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Creating a Solar wallet for your BB1 tokens

Mollie Thick
July 24, 2019

Bitbond Finance has partnered with SatoshiPay to provide a safe and secure wallet to its BB1 token investors. 

We are recommending SatoshiPay’s, Solar wallet to our investors as it is user-friendly and intuitive to use. The Solar wallet is free, available for mobile and desktop and has a range of integrated features. Additionally, through the Solar wallet, it's possible to trade assets on the DEX.

You can read more about Bitbond Finance’s and SatoshiPay’s partnership here.

Important steps to setting up your Solar wallet

  1. Downloading the app (mobile/desktop)
  2. Creating the account /  importing your BB1’s

Downloading the app 

  1. Go to solarwallet.io. Click GET WALLET NOW
  2. Choose the version of the wallet you would like to download (for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android).
  3. Depending on which version you are downloading, you might have to take some action on your operating system while installing.

If you have any issues downing the app check out Solar Wallets article here 

 Creating an account and importing your BB1’s

  1. Once the wallet has been downloaded you will see Add new in My Accounts 
  2. Select Add new
  3. Click on the "pen" icon and type in the name you want for your account i.e BB1 Tokens
  4. Create a password and repeat it in the blanks (optional, but highly recommended). If you don't want a password, click the toggle switch next to Password Protect.

IMPORTANT: SatoshiPay CAN NOT recover your password, as the password is used to encrypt the private key that's stored locally on your device. So remember your password and we recommend having a backup of the key stored somewhere. Click here to learn how. 

  1. Toggle the switch next to Import Existing and enter your secret key (which is the same as your private key)  in the input field below.
  2. Click Create Account button

Once you have completed these 2 steps you are now ready to receive/send/trade BB1 tokens in SatophiPay’s Solar wallet! 

If you have any questions please reach out to [email protected]

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