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2018 was a Nightmare for the Stock Exchange. The BB1 token offers a Superior Alternative!

Chris Grundy
July 4th, 2019

2018 was a record-setting year for stocks, but not the kind investors like to see. It was the worst year in over a decade, with the Dow falling 5.6% and the S&P dropping by 6.2%.

For investors in the stock market, 2018 will be remembered for its extreme volatility. CNN Business' Fear & Greed Index was stuck in "Extreme Fear" throughout much of the year, and even the VIX volatility index spiked.  

Brexit’s impact on European economies caused much concern for investors as did the slowing Chinese economy. As a result the FTSE All-World index plummeted 12% this year.

Investments that seemed “safe” just a year ago are suddenly up for debate again. 

The BB1 token - A Superior Investment

The BB1 token offers a welcome antidote to the ailing financial markets. Germany’s first security token employs cutting edge technology and attractive returns. 

Here are three excellent reasons to purchase Bitbond’s new token: 

  1. BB1 token holders receive quarterly payouts for 10 years plus an annual variable amount. With a target yield of 8% per year, this investment has the potential to turn €50,000 into €96,000 by the time it reaches maturity. 
  2. The Bitbond token will be instantly tradable after issuance. This is because BB1 is a Stellar asset which can utilize Stellar’s native decentralized exchange. Therefore if you do not want to sell your tokens before maturity is reached, you can easily do so.
  3. Bitbond will buy back the tokens once maturity is reached at the price of €1 per BB1. This means that even if you use a discount code to receive a cheaper price, Bitbond will still buy it back at €1 per token. Use “BB1STO” to receive a 3% discount at the point of sale. 
  4. Bitbond was founded in 2013 and has a proven business model. Most investment opportunities have a missing or opaque track record. Bitbond has established itself as the leading SME lender in the world. Having financed over 3,000 borrowers and issued more than €13 million in loan volume, Bitbond is a fully regulated German financial institution and is here to stay.

What happens to your investment?

One key difference between the Bitbond STO and other investment opportunities, is that it is 100% clear what happens to your investment. The prospectus explains everything in great detail, but let’s provide a short explanation here:

With this in mind, the bulk of the raised funds will be used to finance business owners all over the world, from taxi drivers in Indonesia, eCommerce sellers in India and restaurants in San Francisco. Your investment will improve the lives of real people by helping them grow their business. 

How can you get involved?

Now you know why the BB1 token is such an attractive investment opportunity. 

Take advantage of this superior investment by heading over to www.bitbondsto.com and buying BB1 tokens. Time has nearly run out. Don’t miss it.

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