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Salehoo Review | The Right Choice for You?

Chris Grundy
Nov 11, 2016

Salehoo review. Few companies split opinion like Salehoo. Some online sellers love it while others fill forums with their spite. But who should you trust? If you keep reading this Salehoo review you will get your answer ;)

In this review we’re going to cover the pricing, the features, the user experience, the profit-margins and everything else you need for your business to flourish. If you have any comments please leave them below, and share this post with your friends if you think it might be useful.

Without further ado, let’s get this Salehoo review started!

Salehoo review | Basic info & stats

Salehoo markets itself as the easiest way to find legitimate, low-cost wholesale suppliers and dropshippers. It’s important to understand that Salehoo is NOT selling to you, but simply offers access to a curated list of reputable companies. The attraction for online sellers is twofold:

  1. Save time. You don’t need to spend hours googling for a potential partner

  2. Find trustworthy suppliers. All suppliers are vetted by Salehoo, filtering out low-quality and scam suppliers.

Their massive directory contains over 8,000 wholesale suppliers offering 1.6 million products across all imaginable niches. The interesting thing here, is that the suppliers are not only located in the US, but also in New Zealand, Canada, the UK, Australia and China. This results in a wide array of products and prices, while maintaining a high level of quality.

This is incredibly refreshing for anyone trying to get started selling online, but failing to find high-quality suppliers. My personal experience here has been a litany of 1990s-style websites claiming to supply excellent products, yet sporting unreliable contact information and few insights into the exact goods and services I can expect for my money.

With this in mind, it’s clear that Salehoo is primarily a marketplace where online sellers can find suitable wholesale suppliers. Once you’ve found a suitable supplier in their database, you can contact them and arrange the purchase. One of the eye-catching features here, is the ability to find suppliers by searching for keywords.

Unlike most other directories, you do not need to know the name of the supplier you are searching for. Instead Salehoo’s search function allows you to enter the product you would like to sell and find all relevant suppliers of that product. This also includes international wholesale suppliers and dropshipping companies.

Once your order arrives, you will be able to leave a review for the supplier. This has the benefit of creating a strong reputation system similar to the one on Amazon. As a result, your ability to find truly excellent suppliers increases significantly. As with all review sites however, the possibility of finding fake or paid reviews is real and should not be forgotten.

Salehoo’s curated directory is clearly the main course, but the platform offers other scintillating features which should not be overlooked. These are:

  1. The Market Research Labs tool let’s you find profitable niches and matches you up with relevant suppliers.

  2. Salehoo Stores let’s you create and host your own online store easily online. No coding required.

Both are excellent and worth covering later on in this review. But for now let’s look at the pricing.

Salehoo Pricing

Like all good things, Salehoo isn’t free. Luckily, it is very competitively priced however, coming in at only $67 per year. For this, you will get access to Salehoo’s directory of 8,000 verified suppliers, as well as the excellent Market Research Labs tool.

This compares favourably to the $249 charged by World Wide Brands for a similar service, with fewer suppliers. Some may argue that World Wide Brands can boast a better user experience, but I personally care more about how much bang for my buck I’m getting.

Free alternatives like Wholesalecentral and TheWholeSaler contain a much smaller number of suppliers and lack a rigorous screening procedure.

At $67 a year, it’s fair to say that Salehoo offers good value for money. Let’s take a more detailed look at what that gets you:

Salehoo membership features (for $67):

  1. The Wholesale Directory: Probably why 90% of online sellers sign up in the first place, is to access the 8,000 international wholesale suppliers and dropshippiers in the directory. This is the biggest list of it’s kind and a great place to find cheap suppliers to make your fortune.

  2. The Market Research Lab: This awesome feature is the reason you’re going to keep using Salehoo once you’ve found the optimal suppliers. The Market Research Lab allows you to find profitable products to sell, matching retail prices with wholesale prices on the platform. Not only does it give you a relatively accurate prediction of your profit margin, but it also shows you the demand-supply situation for any given product. This helps you find niches which are not only profitable but also growing.

  3. The Forum: No matter how simple a tool is, there will always come a point when I’m stuck. In such situations, it’s frustrating to open a support ticket and wait 1-3 business days on an answer. Luckily, Salehoo has an excellent community with literally hundreds of answers to common questions. Whenever you’re stuck or need some advice, Salehoo’s excellent community will be able to help you out. Also be sure to check out their support videos and blog posts, which shed light on many common issues.

So for only $67 a year, you get access to an excellent directory with some very useful additional features. It does not include the Salehoo store however, which comes in three basic plans:

  1. Basic at $27 a month. This plan allows for 200 products, 200MB monthly bandwidth and an email account. Setup is free and they even chuck in a free business logo.
  2. Standard at $47 a month. Includes all of the above plus the directory and Market Research Lab discussed above. You also get the ability to create coupons and discounts.
  3. Premium at $97 a month. Allows you to sell digital products and provides training from Salehoo to help you grow your Stores traffic.

Here for a more detailed look.

Whether a Salehoo Store is worth your money depends on a few factors, but my general feeling is that the basic and standard plans are very good value for money. It’s refreshingly easy to set up your own store and there is enough customisation on offer to make it your own without having to dedicate weeks to it. I would even say that the setup on Salehoo is easier than on Shopify and much easier than on WordPress. Let me know if you agree with me in the comments below. ;)

It’s worth noting, that on top of the competitive pricing and easy setup, Salehoo also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. This gives you ample time to check out their service and make sure you receive value from it. If you decide it’s not for you, just send them an email and they will refund you. No problem.

Salehoo review | Can you make money with Salehoo?

This Salehoo review would not be complete without asking the most important question: Can you actually make money with Salehoo? The short answer here is yes!The long answer involves two important questions. 1. Can you source products so cheaply on Salehoo that you can have them shipped and resell them for a profit? 2. Will the profit be substantial enough to justify the effort of researching a niche and finding a wholesale supplier.

From the perspective of this Salehoo review, the answer to both of these questions is yes. Let me show you why.

Firstly, with over 8,000 wholesale suppliers and dropshippers in their directory, you are almost guaranteed to find a company that can sell you discounted products. With Salehoo’s Market Research Labs, it’s incredibly easy to discover profitable niches and then find reputable suppliers in their directory.

This minimises the risk you take on and is an attractive option for online sellers around the world. This touches on another important reason anyone can make money with Salehoo: it’s international. Their directory contains thousands of suppliers from China which are more than happy to ship internationally at an excellent rate.

Secondly, many of the suppliers on show on Salehoo have very low (if any) minimum order sizes. This sets Salehoo apart from platforms like Alibaba for example, where the minimum order is often thousands of units. As a result you can minimise your risk by keeping your capital investment low by only buying a few items. If they then don’t sell, it’s no harm done.

The top tip here is to go for a niche that is still underserved by the market. To illustrate this point, let’s think back to the beginning of 2009, when everyone and their dog was getting on the phone accessory train. Cases, protective foils, headphones, SD cards, extra batteries, you name it, it was selling like hot cakes. Now, a few years later, the market has become saturated and the profit margin on phone accessory products has tanked. This niche is not profitable anymore for smaller sellers.

So we need to find a niche that has good suppliers in Salehoo, healthy profit margins, and relatively low competition on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. The Market Research Labs offers you the perfect tool to find such a niche, making the $67 price excellent value for money.  

Salehoo review | Conclusion

It is not the aim of this Salehoo review to generate signups for Salehoo. We’re not using affiliate links and I have no relationship with them. Nevertheless, I can’t help but give Salehoo two big thumbs up and a definite recommendation.

Their directory is excellent, and your ability to search using keywords is so refreshing that it’s hard to put into words. Salehoo is designed for new and veteran sellers, although especially new sellers can benefit from their service. The Market Research Lab for example, is excellent in finding profitable niches and getting your online selling career started.

The additional features like Salehoo stores should also come into play here, as the basic and standard plans offer very good value for money, and probably the easiest setup for any eCommerce store I’ve seen.

Thanks for reading my Salehoo review :)


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