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Affordable Shopify Loans for Online Sellers

Bitbond is a global peer-to-peer online lending platform. Shopify sellers from around the world get access to affordable, low interest loans.  This is especially true for sellers looking to get quick Shopify loans, as Bitbond allows borrowers to connect their Shopify accounts to signify creditworthiness!

Thus, your stellar feedback can now help you get perhaps the most affordable Shopify capital available anywhere today. Financing the growth of your shop has never been easier. Apply today, and get the working capital you need to boost sales!

Bitbond loans for Shopify sellers have several noteworthy advantages over alternatives. These are:

  • Use your Shopify¬†sales, feedback to qualify.¬†During the borrower application, you will be able to connect your Shopify store. This gives us a ‚Äúread only‚ÄĚ access which we use to review the strength of your Shopify business. A large amount¬†of positive feedback will lower the interest rates¬†you have to pay on Bitbond!
  • Bitbond is more affordable than competitors.¬†Bitbond only charges a single, one-time 1-3% fee for borrowers. This is deducted automatically from your loan amount and is only applied if your loan request is funded. As a result, Bitbond is significantly cheaper than alternative providers of Shopify¬†loans, as there are no hidden costs such as late repayment fees, or application fees.
  • Trusted by over 800 small business owners.¬† The third major benefit¬†of using Bitbond to fund your Shopify capital, is the trust you can put in the quality of our product. We have been recognised for our contributions to the finance and business loans sector for years. Our many nominations as one of the best providers in the fintech industry, as well as our reviews on Trustpilot and other 3rd party review sites testify to the high quality of our service.

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Shopifty loans

Robert from Trinca Ferro

Robert runs successful eBay and Etsy stores generating more than ¬£250,000 in annual sales. In order to boost sales at the beginning of 2017, Robert decided to get a loan with Bitbond. Check out Robert’s loan.

Premium Shopify loans

Christine from Mai Autumn

Christine has been growing her home decor company by approximately 20% each year since 2008. Now she is looking to grow her business further with a loan from Bitbond. Read the interview here.

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        Anton from         Eve Tab

Anton got a loan on Bitbond to help him launch his promising new Startup. By getting a loan on Bitbond, he managed to speed up customer acquisition and ramp up marketing activities for Eve tab. Read the interview here.

Affordable Shopify loans

Ibrahim from Source4Bits

Ibrahim just got his second loan funded on Bitbond. He has been putting the money to good use, earning over 50,000 positive ratings for his thriving hardware business. Check out his loan here.

Why Work with Bitbond

  • Get a Shopify¬†loan of up to $25,000 to boost¬†your business
  • Low interest Shopify¬†loans, as low as 1% per month
  • World coverage, get your loan anywhere!
  • +1600 loans already funded and growing
  • Innovative Bitcoin technology
  • Personal loan manager to answer your questions
  • Over $1,200,000 funded already!
  • Connect your PayPal and Shopify¬†accounts to¬†get unbeatable rates!
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Get your Shopify loan nowRegister on our platform, fill in the application and we’ll get back to you with your borrower rating within 24¬†hours!

Bitbond Shopify loansOnce you get verified and rated, you can borrow Bitcoins by publishing a loan request on our site!

Premium Shopify loansBitcoin lenders will then finance your Shopify loan!

Bitbond Loans for Online Sellers

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About bitcoin

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency which allows you to do worldwide instant transactions at very low fees. Learn more in our knowledge base. We’ll show you how easy it works.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Via peer-to-peer lending, borrowers and lenders meet directly. This lowers fees and everyone benefits. Borrowers get access to affordable funding independently from banks.

Bitcoin Small Business Loans

Access to small business loans has declined globally since the 2007 financial crisis. Also, interest rates went close to zero. Bitcoin p2p loans offer a solution for both problems.

More about bitcoin.

Do you want to learn more?

Book an appointment with ChrisWe would be delighted to answer any questions you may have over the phone. To book a free phone consultation, please make¬†an appointment with Chris here. If you want to get in touch electronically, feel free to¬†send an email to [email protected] We will endeavour to get back to you within 48 hours.

Frequently asked questions

Question: I see that you use bitcoin. Why is that?

Answer:¬†We use bitcoin in order to enable international peer to peer lending. To illustrate this point, let’s imagine Bitbond didn’t use a digital currency like bitcoin. In the event that a Shopify seller from the USA wanted to take a loan, investors from around the world would have to exchange their local currency into USD¬†and send the funds to the borrower via a bank transfer. Anyone who has ever been abroad will now the staggering exchange and transfer fees which would come into play at this point.

Further still, the borrower would then have to take the USD he earned through his Shopify store, and exchange it into all the local currencies of the investors which helped provide financing. Loans on peer to peer lending sites are typically crowdfunded by hundreds of private investors willing to help. Therefore, the transfer and exchange fees involved in getting and repaying the loan make it uneconomical to do so in fiat currency.

Bitcoin extinguishes these fees, allowing almost free international transfers and exchanges into many local currencies.

Question: That makes a lot of sense. But doesn’t the price of bitcoin change frequently? What happens to my loan if the price of bitcoin increases significantly?

Answer: The answer to your question is that the changing price of bitcoin does not impact your loan. This is because we offer exchange rate pegged loans, which is a fancy way of saying that the value of your loan will always be kept in US dollar. If you want to learn about this in a little more detail, please check out this article in our help section.

Question:¬†I’ve never used bitcoin before. How do I exchange it for USD?

Answer: There are a number of great third party providers which help exchange bitcoin to USD. Trusted solution preferred by our community is Coinbase.

The process of exchanging bitcoin is simple. Once your loan is funded, head over to your Bitbond dashboard and click on “Funds” and withdraw the amount into your¬†Coinbase account. From there, you will be able to withdraw your bitcoins directly to your bank account. The withdrawal can take 1-2 business days to complete.¬†It’s that simple.

 Question: When do I need to start repaying my Shopify loan?

Answer: This depends on the loan term that you choose. On Bitbond you can choose to repay your loan in 6 weeks, 6 months, 12 months, 36 months or 50 months. The first repayment for all of these loan terms is due two months after the loan is paid out to you. This gives you ample time to use your financing to grow your business. The only exception here is the 6 week loan term, in which case you would repay the loan in full in a one time payment at the end of the 6 weeks.

Question: What fees are there?

Answer:¬†There is currently only one fee for borrowers on Bitbond. This is the origination fee which is between 1-3% of the funded amount. It’s important to understand that¬†the origination fee only applies when a loan is funded and is automatically deducted from the loan amount. This means that all other aspects on Bitbond are free.

Question: Does Bitbond do a hard credit check?

Answer:¬†Bitbond does not do a hard credit check on borrowers. You do not need a credit score in order to qualify. Instead, we ask you to connect your online selling and social media accounts in order to prove your creditworthiness. This typically includes your Shopify, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Analytics accounts. We then get read-only access and use the data from your accounts to calculate your credit rating on Bitbond. As a result, Shopify¬†sellers with great feedback can secure a high rating and excellent interest rates more easily on Bitbond than anywhere else. Our rating profiles range between “A” for great borrowers, to “F” for less trustworthy loans.

Why should you get your Shopify capital from Bitbond?

By using bitcoin as a payment network, we provide access to capital to everyone with an internet connection. This includes the 2 billion adults worldwide who do not have access to a bank account. Shopify is a global platform, and we think it’s only right that Shopify¬†loans are available to all who want to grow their business.

Secondly, Bitbond allows you to qualify for a loan with your trading history on Shopify. This means that you can use the eCommerce experience you have gained, to get the capital you need to grow your business. A traditional source of capital, like a bank, would require a hard credit check, tons of paperwork and long waiting times. On Bitbond we approve you within 24 hours, and no paperwork is required. Furthermore, you can get your Shopify loan without having to undergo a hard credit inquiry, leaving your credit rating safe!

Thirdly, we provide perhaps the cheapest Shopify loans available anywhere in the world. With only a single fee, and interest rates as low as 1-4% per month, Bitbond is a great source of capital for growing your business.

Finally, all applications on Bitbond come with no obligation and no fees. You only enter into an agreement once your loan is paid out to you.