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Best Things to Sell Online | Our Guide

Daniela Cherkova
Jul 8, 2017

Today we’re going to be answering the most important question in eCommerce: How can you find the best things to sell online?

Solving this problem lies at the heart of any successful Online business. The products you sell determine the success or failure of your Online store. In this blog post we will discuss not only how to find the best products to sell in the future, but also what you should be selling right now.

We have a ton of successful Online sellers on our platform and this post aims to help them grow their business. This blog post is for experienced sellers. For a more basic approach, check out our guides on how to sell stuff on eBay, and how to become a top rated seller on Amazon.

The structure is as follows:

  • Core definitions
  • These are the most profitable and best things to sell Online right now
  • This is how you find the best products to sell in the future

Core definitions:

Profitability is the key 

The best things to sell Online are those with the highest profit-margin and the lowest overhead costs. Your profit-margin is the difference between your buy and sales price. If you buy a pair of shoes for $50 and sell them for $60, your profit-margin is $10. Simple but important stuff.

The associated costs of your products are called overhead costs. Bigger items are more expensive to ship and store, resulting in larger overheads. More fragile items are more likely to get damaged and returned, eating in to your effective profit-margin. Damaged items also lead to negative customer reviews, eventually dragging down your sales volume.

That is why we will be focusing on small and durable things to sell Online. These can be stored in your garage and have low shipping costs. Additionally, small items tend to have the best profit-margin on platforms like eBay and Amazon, making them perfect for Online sellers like you.

As you can see from the slide above, the product niche plays an important role too. Your niche determines the type of item you are going to sell. Choosing the right niche plays a huge part in the profitability and success of your Online business.

10 years ago, Online sellers in the phone accessory niche were making huge profits and sales volume. Now phone cases and protective layers are a dime a dozen, with the prices dragged down by competition from China in particular. This is the case on all the best selling sites.

Succeeding in such a competitive niche is impossible for normal Online sellers. The best niche has low competition and is very specific. Think of a vertical, like music instruments, and then put a more specific twist on it, such as children’s music instruments. This will ensure lower competition on the marketplace and will allow you to keep a healthy profit margin.Because finding the right niche is so important, we will cover the best niches for you below.

The fourth point to keep in mind is the supply and demand. The best things to sell Online are products with stable or predictable demand, and low supply. This ensures low competition and steady sales.

To find out the supply and demand of a niche product, enter a keyword into eBay or Amazon. Examples might be “childrens guitar”, or “LED garden lights”. In the results, look for top rated sellers (become a top rated eBay seller) with thousands of feedback. Get a rough idea on how many top rated sellers there are, and how many listings they have on average.

Next, go to Google Keyword planner or Google Trends and type in the exact same keyword. Once you have the average search volume by month, you can make an educated guess about the supply and demand for that product.

Keyword planner and Google Trends will also show you if the search volume for a query is increasing. This let’s you make estimates on future sales volume.

Next, I recommend you check out major Online retailers like Wal-Mart, Tesco or Aldi (depending on your location). If your chosen product can easily be bought in a major retailer, your chances of success are lower.

The best things to sell Online, are not readily available at major retailers, but have significant search volume in Google Keyword planner and Trends.

This is what makes a good product to sell!

So which products fit in these categories?

Here I have listed my three favourite products. These are products which you can easily find in your local thrift store or buy in bulk via a specialised wholesale supplier.

You should be able to find neck ties and action figures on Alibaba as well, which makes things simple.

So let’s get into what makes these products so profitable. As you can see, they all fit our definition of a “good” product. They are small, durable, low-competition products which fit into quite a specific niche.

Neck and bow ties for example, can easily be bought in bulk for close to $1 each and sold for $10-$20 on eBay and Amazon. This is especially true of seasonal or novelty ties, like Christmas ties, Simpsons ties, Sports ties… you name it.

On top of that, ties are very durable, meaning that the likelihood of damage during transit is very small. As a result, you can estimate and effective profit-margin much better than with more fragile alternatives.

Additionally, ties are incredibly light-weight and cost almost nothing to ship. This helps to maximise your profit-margin.

You can often find really cheap deals in car-boot sales and thrift shops as well, which means even bigger profits for you.

Second up, we have action figures. These are great for a number of reasons. The first of which is the skyrocketing popularity. Since the Avengers films came out, action figures have seen a huge increase in demand, not just from parents, but also from collectors and enthusiasts.

My recommendation here, is to go for the classics like Batman, Superman, Spiderman and the Avengers, and sell them in packs of 5 or 10.

When buying Action figures from your local thrift shop or wholesale supplier, you will be able to get them for around 5 cents a toy. You can then sell them in packs of 5 or 10 for $15-20. So I highly recommend you check out action figures.

Thirdly, we have card games; an absolute classic product to sell Online. Card Games, like Action Figures and Ties, have a wonderful profit to overheads ratio.

Their small, durable, cost nothing to ship and will always be around.

With the emergence of Cards Against Humanity, the demand has grown significantly, meaning that you will always find a buyer.Now we know which products are the best to sell Online today. Let’s take a look at how you can find the best of tomorrow.

How to find the best things to sell Online tomorrow

The easy (but expensive) way

The not-so-easy (but free) way

The first step is find a low competition niche. You can start off by thinking about your passions and hobbies, and writing down all the products which are necessary for you to enjoy them.

If you like brewing beer for example, enter “homebrew beer” into the eBay & Amazon search functions and see what comes up. Try to think of a niche with plenty of “good” products, in it. “Childrens Toys” and “ties” would be prime examples.

Once you’ve thought of a niche, enter a relevant keyword into the eBay search function. If you’re interested in selling “ties” you would enter “Christmas tie” for example.

Now that you have completed this step, scan the resulting listings and find those which are marked as “Top Rated Plus” sellers. You will be able to see this sign on the right hand side.

Now click on their seller name and then click on “items for sale”. Navigate to the bottom and click “sold listings”.This will give you a comprehensive list of their best selling items.

Make a note of their 5 most sold products, and move on to the next “top rated plus” seller. Once you’ve done this about ten times, you will have a very good list of which products are sold the most frequently on eBay.

Top rated sellers are most likely working on growing their eBay business full-time and therefore we can assume that their sold products are profitable, to the point where it’s keeping them in business and paying the bills.

Thus, we can now go through our list of most sold items by niche and search for them on Alibaba and Salehoo. This will give show us for what price we can source these products ourselves.

If the discount is substantial enough, go ahead and make a bulk purchase, and then list those products at a lower price than your competitor.

This is a great strategy because it sources popular products with a high-profit margin cheaply.

This is the easiest way to find the best things to sell Online, in my opinion. If you have another way, or a better way, please let me know via Social Media, so I can add it here.

Now that we know how to find great products to sell Online, how you can get the financing you need to make bulk purchases? Bulk purchases are a key factor, as they lower your purchasing price per unit. This increases your profit-margin and ensures your success as an Online seller.

Alibaba and Saleshoo are the two best platforms to find cheap suppliers and negotiate a deal. Some sellers will be able to take the necessary money out of their profits, but most won’t. Even if you have the money to spend larger sums on bulk purchases, you might not want to, because you prefer to save that money for a rainy day.

So instead, you can get a small business loan on Bitbond.

What does a loan on Bitbond look like?

What is the application process?

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Thank you for your time :)


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