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location_on FL, United States

warning Borrowed $1,253 | 0% paid on time

account_balance_wallet 10,600 USD monthly income, salaried

business Works in human health and social work activities

Refinancing loan

ID: 1N7WXK3S50

Hello everyone! I'm Alex from Miami, FL and I am currently employed as a pharmacist in Miami Beach, FL. Being that my income is a major factor I will disclose that I currently make over $10,500 monthly. This income is completely from my salary earned as a pharmacist. I do have additional income that I receive as well from a company that I share with my father.

I am seeking a 42.69BTC loan to refinance existing debt that I currently have. Between credit cards and retail cards I have about 13-15K accumulated. Much of this debt as a result of having to pay for my final year of pharmacy school. I am paying over $1K monthly in payments and I would like to reduce this by consolidating it into one loan from BitBond, and giving an investor a return rather than letting the bank feed off my interest payments.


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