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5 reasons for Bitbond’s fixed income investments

1. Diversify your investments globally

With Bitbond you can fund loans of small business owners from all around the world. This includes countries such as the UK, India, Germany and many others. Our AutoInvest tool will help you to create a globally diversified portfolio of loans. This way you become less exposed to economic cylces in individual countries. You can start with as little as $5.

2. Join over 1,800 happy investors

Bitbond has users from over 120 countries and is the first global marketplace lending platform for small business loans. Over 1,800 happy individual and institutional lenders have funded more than 1,300 loans through Bitbond. To make our global approach economically feasible, we use the bitcoin blockchain as a rail for cross-border payments.

3. Manage your risk easily

All borrowers on Bitbond are carefully checked. This includes a video identity verification and a thorough creditworthiness assessment. Applicants grant Bitbond read access to their business and seller accounts (eBay, Amazon, MecadoLibre, PayPal, bank account, accounting software etc.) for income verification. Our machine learning algorithm evaluates the data from these accounts plus we conduct a manual review. Each borrower gets a rating between A and F to let you choose the risk level that you are comfortable with. This helps to keep your fixed income investments safe on Bitbond

Borrower creditworthiness is checked via business accounts

credit check on bitbond via online accounts

4. Unlock high interest rates

Banks offer historically low interest rates on fixed term deposits. The actual return is often negative when inflation is taken into account. Bitbond lets you avoid losing capital with interest rates of 10% to 35%. The expected return is approximately 13% per year in a diversified portfolio after bad debt. You can choose from loan terms of 6 weeks to 5 years. All of this while you help entrepreneurs to grow their business.

5. Invest conveniently online

On Bitbond everything is done online. From registration to investing. You don't need to visit a bank branch or fill out papers. Our site is optimized for all types of screens which makes investing even more fun. If you don't have the time to review loans manually you can set up AutoInvest which will create a diversified portfolio according to your preferences. Since Bitbond is so efficient, we charge 0% fees to lenders, meaning you keep all the returns from your fixed income investments.

Selected loan projects

Bitbond Borrower Sudhir
Indian ecommerce entrepreneur
  • $2,500


  • 3


  • 26.1%

    interest rate

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Sudhir first started selling merchandise via eBay in 2009. Since then his online business has grown significantly. In order to take his revenue to the next level, he requested a small business loan on Bitbond to buy new stock and maximize sales. The loan helped him grow his business and his lenders made an attractive return.

Bitbond Borrower Rebecca
eBay Powerseller from the US
  • $10,000


  • 12


  • 20.3%

    interest rate

Learn more

With over 2,000 five star reviews on eBay and a profit margin of close to 200%, Becca clearly has what it takes to be a successful business owner. She applied for a small business loan on Bitbond to buy additional stock to keep up with skyrocketing demand and grow her revenue.

Bitbond Borrower Antonio
E-learning entrepreneur from Brazil
  • $500


  • 6


  • 13.8%

    interest rate

Learn more

Antonio and his wife run a successful e-learning platform in Brazil. Via the internet Antonio reaches thousands of children and improve their education with an alternative so they don't have to travel many miles to a distant library. With his loan Antonio has expanded learning material and managed to publish 6 new e-books.


On Bitbond investors can invest internationally in countries like Australia, the UK or Germany. They can pick the loans that they like and invest the amount they choose - at attractive interest rates. The projects for which the borrowers need the funds are outlined in a detailed fashion including the repayment history of the borrower.

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October 20th, 2015

Invest in entrepreneurs

13% expected return
Fixed income investments return comparison chart
interest p.a.
Value after
36 months
Bank deposit $10,000 1.25% $10,371
Example Bitbond loan portfolio $10,000 9.16% $13,059
Difference $0 7.91% $2,688

There is a large variety of fixed income investments out there. However, most produce inferior returns due to the current interest rate environment. Most investments do not even compensate for inflation.

Investing in small business loans on Bitbond means earning solid returns. After 3 years your advantage versus a fixed term deposit at a bank can be over $2,600 based on an initial investment of $10,000 (assumptions as outlined below).

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I am fascinated by how easy it is to invest money all around through Bitbond. Normally, if I want to invest outside of my home country this is only possible via mutual funds that have really high fees. The opportunity to support entrepreneurs from all around the world and earning great returns is something unique in the investment space and its what I love about Bitbond.

Daniel - Investor from Germany

October 20, 2015
Bitbond Investor

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the interest rates set on Bitbond?

The interest rates are set according to the borrower's creditworthiness and the term of the loan. The better the creditworthiness, the lower the interest rates. This method is called risk based loan pricing. The rates range approximately from 10% to 35% on a per year basis.

What if a borrower doesn't make his or her payments?

If borrowers are late on their payments Bitbond reminds them frequently to meet their payment obligations. The reminders are conducted via various communication channels including email, phone, SMS and letters. If one or more payments are overdue for more than 90 days, Bitbond passes the handling of the loan to an international debt collection agency. The debt collection agency can report the borrower to a local credit bureau and bring the case to court.

How high is the return that can I expect on Bitbond?

The expected return on your fixed income investments varies depending on the type of portfolio an individual investor has. In a well diversified portfolio with over 100 active loans the average expected return after bad debt is 13% p.a.

How high are the fees on Bitbond?

The fees for investors on Bitbond are 0%. Since Bitbond is a bank independent platform it can save the costs that other platforms have to pay to their repective banking partners.

Why is bitcoin used for payment transactions?

Bitbond is the first global marketplace lender for small business loans. To make cross-border lending economically feasible there needs to be a way to send payments around the world fast and at low cost. Bitcoin offers exactly that. If you have never used bitcoin before don't worry. We will show you exactly how to use it and how easy it is.

Which currency are the loans denominated in?

Loans can be denominated in US Dollars, in Euros or in Bitcoin.

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