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location_on Jawa Barat, Indonesia

insert_emoticon First time borrower

account_balance_wallet 80 USD monthly income, unemployed

business Works in other service activities

Investment loan

ID: 1N719F3S4K

this loan is need for back up my balance
i have an account in,hash profit and some account in paid to click site. from those site i have earned 0.05++ btc daily,
i think Bitcoin will grow up in the future so i want to stock my BTC that i can trade with safely and profitable.
i will repay my loan weekly and For my project, I offer 5%interest, next project (after this loan), I will offer 8%, the third offer is 10%-15%

I have plan for a long term of partnership and it will increase rete continuisly,
Thanks for view my offer and investing .


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