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2019-11-15 | The Tokenist

Report: STOs are Feasible in Germany, but Face Two Key Challenges

2019-09-16 | The Royal Gazette

Government explores blockchain bonds

2019-09-14 | Bitcoinist

German Gov’t Approves ‘Bundes-Chain’ to Combat Libra Cryptocurrency

2019-08-16 | Crowdfund Insider

Bitbond Meets with Government of Bermuda on Possible Digital Bond Issuance

2019-08-16 | The Tokenist

Bitbond Meets with Gov. of Bermuda to Issue Digital Bond

2019-08-09 | LendIt Fintech News

Founder of Bitbond talks small business lending, blockchain and completing the first ever regulated security token offering

2019-07-11 | FinTech Futures

Bitbond celebrates STO raising $2.3m

2019-07-10 | Finovate

Bitbond Celebrates Successful STO; Raising More than $2.3 Million in New Capital

2019-07-10 | DirectorsTalk

Bitbond Finance partners with SatoshiPay to provide a safe and secure wallet to its security token holders

2019-07-10 | BitcoinMag

SatoshyPay und Bitbond geben Zusammenarbeit bekannt

2019-07-09 | Crowdfund Insider

Bitbond Closes BaFin Approved Security Token Offering: Investors from 87 Different Countries Participated

2019-07-09 | BTC-ECHO

Bitbond Finance kooperiert mit SatoshiPay für sichere STO-Wallet

2019-07-07 | The Tokenist

Bitbond And The Gibraltar Stock Exchange Plan To Cooperate

2019-07-06 | Crowdfund Insider

Bitbond, a Fintech Lender and Security Token Issuer, Looks to Partner with Gibraltar Stock Exchange

2019-07-05 | Fintech Finance

The Gibraltar Stock Exchange and Bitbond, issuer of Germany’s first security token, plan cooperation

2019-07-04 | Fintech Finance

The Bitbond Token BB1 receives ISIN shortly before the end of the offer period

2019-07-04 | CRYPTOGLOBE

The Bitbond Token BB1 Receives ISIN Shortly Before the End of the Offer Period

2019-07-04 | CriptoPasion

El Bitbond Token BB1 recibe ISIN poco antes del final del periodo de oferta

2019-06-26 | Forbes

Wallet Street

2019-06-24 | Crowdfund Insider

Bitbond CEO Says FATF is Going Too Far with Global Guidelines for Crypto Industry

2019-06-23 | Disruptor Daily

Blockchain In Lending Use Case 11: Bitbond

2019-06-05 | Decrypt

Why Germany holds the key to crypto regulation in Europe

2019-05-31 | Altcoin Buzz

Bitbond to Launch First Regulated STO in Germany

2019-05-30 | PYMNTS

SMB Lender Claims Germany’s First Regulated STO

2019-05-30 | The Tokenist

Bitbond’s STO Is Now Open In Asia

2019-05-29 | Bitcoin Exchange Guide

Bitbond Small Business Loan Company Gets Legal Approval to Launch Security Token Offering (STO)

2019-05-29 | TheNews.Asia

Blockchain lending startup Bitbond launches Germany’s first regulated STO

2019-05-29 | DiarioBitcoin

Bitbond planea recaudar USD $ 3,9 millones en primera Oferta de Token de Seguridad (STO) regulada de Alemania

2019-05-29 | Finance Magnates

Bitbond to Launch Regulated STO to Raise $3.9 Million

2019-05-29 |

Bitbond планирует провести первое регулируемое STO в Германии

2019-05-29 | F3News

Bitbond Plans to Raise $3.9 Million in Germany's 'First' Regulated STO

2019-05-29 | Yahoo Finance

Bitbond Plans to Raise $3.9 Million in Germany’s ‘First’ Regulated STO

2019-05-29 | Coindesk

Bitbond Plans to Raise $3.9 Million in Germany’s ‘First’ Regulated STO

2019-05-28 | CriptoPasion

Es el primer STO regulado de Alemania un inicio falso o un arma de arranque?

2019-05-28 | The Cryptonomist

Germany regulation: Bitbond STO launched

2019-05-28 | Coinfomania

Germany’s First Regulated STO Ends in 40 Days

2019-05-28 | The Cryptonomist

Regolamentazione Germania: avviata la STO di Bitbond

2019-05-28 | BlockTribune

Crypto Lending Platform Bitbond Launches STO To Support SMEs In Asia

2019-05-28 | Bitcoinist

Is Germany’s first regulated STO a false start or starting gun?

2019-05-28 | BlockchainNews

Bitbond, a Global Lending Platform, Launches STO to Support Small Businesses in Asia with Loans

2019-05-27 | Crowdfund Insider

Bitbond Security Token Offering Now Open to Asian Investors

2019-05-20 | CRYPTOGLOBE

Bitbond CEO Radoslav Albrecht Talks STOs, ICOs and Crypto Mass Adoption

2019-05-18 |

Bitbond Opens Bounty Program for Live Security Token Offering

2019-05-17 |

Interview with Radoslav Albrecht of Bitbond

2019-05-15 | Forbes

Major Banks Buy Into Blockchain-Based Trade Finance Allowing SMEs To Profit

2019-05-09 |

All about STO Regulations In Germany

2019-04-25 | BTC-ECHO

Security Token veranlassen BaFin zum „Paradigmenwechsel"

2019-04-17 | Crowdfund Insider

Bitbond’s Security Token BB1 Will be Immediately Tradable Upon Issuance

2019-04-05 |

The first STO milestone is German: Bitbond issues the first BaFin approved security token bond

2019-04-02 | PayTechLaw

Was ist eigentlich ein Security Token Offering (STO)?

2019-04-01 | STOblock blog

Bitbond: Leading innovation in Germany

2019-03-22 | WirtschaftsWoche

Das erste Wertpapier in der Blockchain

2019-03-21 | Crowdfunding Buzz

Al Via La Prima Offerta In Europa Di Titoli Di Debito Tokenizzati (Security Token Offering)

2019-03-20 | Payment and Banking

Security Token Offerings (STO)

2019-03-18 | Crowdfund Insider

Bitbond BaFin Approved Security Token Offering, Seeks €100 Million, chooses BitGo Wallet

2019-03-15 | Nasdaq

Stellar: What's Moving XLM's Prices And What Could Be Next?

2019-03-15 | CryptoGround

Bitbond STO - First of its Kind German Security Token Offering

2019-03-15 |

Bitbond startete erstes deutsches STO und nimmt am ersten Tag eine Million Euro ein

2019-03-14 |

First STO in Germany raised €1M in its first day – a closer look

2019-03-14 | Blockchainwelt

Bitbond STO mit BB1 Token – Banking on Blockchain

2019-03-14 | Blockchain4Innovation

Security token offering, in Germania la prima emissione “ufficiale” per l’Europa

2019-03-14 | Ideenwerk BW

Aufsicht billigt Startup-Finanzierung mit Tokens

2019-03-13 | Crypto Briefing

Buy Another Day: Stellar Bonds Raise $1M On First Day

2019-03-12 | FOCUS

Bitbond STO: 1 Million Euro am ersten Tag eingesammelt

2019-03-12 | BTC-ECHO

Bitbond STO: 1 Million Euro am ersten Tag eingesammelt

2019-03-12 | Bitcoin News Schweiz

Bitbond STO: Der Bitbond BB1 token-sale hat offiziell begonnen!

2019-03-12 |

Bitbond gibt das erste regulierte Security Token auf einer Blockchain heraus

2019-03-11 | AltFi

Bitbond CEO: The German regulator is "very open" to security tokens

2019-03-11 | BloxLive TV

Germany gets ready for its first Security Token Offering

2019-03-11 | AMBCrypto

New Era in Blockchain-based Lending – Bitbond STO

2019-03-11 | N-TV

Berliner Startup verleiht digitale Wertpapiere an Unternehmen

2019-03-11 | Fintastico

Interview with Bitbond CEO, Radko Albrecht on their Security Token Offering

2019-03-11 | Cointelegraph

Deutschlands erstes STO: Das steckt hinter der Token-Anleihe von Bitbond

2019-03-11 | Handelsblatt

Berlin wacht auf beim Thema Blockchain

2019-03-11 | Bankstil

Tokenization: Entstehung neuer Märkte für Vermögenswerte aller Art – Interview mit Radoslav Albrecht (Bitbond)

2019-03-10 | CryptoTicker

Bitbond und sein STO

2019-03-09 | The Tokenist

Bitbond Prepares To Be The First STO In Germany

2019-03-08 | Security Token Newspaper

Bitbond preps for Germany’s first Security Token Offering

2019-03-08 | BTC-ECHO

Bitbond-CEO Radoslav Albrecht zum eigenen STO: „Wir nehmen eine Reihe von Intermediären heraus”

2019-03-08 | Blockonomi

Crypto Lender Bitbond Preps for Germany’s First Security Token Offering

2019-03-07 | Crypto Briefing

Bonds, Stellar Bonds: German Regulators Approve Bitbond STO

2019-03-07 | Unlock Blockchain

Bitbond Lender to launch Security Token Offering

2019-03-06 | CryptoNinjas

Bitbond partners with solarisBank for Germany’s first Security Token Offerings

2019-03-06 | Publish0x

Bitbond partners with solarisBank for Germany’s first Security Token Offering

2019-03-06 | AltFi

Bitbond partners with solarisBank for Germany’s first Security Token Offering

2019-03-06 | CoinDigest Online

Bitbond partners with solarisBank for Germany’s first Security Token Offering

2019-03-06 | BTC-ECHO

Security Token Offering made in Germany: Neue Details zum Bitbond STO

2019-03-06 | FOCUS

Security Token Offering made in Germany: Neue Details zum Bitbond STO

2019-03-06 | Hacker Noon

The first STO milestone is German: Bitbond issues the first BaFin approved security token bond

2019-03-04 |

Bitbond – STO w Niemczech

2019-03-01 |

Bitbond – pierwszy STO z prospektem emisyjnym w Niemczech

2019-03-01 | AltFi

Blockchain-powered lender Bitbond to launch Germany’s first security token on 11 March

2019-02-28 | Analysis in Chains

Bitbond Does an STO

2019-02-27 | SelfKey blog

SelfKey & KYC-Chain to advise Bitbond on first licenced German STO

2019-02-26 | Publish0x

Bitbond – First German STO with security prospectus

2019-02-26 | Handelsblatt

Der Bitcoin-Preis drückt natürlich auf die Stimmung

2019-02-25 | WiWo Gründer

Agora Innovation: Fintech dringt in Markt für Blockchain-Token

2019-02-25 |

In the Daily: Quadrigacx Transfer, Tokenized Bonds, Beam Investment, Rakuten Pay

2019-02-23 |

Bitbond – pierwszy Security Token Offering (STO) z prospektem emisyjnym w Niemczech

2019-02-22 | The Cryptonomist

Germany: BaFin authorises the Bitbond STO

2019-02-22 | FOCUS

Eine vergessene Anlageklasse: Die Anleihe und ihr Comeback durch Security Token

2019-02-22 |

La Consob tedesca autorizza la prima STO (Securities Token Offering). La piattaforma fintech Bitbond colloca bond in cripto

2019-02-22 | The Tokenist

German Securities Regulator BaFin Approves Tokenized Bonds By Bitbond

2019-02-21 | Cointelegraph

Bafin erteilt erstmals Erlaubnis für die Ausgabe von virtueller Wertpapiere auf der Blockchain

2019-02-21 |

BaFin erlaubt STO von Unternehmensfinanzierer Bitbond

2019-02-20 | CryptoMeNow

Bitbond becomes the first regulated blockchain firm to issue security tokens offerings

2019-02-20 | Coin Kurier

Bitbond: Deutschlands erstes Security Token Offering (STO) startet im März

2019-02-20 | The Paypers

Bafin approves Bitbond to issue digital bonds

2019-02-20 | Investicoin

Bitbond als erstes Security Token Offering (STO) durch BaFin zugelassen

2019-02-20 | CoinGape

Stellar [XLM] Surpassed TRON (TRX), Citing Big Announcement by IBM and Bitbond

2019-02-20 | Bitcoin News Schweiz

Bitbond – Erster Deutscher STO Mit Wertpapierprospekt

2019-02-19 | MMnews

Bitcoin, IOTA, Ethereum: Back up now?

2019-02-19 | Bankir.Ru

Bitbond Blockchain Lender Receives STO Approval

2019-02-19 |

Bitbond Gains Approval of BaFin to Host Security Token Offering

2019-02-19 | Bitcoin Exchange Guide

Germany’s Bitbond Blockchain Token (BB1) To Release Security Token Offering With BaFin-Approved Prospectus

2019-02-19 | SludgeFeed

Bitbond Receives German Regulatory Approval for Its STO

2019-02-19 | CoinGape

Bitbond Becomes First Regulated Blockchain Firm To Announce STO with Security Prospectus

2019-02-19 | Finance Magnates

Bitbond Receives BaFin’s Approval for Tokenized Bonds

2019-02-18 | The Bitcoin News

Bitbond: BaFin approves Germany’s first security token offering (STO)

2019-02-18 | Gründerszene

Bafin erlaubt Bitbond den Handel mit virtuellen Startup-Anteilen

2019-02-18 | AltFi

Bitbond – First German STO with security prospectus

2019-02-18 |

Bafin gibt erstmals grünes Licht für Krypto-Finanzierungsrunde

2019-02-18 | FONDS professionell

Bafin gibt erstmals "Krypto-Börsengang" ihren Segen

2019-02-18 | CoinUpdate

Bitbond kündigt erstes Security Token Offering (STO) mit Genehmigung der BaFin an

2019-02-18 | BTC-ECHO

BaFin genehmigt Deutschlands erstes Security Token Offering (STO)

2019-02-18 |

BaFin genehmigt erstes Security Token Offering

2019-02-18 | IT Finanzmagazin

FinTech Bitbond startet STO mit BaFin-Genehmigung

2019-02-18 | CryptoNinjas

Bitbond announces STO with security prospectus

2019-02-18 | Bloomchain

Germany's financial regulator approved Bitbond tokenized bonds

2019-02-18 | mind Fintech

Bitbond présente la première STO approuvée par la BaFin

2019-02-18 | Crowdfund Insider

Germany: Bafin Approves Bitbond to Issue Digital Securities “Tokenized Bonds”

2019-02-17 | Handelsblatt

Bafin genehmigt erstmals virtuelle Finanzierungsrunde

2018-12-12 | AltFi

Bitbond and Stripe Partner to Support SME’s

2018-12-12 | P2P Finance News

Bitbond becomes partner of payment platform Stripe

2018-11-26 | Occurency

Blockchain Interview: Radoslav Albrecht, Founder & CEO of Bitbond


Trends 2018: Blockchain – The Saviour Of Democracy?

2018-10-11 | Gründerszene

Seid umschlungen, geliebte Banken!

2018-10-10 | Business Standard

Blockchain tech can save financial institution over $40 bn per year: Report

2018-09-28 | VentureBeat

Tempo lets you exchange cryptocurrency via app, debit card, and over 105,000 locations

2018-09-26 | blockspoint

Interview With Bitbond CEO About Their Global Cryptocurrency Credit System

2018-09-26 | Forbes

Should Open Banking Pave The Way For Blockchain Development In Financial Services?

2018-09-05 | P2P Finance News

Bitbond launches flexible working capital product

2018-08-08 | Bitcoinist

Why Bitcoin-Collateralized Loans Still Work In A Bear Market

2018-07-19 | TechCrunch

With eyes on Europe, Open Banking API provider TrueLayer raises $7.5M

2018-06-15 | BTC-ECHO

Gute BaFin, böse BaFin – Warum die Krypto-Regulierung viele Facetten hat

2018-05-18 | Bitcoin Exchange Guide

Online Germany Bank Bitbond Now Allows Customers To Transfer Loans Using Bitcoin

2018-05-18 |

Mniejsze banki stawiają na kryptowaluty

2018-05-17 | Cryptoticker

Deutsche Online-Bank bevorzugt Bitcoin über SWIFT für internationale Transaktionen

2018-05-16 | BTC-ECHO

Bitbond: Bitcoin besser als SWIFT

2018-05-16 |

Bitbond: Bitcoin besser als SWIFT

2018-05-16 | WIRED

Bitcoin ist erstmals bei einer deutschen Bank im Zahlungseinsatz

2018-05-15 | FOCUS

Bitbond: Bitcoin besser als SWIFT

2018-05-15 | News BTC

German Bank Uses Bitcoin’s Blockchain for International Loans

2018-05-15 | Gründerszene

Erste deutsche Bank nutzt Bitcoin für internationale Zahlungen

2018-05-14 | IOL Business Report

Instant transfer with Bitbond

2018-05-14 | The Next Web

German bank replaces SWIFT with Bitcoin for international loan transfers

2018-05-14 | PYMNTS

Bitbond Enables Clients To Transfer Loans Via Bitcoin

2018-05-14 | Business Insider Polska

W Niemczech działa bank, który pozwala na transfery gotówkowe w bitcoinach

2018-05-14 | Tom's Hardware

Prestiti internazionali? Tutto più facile con i Bitcoin

2018-05-13 | BTCMANAGER

Bitbond’s Loan Transfers Using Bitcoin Are Becoming More Popular

2018-05-13 | SiliconANGLE

German bank uses bitcoin for international money transfers

A German bank is using Bitcoin to handle international loans

2018-05-13 | Zero Hedge

German Bank Allows Users To Transfer Loans Anywhere In The World Using Bitcoin

2018-05-12 | Reuters

German online bank uses Bitcoins to transfer loans

2018-05-07 | Handelsblatt

Start-up Bitbond – So geht die Kreditübermittlung via Kryptowährung

2018-05-06 | Südtirol News

Bitbond: Berliner Kredit-Start-up nimmt Kurs auf Wachstum

2018-05-06 | Reuters

Bitbond: Berliner Kredit-Start-up nimmt Kurs auf Wachstum

2018-05-06 | WirtschaftsWoche

Start-up Bitbond – So geht die Kreditübermittlung via Kryptowährung

2018-05-06 |

Bitbond: Berliner Kredit-Start-up nimmt Kurs auf Wachstum

2018-04-17 | Yahoo News Canada

Europe's venture capitalists embrace virtual currency craze

2018-04-17 | Reuters

Europe's venture capitalists embrace virtual currency craze

2018-03-16 | Insider Monkey

11 Best Things to Sell on Etsy to Make Money in 2018

2018-02-18 | Forbes

Cryptomonnaies : Comment Acheter, Gagner Ou Dépenser Bitcoins Et Ethereums

2018-02-14 | BTC-ECHO

Interview mit Bitbond-CEO Radoslav Albrecht: “Wir streben an unser Darlehensvolumen in 2018 zu verzehnfachen.”

2018-02-12 | Forbes

How Can You Really Earn, Buy and Spend Bitcoins and Ethereum? Here Are The Best Ways

2018-02-01 | Banking Tech

Bitbond and 1741 Fund Management launch alternative investment fund

2018-01-31 | SME Finance Forum

Bitbond Launches SME Lending AIF for Professional Investors

2018-01-31 | P2P Finance News

Blockchain P2P lender launches institutional funding vehicle

2018-01-31 | BTC-ECHO

1741 Fund Management und Bitbond starten KMU-Lending AIF für professionelle Anleger

2018-01-31 | Standard Media

Five ways to finance your dream

2018-01-31 | Finovate

Bitbond Launches Alternative Investment Fund in Partnership with 1741 Fund Management

2018-01-29 | EUROFORUM

Wie Blockchain hilft, die Finanzierungslücke im KMU-Bereich zu schließen

2018-01-17 | Payment and Banking

Infografik FinTech Vergleich

2017-12-26 | Disrupt-Africa

Top 5 Kenyan startup developments in 2017

2017-11-30 | Finance Magnates

Cradle of Cryptocurrency: Digital Money and Africa

2017-11-03 | N-TV

Radoslav Albrecht, Bitbond: "Rendite ist höher, Risiko ist höher"

2017-10-27 | Parkiet

Czym jest pożyczka społecznościowa i jak można w nią inwestować?

2017-10-11 | Nasdaq

Op Ed: Is There a Future for Banking in a Cryptocurrency-Dominated World?

2017-10-11 | P2P-Kredite

Das war die Lendit Europe 2017

2017-10-11 | Bitcoin Magazine

Op Ed: Is There a Future for Banking in a Cryptocurrency-Dominated World?

2017-09-25 | Welt

Was bedeutet Chinas Blockade für die Bitcoin-Zukunft?

2017-09-01 | Analysis in Chains

Interview with Bitbond CEO Radoslav Albrecht

2017-07-20 | Global Trade Review

Bitcoin – an opportunity for African trade?

2017-07-18 | The Citizen

Bitpesa: Delivering cross-boarder payments

2017-06-16 | Payment and Banking

Blockchain – was kommt nach dem Hype?

2017-06-13 | Insure Lab

Banking on Blockchain: Mit Bitbond Kredite weltweit ganz ohne Banken vermitteln

2017-06-04 | Telebörse

Kennen Sie Ethereum?

2017-05-20 | FinSMEs

Bitbond Receives €5M in Debt Financing; Raises Undisclosed Equity Funding

2017-05-15 | P2P-Banking

Bitbond Gets 5M Euro Debt Commitment to Boost Sales

2017-05-12 | EspacioBit

Bitbond recibe un compromiso de financiamiento de 5 millones de euros

2017-05-11 | Crypto Coins News

Bitcoin P2P Lender Bitbond Secures €5 Million to Fund Loans

2017-05-11 | Spotfolio

Insurance Innovation Lab und Versicherer erforschen Potentiale des Technologie-Trends in der Werkstattwoch

2017-05-11 | Fintech Ranking

Bitbond Gains $5.4 Million Debt Commitment and Undisclosed Equity Investment

2017-05-11 | Econo Times

Bitcoin lending platform Bitbond secures €5M debt commitment

2017-05-10 | Fintech Lab

Bitbond Gains $5.4 Million Debt Commitment and Undisclosed Equity Investment – Finovate

2017-05-10 | Finovate

Bitbond Gains $5.4 Million Debt Commitment and Undisclosed Equity Investment

2017-05-10 | Crowdfund Insider

Bitcoin Lending Platform Bitbond Secures €5 Million Debt Commitment From Obotritia Capital

2017-05-10 | EU Startups

Blockchain based SME lending platform Bitbond receives €5 million debt commitment

2017-05-10 | WebRetailer

Bitbond Receives €5 Million in New Debt Financing

2017-05-10 | Coindesk

Bitcoin Lender Bitbond Nets €5 Million to Fund New Loans

2017-05-10 | Crypto Ninjas

Bitcoin lending platform Bitbond gets €5M debt commitment to boost loans

2017-05-08 | IT-Finanzmagazin

Event: Blockchain Summit – Unter den Wolken in Frankfurt – Use-Cases werden greifbar

2017-04-27 | WiWo Gründer

Fintechs: Frühlingsgefühle bei europäischen Start-ups

2017-04-27 | Das Investment

Das sind die besten Fintech-Firmen

2017-04-27 | Börsen-Zeitung

Fintech-Gründer ausgezeichnet

2017-04-03 | Heureka

Bitbond founder shares why he chose Bitcoin, Blockchain

2017-03-30 | Bitcoinist

BitPesa & Bitbond jumpstart bitcoin blockchain loans to Kenya

2017-03-30 | Uganda Today

Bitbond and BitPesa in a New Partnership to Improve Financing of African SMEs

2017-03-30 | BlockchainNews

BitPesa has Partnered with Bitcoin Company Bitbond to Improve Access to Financing for SMEs in Africa

2017-03-30 | Disrupt-Africa

BitPesa in partnership to help African SMEs access finance

2017-03-29 | Venture Burn

Bitpesa partners with Bitbond to financially assist SMEs

2017-03-29 | PYMNTS

Bitbond, BitPesa Partner For African SME Finance

2017-03-28 | Finance Magnates

Bitbond and BitPesa to Simplify Business Financing in Africa

2017-03-28 | territorio bitcoin

Bitbond y BitPesa se asocian para mejorar la financiación de las PYME’s africanas

2017-03-27 | Finextra

Lending platform Bitbond and payments outfit BitPesa partner to boost financing for African SMEs

2017-03-27 | Brave New Coin

Bitbond and BitPesa target P2P loans for African Businesses

2017-03-27 | Süddeutsche Zeitung

Das Fünf-Minuten-Problem

2017-03-15 | Deutsche Startups

13 äußerst spannende Blockchain-Startups

2017-03-11 | Pioneers

How to send a loan to Siberia in seconds

2017-02-27 | Business Panorama

Digitalisierung der Finanzbranche durch neue Unternehmen geht weiter

2017-02-26 | Puls Biznesu

Kryptopożyczanie pohula nad Wisłą

2017-02-25 | PYMNTS

B2B FinTech (Nearly) Hits $100M In Funding

2017-02-24 | Börsen-Zeitung

Bitbond erhält Finanzierung

2017-02-22 | AltFi News

Bitcoin-based marketplace lending platform scores $1.2m fundraise

2017-02-22 | EU-Startups

Blockchain based SME lending platform Bitbond secures € 1.1 million to grow on a global scale

2017-02-22 | CoinDesk

P2P Bitcoin Lender Bitbond Raises $1.2 Million in New Funding

2017-02-22 | 8 BTC


2017-02-22 | Crowdfund Insider

Bitbond Raises $1.2 million to Fuel Global Expansion of SME Lending

2017-02-22 | Gründerszene

Bitbond sammelt 1,2 Millionen Wagniskapital ein

2017-02-22 | P2P-Banking

Bitcoin Based P2P Lending Service Bitbond Raises 1.1M EUR Round

2017-02-14 | Deutsche Startups

Bitbond = Bitcoin-Kredite für den Mittelstand

2017-02-08 | Gründerszene

Das sind die spannendsten Berliner Blockchain-Startups

2016-12-15 | Business Insider

Worldwide financial services and global fintech

2016-12-05 | Das Investment

Fintechs und Banken: Abhängigkeit statt Konkurrenz

2016-11-09 | Banks EU

Fintech-startup Bitbond: bitcoin is solving big problems for ordinary people all around the world.

2016-11-09 | The Global Small Business Blog

SMEs can borrow and invest wothout borders

2016-11-08 | Crowdfund Insider

Bitbond is the World’s First P2P Lender Using Digital Currency

2016-10-26 | CityWire

32er-Lizenz: Erstes Bitcoin-Unternehmen von Ex-Deutsche-Banker bekommt Zulassung

2016-10-26 | MamStartup

Pożyczamy dolary, ale w bitcoinach. To tańsze i bardziej bezpieczne – Maciej Chudziński (Bitbond)

2016-10-26 |

Berliński startup Bitbond otrzymał licencję BaFin

2016-10-20 | Börsen-Zeitung

Reisebank plant Ripple-Piloten für das erste Quartal

2016-10-18 | FinTech ES

La startup fintech alemana Bitbond recibe licencia BaFin

2016-10-17 | EconTimes

Bitcoin startup Bitbond receives BaFin license

2016-10-17 | WebRetailer

Loans for Amazon and eBay Sellers: Your Questions Answered

2016-10-14 | CoinReport

German-based fintech startup Bitbond receives BaFin license

2016-10-14 | AssCompact

Bitbond erhält als erste Blockchain-Plattform eine BaFin-Vermittlerlizenz

2016-10-13 | BTC-ECHO

Bitbond: Berliner Bitcoin-Kreditplattform erhält BaFin Lizenz

2016-10-12 | Steemit @Fabio

Bitbond-CEO Radko Albrecht über Bitbond, Bitcoin und die BaFin

2016-10-11 | IT Finanzmagazin

P2P-Lending: Berliner FinTech Bitbond erhält als erstes Blockchain-Unternehmen eine BaFin-Lizenz

2016-10-11 | The Bitcoin News

Berlin based FinTech Startup Bitbond receives BaFin Licence

2016-10-11 | Crowdfund Insider

German Bitcoin Startup Bitbond Receives BaFin License

2016-10-11 | EU-Startups

Berlin-based FinTech startup Bitbond secures BaFin Licence to make small business financing and investing globally accessible

2016-10-11 | FONDS professionell

Erstes Blockchain-Fintech erhält Bafin-Lizenz

2016-10-09 |

Bitbond – pożyczki społecznościowe oparte na Bitcoinie

2016-10-05 | Manager Magazin

Bitcoin und Blockchain - was ist das eigentlich?

2016-10-04 | Tradestreaming

Is bitcoin really being used by the average joe?

2016-09-30 | Hankyung

Report about the KFIC 2016 Fintech conference in Seoul (article in Korean)

2016-09-20 | Finovate

FinovateFall New York 2016 - Bitbond

2016-09-10 | bank innovation

Finovate Day Two: Bots, Bonds, and a Bit of Blockchain

2016-08-01 | Finovate

Ready for a Sneak Peek? How to Best Prepare for FinovateFall

2016-04-22 | Frankfurter Allgemeine Woche

Interview Radoslav Albrecht: Kann man Bitcoin vertrauen?

2016-04-21 | Crowdfund Insider

Bitbond Joins SME Finance Forum

2016-04-20 | SME Finance Forum

Global Marketplace Lender Bitbond Joins the SME Finance Forum

2016-03-31 | territorio bitcoin

Entrevista Radoslav Albrecht – CEO & Founder Bitbond

2016-03-24 | Dataconomy

Is Berlin the future of fintech?

2016-03-09 | JAXenter

New JAXenter column about cryptocurrency and blockchain: [Bit]coin flipping

2016-03-07 | Brave New Coin

Ipreo and Symbiont to overhaul the $4.7 trillion global syndicated loans market

2016-03-07 | FinTech Forum DACH

7 Questions with Radoslav Albrecht, Founder & CEO of Bitbond

2016-02-10 | Banking Hub

Bitbond: P2P lending by means of bitcoin technology — No bank account needed

2016-02-04 | Finovate

German P2P Bitcoin Lending Innovator Bitbond Launches its API

2016-02-03 | LendInvest

BERLIN: A look at some of Europe's FinTech hubs

2016-01-27 | Finovate

How is Europe Fueling the Fintech Fire?

2016-01-08 | CoinDesk

P2P Bitcoin Lender Seeks Market Traction in Brazil

2015-12-24 | Let's Talk Payments

33 FinTech Companies From Western Europe to Look out for in 2016

2015-12-11 | CROWDLENDING.FR

La blockchain va révolutionner le crowdfunding (déjà !)

2015-11-25 |

Behind Bitcoin’s Big Mac Index: Radoslav Albrecht on Cryptofinance

2015-11-19 |

Bitbond’s New Big Mac Index Gives Bitcoin Tangible Value By Association

2015-11-18 | Crowd Fund Insider

Bitbond Launches Bitcoin Purchasing Power Index: BitcoinPPI

2015-11-18 | Finextra

Bitbond launches Bitcoin Purchasing Power Index

2015-11-18 | Crypto Coins News

Bitbond unveils a bitcoin version of “The Big Mac Index”

2015-11-18 | Finance Magnates

P2P Lender Bitbond Launches 'Big Mac' Index for Bitcoin

2015-10-20 | Handelsblatt

Gute Zinsen

2015-10-14 |

Bitbond ermöglicht Bitcoin-Darlehen ohne Bank

2015-09-21 | The Hundert

Bitbond – Berlin based marketplace lender for small business loans

2015-08-21 | Lend Academy

The State of the P2P Bitcoin Lending Industry

2015-08-19 | American Banker

Startups Blend Bitcoin with P-to-P Lending

2015-08-14 | Bitcoin Magazine

Digital Currency Startups Prosper in Berlin’s Vibrant Bitcoin Community

2015-07-29 | Business Daily Africa

How Bitcoin lending can transform the lives of Kenyans

2015-07-27 | WebRetailer

Ecommerce Loans: The Online Sellers' Guide to Financing

2015-07-11 | EU-Startups

The 15 hottest European fintech startups in 2015

2015-05-26 | Orchard Blog

Bitcoin-Powered Lending With BTCJam and Bitbond

2015-05-22 | Cointelegraph

6 Rising FinTech Startups

2015-05-20 | Crowdfund Insider

Bitbond Receives € 600,000 in Angel Funding to Grow Lending Platform

2015-05-20 | News BTC

Bitcoin Lending Platform Bitbond Rakes in 600K Euro Investment

2015-05-20 | Finovate Blog

Bitcoin-Based P2P Lending Platform Bitbond Raises $670,000

2015-05-20 | CoinDesk

Bitcoin Lending Platform Bitbond Raises €600,000 in Funding

2015-05-20 |

Bitbond Raises 600K Euro

2015-05-20 | AltFi News

Further Equity Capital for P2P Bitcoin Lender

2015-05-20 | Gründerszene

Prominente Geldgeber für Bitbond aus Berlin

2015-03-17 | Finovate Blog

Finovate Debuts: How Bitbond Leverages Bitcoin to Benefit Borrowers and Lenders

2015-03-02 | Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Giving Back: This Week on Decentral Talk Live

2015-02-17 | Sitepoint

Finovate 2015, the Part Mobile is Playing in Fintech

2015-02-17 | SME Finance Forum

Finovate Europe 2015 - bigger and even more interesting than last year!

2015-02-14 | Finance Zweinull

Die letzte Finovate

2015-02-13 | SME Insider

3 of the best new technologies to supercharge SME growth

2015-02-02 | Datamonitor Financial

Finovate 2015

2015-01-29 | P2P Lending Expert

Updates and Improvements to Bitcoin P2P Lending Sites

2014-12-30 | Lend Academy

Introduction to Marketplace Lending With Bitcoin

2014-12-18 | P2P Lending Expert

Q&A with Radoslav Albrecht of Bitbond

2014-12-18 | – Guest post by Radoslav Albrecht

Bitcoin P2P Lending – a Primer in 8 Steps

2014-11-17 | LendIt blog

Next Generation P2P Lending

2014-10-04 | chris dixon's blog

Some ideas for native bitcoin apps

2014-08-26 | Cointelegraph

Bitbond interview

2014-08-18 | Inside Bitcoins

Current bitcoin regulation is “completely sufficient”

2014-08-14 | International Business Times

Cryptocurrency Round-Up: Argentina Embraces Altcoins, Bitcoin Boosts Overstock Shares and Bitbond Funding

2014-08-14 | EU-Startups

Bitbond announces a new funding round led by Point Nine Capital

2014-08-14 | Cointelegraph

PeerNova, Bitbond Announce Funding Rounds

2014-08-13 | Forbes

VC Funding Boosts Global Growth For Berlin-Based Bitcoin Startup

2014-08-13 | CoinDesk

P2P Bitcoin Lending Platform Bitbond Receives €200,000 Seed Funding

2014-08-13 | Finextra

P2P bitcoin lending platform Bitbond scores seed funding

2014-08-13 | GIGAOM

Bitbond gets funding for its P2P bitcoin “crowdlending” platform

2014-08-13 | HEUREKA

Point Nine Capital announces investment in P2P bitcoin lending platform Bitbond

2014-08-13 | Silicon Allee

P2P Bitcoin Lending Platform Bitbond Closes €200k Seed Round Led By Point Nine

2014-08-13 | Berliner Morgenpost

Bitbond baut Marktplatz für Bitcoins auf

2014-08-13 |

Point Nine Capital investiert in Bitbond

2014-08-13 | StrategyEye

INSIGHT: Why Point Nine Capital Is Putting Its Virtual Chips On Bitbond

2014-08-13 | payment week

Bitbond’s Seed Round a Sign of Bitcoin’s Viability

2014-08-13 | Gründerszene

Point Nine investiert in Berliner Bitcoin-Kredit-Plattform

2014-08-13 | Deutsche Startups

Point Nine investiert in Bitbond

2014-07-28 | Epicenter TV

Radoslav Albrecht: Bitbond, Bitcoin Lending and the Changing World of Finance

2014-05-02 | C'est pas mon idée! – L'innovation dans et pour les services financiers

Bitbond, le crédit P2P en bitcoin

2014-05-04 | FinTech Forum DACH

Innotribe Startup Challenge

2014-04-10 | banking technology

Swift Innotribe Startup Challenge names European semi-finalists

2014-04-10 | Finextra

Innotribe Start-up Challenge semi-finalists to go on display at Finextra Future Money

2014-04-08 | Silicon Allee

‘Bitcoin Opens Up A Whole New World’: Bitbond Founder Q&A

2013-11-28 | Crowdstreet Crowdfunding Blog

Interview with Bitbond founder Radoslav Albrecht

2013-11-18 | Social Banking 2.0

Bitcoin (2): Die "Peanuts-Revolution" ohne Banken

2013-08-19 | HEUREKA

Germany: Bitcoin is legal – just don’t try paying your taxes with it

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