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location_on Maramures, Romania

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account_balance_wallet 320 USD monthly income, unemployed

business Works in other service activities

Investment loan


I Invest In Cryptocurrency Trading Market
Hi Dear Users/Investitors,
Nicu Olah here. I am a newbie here, do not good speak/write english. I think of myself as an honest person like most of you. I live in Romania and part time I invest in Crypto-currency market. My earnings are constantly and safe but according to the capital. I do not have enough trading capital to go to the next level. Looking to borrow capital. I offering a max. 4% monthly rate.
I do trading on,, etc. BTC vs Altcoins. I have experienced gains of up tp 10% per month, but overall it is worth to pay a rate of maxim 4% and remain a small profit to me.
I currently have a stable income plus little BTC trading portofolio which will allow me to top up the funds needed to repay the loan. In case of another unwanted possibilities, I can cover the borrowed amount with my personal income.

Thank You Very Much, See You At The Next Level!
Your Possible Partner - Nicu Olah


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