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Bitbond radically improves the issuance, settlement and custody of financial assets with the help of blockchain technology and tokenization.

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Tokenization is fundamentally changing capital markets. DLT and blockchain technology replace legacy settlement infrastructure. Over $200 trillion worth of bonds, stocks and other assets will be tokenized globally in the coming years.

Eliminate complex settlement through tokenization

Tokenization allows for instant Delivery vs. Payment (DvP) settlement. This reduces counterparty risk of asset transfers and makes cross-border transactions seamless.

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Bitbond is the leader in bank-grade tokenization technology for regulated financial institutions and large issuers. Additionally, we support in the implementation of digital asset custody and provide stable coin issuance technology for on-chain payments.

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Products & Services

Asset Tokenization

Manage the token life cycle

Our product offering covers the full value chain of tokenization. Token Tool is our no code web3 app for creating and managing tokens. Users can leverage institutional-grade smart contracts to seamlessly configure token features, distribute to holders, and manage lifecycle events. With our Offering Manager, users can launch regulatory-compliant offerings for tokenized bonds, equities, fund shares and real assets. The software includes an admin panel for investor onboarding, KYC and payment management. With our range of products, Issuing security tokens on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and BNB Chain, is now easier than ever.Here you can find our product documentation.

Custody Technology

Safekeep digital assets

Our technology is compatible with state of the art digital asset custody solutions. Besides delivering universally compatible tokenization software, Bitbond helps clients define and implement the ideal custody setup for their use case. Our services include support with vendor and service provider selection of custody infrastructure, defining custody operating models and processes, as well as support during the technical integration.

On-chain Settlement

Settle instantaneously

The settlement of securities is often time-consuming, costly and involves counterparty risk. With on-chain payment settlement via stable coins, true DvP becomes possible. Issue and burn stable coins in a fully automated way with our technology that is live and in production with various banking customers.

Professional Services

Implement with our support

Tokenization, digital asset custody, stable coins, DeFi and staking are often a new field for banks. We help you in planning the right approach for defining and implementing your digital assets strategy while maintaining high compliance standards. Benefit from our hands-on experience in industry leading implementation projects.

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