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The 5 Best Product Descriptions – Free eBay Templates

Daniela Cherkova
Aug 10, 2018

Anyone who has been to eBay has probably come across a lot of unprofessional listings. In most of these product listings there are no pictures and the sizes and styles are also dull or weird. Others lack product descriptions among other things.  When it comes to a wonderful product description, you must make sure customers are not left to wonder about your product, its condition, feature or color.

A product description tells your prospects about the item. You might offer great pictures of the product, but since they are not tangible, this must be compensated by describing to the customer those important things that make the product critical, useful, a must have and desirable. To find out how to sell on eBay, check out this article.

The best eBay product description goes a step further. The description strives to entertain the reader by combining showmanship and salesmanship, blending them effectively. The description needs to tell a clear and effective story, which will make every reader interested in the items.  This is important since no one is really touching the product to ascertain its value or has any clue about your services and how you go about your business. Below you will find five excellent free eBay templates which you can use to optimise your product descriptions and maximise revenues.

While writing the product description, you must avoid a bland story that’s boring to read. You must ensure it’s spicy and interesting, offering something extra. Above all, you must always ask yourself how you can distinguish the product you are offering from the billions of similar items on eBay. In case you are offering a service on eBay, it’s important to describe the dedication and joy you feel about the job that you do. Prospects must feel they simply need your service as they read every word in your product description.

Humor is also very important in product descriptions. In fact, hilarious eBay listings have gone viral before to the benefit of the seller such as Joel Andresier’s Phil and teds green explorer double listing that received global attention and went viral. At one point the bids were above £156,000 from a starting price of just £9.99! However, humor could help or destroy your prospects and it’s important to stick to a well written product description if being hilarious with words is something you have never been good at.

With this in mind, here are a couple of top eBay product descriptions that capture the necessary essence.

5 Great Product Descriptions You Can Use As Free eBay Templates

Levi Strauss Medium Red Women’s Leather Jacket

This gorgeous red leather jacket is up for sale! The pre-owned jacket is still in great condition with no holes, stains or rips nor has it faded and the color is intact. Maintained in a smoke-free surrounding, the jacket is stylish and cool. Rock it with moto boots and black jeans!

Size: Large
Color: wine-red
Fabric: faux-leather
Lining: linen

If you need more pictures I will gladly provide them. A shipping signature/tracking is also included as well as a special packaging as a gift for your support. Happy bidding!

Men’s Vintage Canvas Leather Shoulder Bag

Carrying your items on the go needs to be easier and this stylish vintage canvas messenger leather bag does exactly that. It comes with adjustable straps for comfort and accommodates basically anyone no matter their size. The messenger military satchel bag comes with five external pockets that can fit your Smartphone, notebook and all kinds of valuable items you need on the go. The internal compartment is large and perfect for tablets, medium sized books and notebooks among other things.

There’s also another compartment just below the bag’s main flap for storing other items. Magnetic buttons lock all the flaps into place. This unique military canvas messenger bag is great for fashionable and stylish travelers, business professionals and students.  It’s 100 percent brand new and made of leather and canvas with magnetic locks and adjustable straps.


With the PlayStation 4 you have a system that opens you to one of the most incredible journeys across immersive new worlds of gaming and a gaming community that is intensely connected. As a gamer, PS4 have you in mind with an amazing launch listings including more than 180 games already under development. PS4 lets you play astounding and innovative blockbusters and ingenious indie hits. With the box you receive one bundle of PS4 500GB, a voucher of the Last of Us Remastered game, DS4 controller, mono headsets, owner’s manual and useful cables and power cords.

Luxury Brown Smart Stand Case Cover for the Apple iPad Air  

This cover is exactly what you have been looking if value your Apple iPad Air tablet. It is 100 percent brand new and of the highest quality. If you have the newest iPad Air or Air 2, this case is exactly what the doctor ordered. The case is molded specifically to fit the iPad with the full-body case perfectly protecting the precious gadget from dings, bums and scratches. It comes with a stand holder kind of design that gives you a very comfortable way of using the tablet.  Its smart design means you have a total access to virtually all buttons and functionality without the need to remove the iPad from the case. The case is also the easiest to install-simply snap it onto your gadget and resume your work with the iPad. A vivid yet unique dynamic coloring adds a wholly new aesthetic experience you’ll love.

Original XBOX 360- Portal 2

Portal 2 has never been opened and it’s an original amazing first person game with lots of action! The game will test your thinking ability and even how creatively you can act while using the portal gun, creating a wormhole to come up with a personal path via sealed surfaces and way over the game’s open spaces. Oh yeah! Portal 2 comes in its own original box packed with all the instructions you need. Breaking the laws and theories of physics will be your portion in ways you probably never thought you could. The item was a gift from a friend and has never been opened since I have one already! Please check out my other action games here. Your interest is highly appreciated!

What you need to note about these free eBay templates

Please note that even the most wonderful description fails flat out if clear and quality images of the item are not provided. Having a single image of your product is a must but ideally, including another 2-4 pictures is highly recommended. In fact, a product with the best images can become a best seller even with the worst product description. A wonderfully, clear and easy to read item description and clear images will always attract the kind of prospects you want. Remember buyers on eBay adore close-up pictures. I hope you have found these free eBay templates helpful. For more information, check out our “What To Sell on eBay” Post


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