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Best eBay Templates | Our top 13

Chris Grundy
Aug 7, 2018

eBay templates. eBay is the main player in the world of online auctions. Since its first sale of a broken laser pen, consumers flood the site every day in the hope of picking up a bargain. As a result, the number of professional sellers on the platform has exploded to around 6.7 million, and so has the need for professional listing templates. In the best case scenario, listing templates offer a quick and efficient way to list your products on eBay, in a professional manner. In many cases however, listing templates do more harm than good, costing money and time, while providing little in terms of value to your business.

You can find here the best eBay templates available on the web; both paid and free, so that you can learn from my mistakes. Let’s get cracking!

  1. Eseller Solutions 
  2. eBay Templates Shop 
  3. Design A Store 
  4. Just Template It 
  5. Widget Chimp ★
  6. Ink Frog 
  7. OC Designs Online | Premium eBay Templates 
  8. Free Auction Designs 
  9. Crazylister – The Market Leader 
  10. Sellercore 
  11. Free eBay Templates 
  12. Super Auction Template 
  13. Free Boutique Templates 
  14. Conclusion | What is your best eBay template? ♛
  15. eBay HTML Listing Template Tutorial (VIDEO) 
  16. The 13 Best eBay Templates (INFOGRAPHIC)

1. Eseller Solutions

Although eSeller Solutions offer a chargeable service, it’s an investment that often pays dividends in the long run.

Rather than just offering a set of predefined eBay templates, eSeller Solutions is able to design a template that is custom-made for your brand.

This not only adds a professional look to your eBay listings, but it helps spread the word of your brand as a whole.

Should eBay sellers wish to design their own eBay template, then they can take advantage of the eSeller Manager. In this regard, you might also want to design a brand logo.

A number of services are also included as part of the package; such as image storage and an option to manage your promotional images.

Doubtlessly Eseller Solutions provide some of the best eBay templates available!

Bonus –> Do you want to see how you can optimise your eBay store for free? Then check out our eBay store grader for a professional breakdown of your store’s SEO and mobile performance!

2. eBay Templates Shop

The eBay Templates Shop offers a number of solutions for eBay sellers depending on their budget.

There is a choice of free eBay templates, classic templates and pro templates for seller’s listings.

There is also the option of a bespoke design service that can assist eBay shops that can help sellers promote their brand.

The best thing about eBay templates Shop is that all budgets are catered for, so users could try out the free templates before investing in a premium theme.

Below you can see one of their free eBay listing templates.

3. Design a Store

DesignaStore offers a number of solutions for eBay sellers, whether it’s a template for a particular listing, or an eBay store.

Templates include dynamic categories, so any sellers updating their shop categories will see their listings update automatically.

Further benefits include the simplicity of using the templates once they have been purchased. No HTML coding knowledge is required, as eBay templates can be installed using a couple of simple steps.

There are no ongoing costs involved with using the template, and DesignaStore even offers consumers a robust customer support team, who have been working with eBay sellers for over ten years.

No wonder Design A Store is considered one of the greatest sources for the best ebay templates online!

4. Just Template It

Just Template It not only offers sellers the chance to put their own stamp on their eBay store and listings, it also offers sellers a custom banner service.

Banners have seen an increase in popularity of late, and can help sellers promote goods from within a certain category, or alert customers of any special offers that the store may have.

There is also an Automated Supplier Data Feed option which allows sellers to save time when uploading their products. There is even an SEO service which can help sellers obtaining more online visitors.

5. Widget Chimp

WidgetChimp allows its users to create stunning templates without them needing to know HTML. The service employs a drag-and-drop feature so eBay templates can be created within a matter of seconds.

The templates created using WidgetChimp are also mobile responsive (a necessity for today’s modern consumer), putting them firmly in the ‘premium eBay templates’ bracket.

There is no limit as to how many templates can be created, and there is no additional cost.

Those who wish to give the service a trial run before committing long-term can take advantage of the seven days free trial.

Check out their video below for more details.

6. Ink Frog

Like the other services, inkFrog allows users to create custom eBay templates for their listings or eBay stores with minimal effort.

Where inkFrog differs from the other products available is that there are a number of other services to help eBay sellers beyond the aesthetics.

For example, the platform allows users to auto-renew certain listings, which means that the product is only delisted for a minimum period of time.

There’s no denying that there are millions of searches conducted on eBay each second, so time is money in the world of e-commerce.

Orders made via eBay can also be imported into inkFrog, which allows sellers to manage their orders with ease.

Buyers are automatically notified of their order being shipped, thus creating a stronger relationship between the seller and the customer.

7. OC Designs Online | Premium eBay Templates

OC Designs Online is a company that is passionate about delivering customer templates at an affordable price. In fact, we would say that they are the place to go for premium eBay Templates.

Not only are the eBay templates optimised for mobile devices, but they are also optimised so your store or listing can be found with ease.

eBay store owners can also take advantage of further savings by ordering OC Designs Online’s eBay Store Design and eBay Listing Templates Design combo.

There are also other services on offer that could benefit the progress of an eBay store. The Social Media Marketing service provides users with a custom strategy to increase sales.

There is also a blogging service that helps bring potential customers to your eBay store.

If you are looking for professional listings, definitely check these guys out for some of the best eBay templates.

8. Free Auction Designs

The eighth instalment in our list ranks number one in Google for “eBay Templates” and it is not hard to see why. The service provides a wide variety of templates suitable for all kinds of eBay businesses.

SSL compatible with hundreds of high quality templates, and bulk up-and-download make this a fantastic service. You can visit them here:

9. Crazylister | The Market Leader

Crazylister is our favourite eBay listing tool. This has a number of reasons, prime among them being the large number of high-quality eBay templates available to borrowers. These are mobile optimised and are exceptionally easy to customise and publish. We’ve given a full account of it in our comprehensive Crazylister review, but here is a small excerpt from it to give you a taste:

From our Crazylister review
Now, Crazylister is the only listing tool which is fully compliant with the restrictions taking effect in 2017 [restrictions on eBay active content]. Excellent news for eBay sellers.

In addition to Crazylister’s compliance, the tool makes it staggeringly easy to add videos, carousels and other key conversion optimisation measures to your eBay listing. For more information, check out our review or head over to their blog.

You might find their Definitive Guide to Writing High-Converting Listing Titles helpful in growing sales. Check them out here:

For affordable premium eBay templates, head over to Crazylister now! Pricing starts from as little as $7 a month.

10. Sellercore

Our final destination for eBay templates is Sellercore.

Sellercore allows you to create custom free eBay templates easily and quickly.

The service puts a special emphasis on increasing your sales with better auction listings. You can check out their eBay listing templates here:

11. Free eBay Templates

As the name suggests, Free eBay Templates provides easy to use templates which allow users to give their listings a more professional look.

The tool gives you a host of different templates to choose from and is of course completely free.

Add your custom images, descriptions and links to make your listings stand out and give you that professional flair you might have been lacking otherwise.

For your best eBay template, definitely check these guys out.

12. Super Auction Template

Super Auction Template provides 8 free and straightforward designs for your eBay listings.

Instead of downloading the free eBay templates one by one, this website gives you the html code directly.

You can copy this one to one to your eBay listings to make them stylish in seconds.

The only drawback here is the lack of choice. Only 8 eBay templates are provided, although these cater to different holidays and requirements.

13. Free Boutique Templates

Similar to #12 on this list, Free Boutique Templates gives eBay sellers a plethora of free templates to use by providing the html code.

Importantly, you can pick between animated, fun and m2mg templates, providing a wider selection as most others on this list.

And the whole thing is completely free.

Conclusion | What is your best eBay template?

There is no doubt that each seller will have their own preferences and requirements when it comes to branding their listings and eBay stores. But it’s important to take all factors into account when choosing a resource. If you need more than ‘just’ the best eBay template, you will want to consider some of the providers listed above who offer blogging and marketing assistance, for example.

Of course, it can be tempting to use a free eBay template, as this can be more financially viable in the early days of your store. But it’s important that you offer consumers a clear listing with pleasing aesthetics, or they may just move on to a competitor.

You should ensure that the resource you use is within your budget, and has all the facilities you need so your eBay store can progress accordingly.

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Here is a great video to teach you how to implement HTML eBay listing templates:

The 13 Best eBay Templates

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