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ID: 20V8D6421S

Hi All,

I am asking for a loan for help with my health problems,

I am currently suffering from non-hodgkins lymphoma cancer, I have been for over 6 years now, I have recently had some "aggressive" chemotherapy, Which has not worked well. So I have basically exhausted all options

There is this new drug called rituximab but unfortunately I am not in the UK NHS bracket to receive this due to my age. The only option I have in my constituency is to pay for it myself which is £38,000 ($59,000) which frankly I am unable to afford. The second option is to pay for an over 40 private clinic which are happy to provide it for free to my age, This will cost roughly £3000, £1500 which I already have but I need help to get the rest.

This can easily be paid back as my partner is on a good monthly salary.

Please help me with my medical costs, You would be doing a great service as It will most likely save my life.

Thankyou for taking the time to read.


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