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Best Bitcoin Affiliate Program | It's Here

Chris Grundy
May 18, 2018

We are delighted to announce the launch of Bitbond’s brand new global bitcoin affiliate program. Our program allows users from around the world to earn money online with the best bitcoin affiliate program, simply by placing a link and without the need for a bank account.

In short, when you sign up for the Bitbond affiliate program, we will provide you with a personalised link that you can share through an ad, Facebook post, Newsletter, on your blog, a tweet or however you choose!

You will earn income for everybody who becomes active on Bitbond through your link. Is your mouth watering? Let’s have a look at the details. What is an affiliate program and how can I profit?

An affiliate program is a way for you to earn money online without investment or much effort. In short, we (Bitbond) open up our product and allow you to share in the revenues, by giving you a percentage of our fee as commission for every active user you refer to us with your link.

  1. What do I have to do to earn money online with the best bitcoin affiliate program ✔
  2. How much can I make with Bitbond's Affiliate Program ✔
  3. How does Bitbond compare to other bitcoin Affiliate Programs ✔
  4. Ok, I want to earn money online with the best bitcoin affiliate program, what now? ✔
  5. Other ways to start earning ✔
  6. How to Build an Affiliate Website That Doesn't Suck #infographic ✔

What do I have to do to earn money online with the best bitcoin Affiliate Program?

Taking part in Bitbond’s bitcoin affiliate program could not be easier. Simply Signup for free as a user, and click on “Affiliate”.

Once you have completed this step, you will be taken to the Bitbond affiliate program page, which will give you a good overview and provide you with all the information you need to earn money online without investment.

Now, scroll down to the “Use your affiliate links” section and have a look at the links contained in the blue box.

Here you will see the three most relevant affiliate links. The first link will take your referrers to the homepage, the second will take them to a landing page designed for investors, and the third will direct your visitors to a landing page designed for borrowers.

Understand your audience to maximise your earnings

Think about the people who will be clicking on your link, and decide which of your three affiliate links will be the most relevant to your audience.

If you run a website or blog dealing with lending and investing, for example, you might want to use the second URL, as it will direct your visitors to the landing page designed for investors. This is the most relevant destination and will, therefore, result in a higher conversion rate and more subsequent earnings for you.

On the other hand, if you are an online seller with friends who are seeking loans to grow their eBay business, sharing the third link will result in the highest earnings for you, because this is the best page to meet their needs.

Thus, always try to provide the best link for your audience. In order to decide on the appropriate link to use, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What problems does my audience have?
  2. How can I help solve those problems?
  3. Which landing page is most likely to help me help my audience?

Sharing your affiliate link

The string of characters beginning after the final /, is your unique identifier and will vary from the screenshot provided above. This is in order to allocate your commission to you as easily and quickly as possible.

Now that you have signed up, and have been allocated your affiliate link, you simply need people to click on it and become active on Bitbond, in order to earn money online with the best bitcoin affiliate program. It allows you to share your newly acquired affiliate link straight away via your social media channels.

Simply click on the icons signifying the platforms you would like to share on, in order for your affiliate link to be posted.

Now you can either sit back and watch the money come in, or you can actively promote our bitcoin affiliate program and make even more money, by writing blog posts, talking to your friends or placing a banner ad on your site.

Below you can see an example of one of the many banner ads we have provided for you for free, including the code you need to place it on your website.

The banner contains your affiliate link and the same principles apply as with your regular affiliate links. The advantages of the banners are two-fold:

  1. The banner is visual, and humans process images 60,000 times faster than text.
  2. The banner is low/no maintenance, meaning you can place it on your website and start to earn money online without investment; either time or money.

With that in mind, banner ads are not the right fit for everyone! If you want to make to most out of our bitcoin affiliate program, we strongly recommend using your affiliate text links as well. This is because they will allow you to write a story, explanation or recommendation alongside the link, making for a persuasive argument which will increase clicks and maximise your profit.

How much can I make with Bitbond's Affiliate Program?

You can make 20% of the origination fee for every borrower you refer

and 30% of the origination fee for every lender you refer.

But let’s look at an example:

Two of your friends click on your affiliate link and sign up to their free Bitbond account. One registers as a borrower, the other as a lender.

Your friend who signed up as a borrower successfully applies for a loan of 20BTC and gets funded. Your second friend, the one who registered as a lender, invests in your other friends’ loan in order to help him get funded. The loan generates a 2.0% origination fee on the loan volume.

This means that you, as the affiliate who referred them, will earn 20% commission on this origination fee from the borrower and 30% commission on the origination fee from the lender.

You will get 50% of Bitbond’s fee. In this example, you received 0.2BTC or around $50 (at current prices) simply for placing a link and telling your friends about it.

Let’s look at the payout logic again in simple terms:

If you refer a borrower who becomes active on Bitbond you will earn:

Borrower affiliate commission x origination fee = payout20% x variable origination fee = payout

If you refer a lender who becomes active on Bitbond you will earn:

Lender affiliate commission x referred lender bond share x origination fee = payout30% x referred lender bond share x variable origination fee = payout

This is not a one-time offer, you will get paid whenever your referred friends successfully place a bid or apply for a loan, for two years!

This is what makes ours the best bitcoin affiliate program around today!

How does Bitbond compare to other bitcoin Affiliate Programs?

We have tried hard to make this one of the most lucrative bitcoin affiliate programs around; and we have succeeded. This is because of four factors:

  1. You earn for every borrower and every lender who becomes active.
  2. Our high Signup rate means you make more money for less clicks than with other bitcoin affiliate programs.
  3. High loan value means earnings from individual referrals are higher.
  4. You get paid as soon as the loan is funded; No waiting around and no delay!

On top is this, a visitor referred by you will be considered your invitee for 3 months, meaning that even if a visitor referred by you does not become active straight away, you will still earn if they become active within 90 days. This is significantly longer than with most other bitcoin affiliate programs which do not give affiliates this leeway.

If that isn’t enticing enough, commissions will be paid for 2 years from the user’s registration. Thus, whenever your referred borrower successfully takes out a loan, or your lender successfully places a bid, you get paid, for two whole years!

Ok, I want to earn money online with the best bitcoin Affiliate Program, what now?

So now you know about the best bitcoin affiliate program around and you want to start earning some money, what now? It’s simple, login to your free Bitbond account, click on “Affiliate” in the navigation bar, get your free personalised affiliate link and start sharing it all over town.

Write stories, tutorials and recommendations to actively promote your affiliate link and get people to click on it. Remember, the more visitors you refer, the more you will earn!

Once you have referred an active user, you will be able to watch your earnings grow in real time from your affiliate page.

This is a great way to keep track of all the money you stand to earn online without investment, simply by placing a link.

If you want to read over the fine print one more time, go to the Bitbond homepage and scroll down to the footer.

Click on the “Affiliate” link to be taken to the terms and conditions, as well as further explanation of our bitcoin affiliate program.

Then login and start earning!

Other ways to start earning

Bitbond's writing contest → one of the best jobs online

Another great way to start earning bitcoins is by entering our writing contest. This is a weekly contest which aims to encourage writers to send in their work for publication.

The best pieces will be published on our or affiliate blogs and rewarded with $100. This is a weekly contest and therefore allows you to earn up to $400 per month. If you consider the relatively small time you would have to invest to write a piece good enough to be awarded the money, in comparison to the time spent in a part time job which provides a similar income, our writing contest wins hands down.

Not only will you get to work from home, but you will also make more per hour invested compared to most other jobs. Additionally, you will get to work from home, meaning you don't have to pay in time and money for the daily commute to work.

As I am sure you will agree, the two options given above are very attractive online jobs, which provide solid earnings for very little effort. In fact, if you are interested why not start making money right now!?

Thanks for reading

How to Build an Affiliate Website That Doesn't Suck #infographic

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