The KYC Process for Bitbond STO Explained

How to begin the KYC Process‍ for Bitbond STO

To begin the KYC Process simply click the green Pre-Qualify Now button on

You’ll need either:

  1. A Valid Passport – an image of front page needs to be uploaded
  2. A Valid ID Card – image of front & back pages

Depending on the risk and investment amount Bitbond Finance will determine which verification method will be applied.

What if I am already on the waitlist?‍

If you have already registered on the waitlist and previously confirmed your email address, then the first time you try to pre-qualify with that address the system will notice. You will be told the email is already in use and you’ll be sent a mail to Claim Your Account.

When you click the link in that mail you will be taken to a signup page where you will be asked to decide on a password in order to complete the process and claim the account.

Your Affiliate Link will remain the same, and any investors who used it before you claimed your account will be counted toward your reward.

Once the KYC process begins‍

You will be asked if you are investing as an individual or a business, as well the amount you are planning to invest. Remember this is not binding, you will enter the exact amount when you subscribe to the investment and send your fiat or crypto as payment.

For individuals your process will look like this:

1. Provide your personal details

2. Prove your identity (the flow will be based on the investment amount input in the initial questions)

  • Providing KYC documents / we reserve the right to ask for new documents, if the one originally loaded don’t meet our requirements.
  • Additional steps may be required depending on the risk and investment amount.

3. Provide your address of residence

4. Confirming your mail address

For businesses the process will look like this:

  • Provide details about the business
  • Provide the address of the business
  • One legal representative (ie managing director) of the company must provide their identification documents – the same KYC rules will apply here as for individual investor rules will apply here as for individual investors
  • Provide the two required documents: Commercial register + list of shareholders
  • Confirm your email address

What happens after I have sent my documents?‍

Once you have successfully fulfilled your KYC requirements, you will have access to your investment page. Here you will see your current investment amount and chosen investment method, based on your initial answers.

You do not need to wait for confirmation of your KYC process before you subscribe to the investment. We will process all applicants before distributing BB1 at the end of the subscription period.

The investment and payout process will be covered in another article to be published shortly.

Author: Radko
Published: 2019-03-11

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