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What to Sell on eBay - Ideas for Your Store

Mollie Thick
June 1, 2017

eBay can be a treasure trove for collectors and bargain hunters. But what are the stand out items a seller should look to stock for a healthy return? Within reason, most things sell as there is always a buyer for unique and bizarre items. However, if you're looking to start up as an eBay seller full time and need ideas to find out what to sell on eBay, then the first thing you need to know is what the hot ticket items are on the online retailer. The following items prove to be a hit with online consumers day after day.

What to Sell on eBay

Women's Fashion

Women love fashion, and they love a good bargain. Why not combine the two and offer high-end fashion apparel at bargain prices. You may buy second hand from people directly, or you may be able to buy surplus stock from a retailer at a budget price. Whatever way you decide to acquire your stock, it's worth noting that consumers search for women's fashion up to six times a minute.

Consumer Technology

The birth of tablets and smartphones brings a whole new market for eBay sellers. There are very few people who don't have access to technology, and most consumers crave for the next wave of technology designed for their enjoyment. While it may not be possible to stock items from Apple and Microsoft brand new, there are certainly those who wish to sell their existing technology so they can upgrade to the latest technology. eBay sellers can take advantage of this by purchasing the goods second-hand, and then offering them for a budget price on eBay. Searches for consumer technology are more than one a second.

Vintage and Retro Goods

Consumers may wish to get their hands on the latest high-end technology, but they're not too keen to let go of the past either. With searches for vintage goods averaging three a minute, you can be sure that there's a healthy market for such items. You may sell old furniture and toys, or sell more modern goods with a retro twist. For example, vinyl turntables with a USB connection. Old video game consoles are also proving to be a hit on the auction site.


Despite all the latest high-definition video games and movies available to children, Lego building bricks still proof to be popular with children and adults alike. There are many modern interpretations that feature the latest movie and video game characters, but overall any type of Lego will prove to be popular. Searches for Lego average two-a-minute, so regardless of whether you're selling a limited edition collector's pack, or a mere bucket of Lego, you can be sure that you will find a buyer easily.


Bicycles have always proven to be popular throughout the years, and the same is true on eBay. Many fitness and extreme sports enthusiasts will take to the auction platform in an attempt to find the latest bicycles at bargain prices. Searches for bicycles average at two a minutes, with popular brands including Shimano and Raleigh.


With the birth of e-books proving to be popular, it would be easy to assume that physical books are no longer a necessity. However, some people cannot adapt to e-books, with a large volume of book readers preferring the physical product rather than its electronic counterpart. Popular booksinclude non-fiction, history and of course any collectible works. People also seek books that were part of an original print run, so it can be an idea to keep an eye out for such works online and via second-hand stores.


People will always need shoes, but not everyone wants to pay the expensive prices that the shops sell these shoes for. Many will turn to eBay to find shoes that are available within their budget, with a focus on brand names such as Nike and Clarks. Searches for shoes average one-a-minute and are definitely worth considering when deciding on what to sell on eBay.


When it comes to music and movies, most people want a piece of the action. And while they can be on screen with their favorite stars, or star in the latest music video, they can pick up some collectible pieces. Collectors love any type of memorabilia connected to their favorite stars. Although harder to source, many items can turn in a high return. Items could be costume pieces, scripts or an artist's notes from a track they composed. When thinking about what to sell on eBay, never forget Memorabilia.

Chest of Drawers

Although there is always a market for furniture for general on eBay, chest of drawers continue to be a hot ticket item for eBay sellers. This is due to the price point and the number of uses a chest of drawers has. Searches for chest of drawers average at two-a-minute, and can be relatively easy to source.


With the latest smartphones giving people instant access to a camera, it would easy to assume that a stand-alone camera would be deemed irrelevant in today's market. But nothing could be further from the truth. Although many phones with cameras will take a picture just fine, they are very rarely comparable to the high-end cameras. With this in mind, many will take to eBay to find the latest high-end models at discounted prices. There is also the vintage camera market to consider, with people searching for models from years gone by, such as Polaroid. When in doubt over what to sell on eBay, sell cameras.

Sports Equipment

There has always been a constant keep-fit craze, which in turn has seen customers turn to eBay so they are able to kit themselves out in their favorite sports attire. There is also the collectible market to consider in this niche, as people search for items that belong to the favorite wresting and mixed martial arts fighter. Golf and pool paraphernalia also prove to be a constant hit.The above items remain popular on eBay, but sellers can also get an idea of the current market by searching for trends within eBay. Although there may be some items that are not going to have much longevity, you can take advantage of the market while it exists while still investigating the more long standing niches.

I hope this article has been informative on what to sell on ebay. Learn more about creating a successful marketing strategy for your Online Business.

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