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Which is the Best Amazon Repricing Tool? Our Top 10

Daniela Cherkova
Aug 7, 2018

For Amazon sellers, pricing is all about winning the Buy Box, which explains the plethora of automated repricing tools. There’s a common myth in the eCommerce world that one Amazon repricing tool is as good as the next, so the decision as to which one to use should be made based on cost alone. Wrong!  Some are rules-based, some are algorithmic, and some combine both repricing strategies. Some offer greater customisation opportunities than others.

Some reprice periodically and others reprice continuously. Some have built in FBA cost calculators and others don’t. Some Amazon repricing tools are standalones and others are part of a comprehensive eCommerce solution. And, of course, some cost quite a bit more than others.

Leading Amazon Repricing Tools

There are dozens of Amazon repricing tools, ten of which are highlighted here, in alphabetical order so as not to play favourites.

Repricer Express

Repricer Express provides a set of tools that enable Amazon sellers to develop customised pricing strategies by setting their own rules and a minimum and maximum price for each listing. Sellers can create as many rules as they like and apply them to single products or groups of products across eight different Amazon marketplaces. All of the factors necessary to ensure selling at a profit are taken into account in the continuous repricing process, including shipping charges, international currency conversion rates, and much more.

There are five Repricer Express Plans, distinguished by the number of SKUs accommodated, and all plans provide continuous multi-channel repricing. The pricing breakpoints are at 2,500 SKUS ($55 per month), 5,000 SKUS ($79 per month), 10,000 SKUS ($99 per month), 25,000 SKUS ($159 per month), and 50,000 SKUS ($249 per month). Sellers with more than 50,000 SKUs can arrange custom pricing. There is a free 15-day trial period limited to no more than 25,000 SKUs. All plan levels provide the same features and functionality, though only the highest tier receives telephone as well as email support.


Appeagle’s multi-channel software package includes a continuous repricing tool with advanced algorithms designed to enable Amazon sellers to win the Buy Box and stay there. Users can designate which sellers they want to compete against and set their own repricing rule to match, beat, or price above the competition. They can also exclude certain listings from repricing simply by not setting a minimum price for them.

There are three different plans that are priced according to the number of active listings. The Basic plan, at $100 per month, is for Amazon and eBay sellers with up to 250 listings. It does not permit customisation and employs only pre-configured rules-based repricing strategies. At $150 per month, the Premium plan, for Amazon, eBay, and Walmart sellers, accommodates up to 5,000 listings and offers algorithmic repricing as well as pre-configured and custom strategies. The Enterprise Plan, for sellers with as many as 10,000 listings, is custom-priced. It offers the same features as the Premium plan but reprices on an unlimited number of marketplaces. Appeagle gives prospective customers a 14-day free trial of the Premium Plan before they decide which plan best meets their needs.


Bqool’s Amazon repricing tool is called Accelerated Repricing Plus, available for sellers on Amazon US, CA, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, JP, and MX. Users can create their own repricing strategies by designating which competitors to reprice against based on a competitor’s fulfillment method, ratings, and item status or condition.  Repricing occurs every 15 minutes except on the most expensive plan, which reprices every 5 minutes.  Accelerated Repricing Plus includes a price and profit calculator that takes into account product cost, Amazon fees, shipping costs, and EU VAT if applicable to give sellers a good idea of an item’s profit margin and ROI.

There are four pricing plans, billed monthly with a 10% discount for sellers opting for annual billing. Sellers choose their plan based on the number of active listings, from 1,000 listings for $25 per month and increasing in $25 increments with the breakpoints at 5,000, 7,500, and 10,000 listings. All plan levels provide the same features except for the 5-minute repricing frequency and downloadable reports, both of which are available only with the $100 per month plan for sellers with up to 10,000 listings. A 14-day free trial is offered for up to 5,000 active listings. After sellers purchase repricing for one EU marketplace, they can add additional ones for $10 each.


ChannelMax describes its Amazon repricing tool as the only repricer based on algorithms and sales velocity. It supports Amazon US, CA, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, JP, CN, and IN. ChannelMax automatically imports a seller’s SKUs from all marketplaces and applies an intelligent default strategy to reprice in real time. Alternatively, the seller can define multiple repricing strategies and assign them to SKUs for dynamic rule-based repricing by SKU group. ChannelMax aims to win the Buy Box, or at least featured placement on the Buy Box page. It also provides a calculator to assist sellers in determining their minimum selling price based on all the usual cost factors plus the seller’s desired profit margin. Only listings for which a minimum price has been set will be repriced automatically. Unlike most companies offering Amazon repricing tools, ChannelMax provides a detailed step-by-step explanation of how its repricer works, illustrated with screenshots, on its website.

Those interested in ChannelMax can take advantage of a 30-day free trial that gives them unlimited access to all features. The monthly cost is based on the number of SKUs and provides single-channel pricing at specified intervals (15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes, depending on the price tier) or, for an added premium, real-time repricing on all channels.


Feedvisor offers a self-learning algorithmic Amazon repricing tool that employs a bias-free approach to set a seller’s prices to maximise overall profits. Over 30,000 hours of research went into developing Feedvisor’s Algo-Commerce engine, which has the ability to “learn” based on experience without any human input or rules, the algorithms changing in response to real-time conditions. This takes human bias out of the objective decisions made by the algorithms. Feedvisor supports multi-channel repricing.

Feedvisor offers a Pro plan for small to mid-size sellers, which is limited to one user and provides algorithmic repricing and Amazon business pricing. The Premium plan is for large sellers, allows two users, and provides liquidation pricing, velocity target pricing, multi-channel repricing, and repricing strategies in addition to the features of the Pro plan. The Enterprise plan, intended for very large sellers, offers the same features as the Premium plan but accommodates an unlimited number of users and permits a high degree of customization. Pricing for these plans is not provided on Feedvisor’s website and must be obtained directly from the company. 


RepriceIt offers Pro Merchant sellers an affordable standalone Amazon repricing tooldesigned to approximate the intuitive decision-making employed by sellers in repricing their own listings. Sellers set their own rules to reflect their own repricing strategies. Sellers can establish up to ten automated repricing schedules and specify whether they should run every day or only on specific days. RepriceIt can reprice a seller’s inventory at about 500 listings per minute, or 30,000 per hour.

Sellers can choose one of seven plan levels based on their number of inventory items: Basic (1-500 items for $9.95/month);  Basic+ (501-2,000 items for $16.95/month); Merchant (2,001-5,000 items for $24.95/month); Merchant+ (5,001-10,000 items for $29.95/month); Pro (10,001-20,000 items for $39.95/month); Pro+ (20,001-50,000 items for $59.95/month); and Premier (50,001-100,000 items for $79.95/month). There is no option for repricing more than 100,000 inventory items. RepriceIt offers a longer free trial period than most of its competitors—30 days.

Seller Dynamics

Seller Dynamics’ Amazon repricing tool is one of a complete set of multi-channel eCommerce tools, with an emphasis on flexibility. Sellers can establish as many pricing profiles as needed to reprice individual items or groups of items, with minimum and maximum margins for each. They can also set up specific rules aimed at winning the Buy Box and for their FBA items. The repricer works on all Amazon marketplaces around the world and allows sellers to utilise different repricing strategies in each of them. A single SKU may be priced differently in each Amazon marketplace on which it is listed.

There are five plan levels, and pricing for all but the Small Biz plan is based on a percentage of monthly sales. The Small Biz plan, which costs $60 per month (or $600 annually), is for sellers with up to 2,000 SKUs and no more than $6,000 in monthly gross sales. With the other plans there is no limit on the number of SKUs or on gross sales.  The Standard plan, designed for businesses with monthly gross sales of up to $30,000 per month, costs the seller 1.49% of gross sales, with a minimum cost of $25 per month ($250 annually). Neither the Small Biz nor the Standard plan requires the seller to sign a contract.

The Premium and Premium+ plans cost 1.25% and .99% of gross sales respectively, with a minimum of $490 per month ($4,900 annually) for the Premium plan and $900 per month ($9,000 annually) for the Premium+ plan. The Premium plan is intended for sellers with up to $60,000 in monthly gross sales, and the Premium+ plan is for sellers with monthly gross sales of more than $60,000. Both the Premium and Premium+ plans require a contract. There is also a customised Transition plan, with negotiated pricing and a minimum monthly cost of $25, for sellers changing suppliers. None of these plans impose a limit on the number of users or Amazon marketplaces. Like RepriceIt, Seller Dynamics offers a 30 day free trial period.


Sellery is SellerEngine’s Amazon repricing tool. It reprices in real time 24/7 using a variety of customisable intelligent pricing strategies, such as automatically discounting FBA items based on their time in the warehouse to avoid fees for long-term storage or taking specific actions based on which competitor owns the Buy Box. Users can group their products into Sellery Smart Lists and designate specific strategies to be applied to each list. Sellery also offers a way to reprice Private Label listings for which competitive data is utterly lacking, using sales velocity as the basis for optimising prices to increase profits. The software’s dynamic Minimum Price feature ensures that Sellery users will never sell any product at a loss.

There is only one price plan for Sellery. After a 14-day free trial, using Sellery will cost you 1% of your gross monthly sales, with a minimum monthly charge of $100 and a maximum monthly charge of $2,000.


SolidCommerce’s rules-based Amazon repricing tool is part of the company’s cloud-based eCommerce operations platform.  It allows sellers to set their own pricing parameters for each SKU and each Amazon marketplace, so that the same product may be priced differently depending on where it sells. It leverages pricing data from Amazon and other channels, as well as eBay price trends, to determine the optimal pricing for each SKU. Cost information for this repricer must be obtained directly from SolidCommerce.


Teikametrics specializes in helping large Amazon sellers, particularly FBA sellers, maximise their profits through dynamic real-time repricing. Their Amazon repricing toolprovides a high degree of customisation, allowing users to decide which sellers they want to exclude or compete against based on such factors as feedback ratings, FBA or FBM status, competitor lead time, and more. Users can also specify target margins for each item to ensure that they always sell at a profit.

Price information for Teikametrics’ repricer must be obtained directly from the company.

Choosing an Amazon Repricing Tool

There are a number of factors Amazon sellers should consider in deciding which Amazon repricing tool to acquire, such as:

  • What other marketplaces they also sell on,
  • How much they can afford to spend on a repricer,
  • How many listings they have,
  • The desired repricing frequency, and
  • The degree of repricing control and flexibility they want

The amount of support and customisation needed to implement a repricing solution is something else to think about. As with any other online selling tool, take the time to evaluate your options before making a decision, and take full advantage of any free-trial period to confirm that you’ve chosen wisely. If you have, you should soon see your Amazon sales and profitability trending upward.

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