people who invest in my loan are paid back on time. I am also looking to earn a better credit rating on this site and let investors know that there is a place where they can invest their BTC and know that they are going to get paid on time. Cheers


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