Small Business Loans
  • Loans up to US $25,000 or £20,000 to grow your business
  • Worldwide coverage and quick approval
  • Low interest rates, from 0.81% per month
  • Instant financing available
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Loans for Stockholm’s Small Business Owners

Bitbond is a peer-to-peer online lending platform which specialises in providing working capital to Stockholm’s small business owners. Our cheap loans are specially thought for you, small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to grow their business by hiring new staff, buying new stock, or ramping up marketing. You can get access to affordable and low interest loans within a couple of minutes.  And guess what: you don’t have to deal with banks at all.

Financing your growth has never been easier: signing up just takes a couple of minutes and soon enough you could be making your loan request. Plus, Bitcoin lending at Bitbond is completely free. 

If you are one of Stockholm’s business owners in the hospitality industry, Bitbond is the perfect place to get the working capital you need to grow your business, cheaply and effectively.

Stockholm small business owners

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Low Interest Loans

Interest rates begin at 7.7% pa! Prove your creditworthiness by connecting your social media accounts.

Quick Money

Your request can be fully funded in 5 day! 14 days at the most.

Bitcoin Technology

Bitcoin is a decentralized payment network which allows you to do worldwide instant transactions at very low fees. 

Pay on Your Terms

Choose your repayment schedule. 6 weeks or 5 months? You pick whatever is best for your business.

Why Work with Bitbond

  • Personal loan manager to answer your questions
  • +1100 loans already funded and growing
  • Innovative Bitcoin technology
  • World coverage, get your loan anywhere
  • No bank account needed!
  • 6 weeks to 5 years terms

How Does It Work?

Register on our platform today for free and fill out the borrower application. This takes 15 minutes. We will get back to you within 36 hours!

Once you have received your credit rating, you can publish your loan request immediately.

Bitcoin investors will the begin to fund your loan, to give you the working capital you need to grow your business.

No experience with Bitcoin?

No problem, we’re here to help

About bitcoin

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency which allows you to do worldwide instant transactions at very low fees. Learn more in our knowledge base. We’ll show you how easy it works.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Via peer-to-peer lending, borrowers and lenders meet directly. This lowers fees and everyone benefits. Borrowers get access to affordable funding independently from banks.

Bitcoin Small Business Loans

Access to small business loans has declined globally since the 2007 financial crisis. Also, interest rates went close to zero. Bitcoin p2p loans offer a solution for both problems.

More about bitcoin.