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JungleScout review | Amazon product search at its best

Chris Grundy
Feb 27, 2017

JungleScout review | Selling on Amazon is much harder today than it was a few years ago. Yes, there are more potential customers as Amazon's traffic keeps growing larger than any other online selling site, but the competition is fiercer than ever.

Today's platform is more professional, with better products being sold at more attractive prices. All-round service has to be excellent as margin's keep withering for most Amazon sellers.

I remember listing some old t-shirts back in 2006, and making enough money to buy a new Nintendo 64! Try listing the same t-shirts today and you'll be lucky to get enough for a broken Game boy. So what does this mean for Amazon sellers and how can we do grow our sales and drive our business forward in 2017?

We need to find the best possible products to sell!

What is JungleScout?

JungleScout is perhaps the easiest way to do professional product research.  It consists of three important tools:

  1. Product Database: Jungescout's Database allows users to search and filter through it's extensive product catalogue. The killer here is, that the Product Database allows you to find highly targeted products and provides information on the estimated sales volume. Using this tool, you get a clear idea of how well a product will sell and what your estimated profit margin will be. This is a huge time saver and allows smaller sellers to scale their Amazon business more effectively. 
  1. Product Tracker: With such fierce competition, it's more important than ever to keep tabs on your competitors. By using the Product Tracker, you get real-time data about the products your competitors are selling. This includes the number of units sold, the remaining inventory and estimated total sales. With this information, you get a better understanding of how your competitors' business is running and what you can do to get ahead.
  2. Niche Hunter: This is another excellent tool for smaller sellers looking for new niches to expand into. The Niche Hunter allows you to filter by category, average demand, average price, and competition to provide a list of suitable products to sell in your determined niche. Anyone who has ever gone down the rabbit hole of manual product research will know how valuable this tool can be.

With these three weapons in your arsenal, product and competitor research on Amazon should be easier than ever. It's worth pointing out here that the net estimates which JungleScout provides, already include Amazon FBA fees. This is very important when considering profitability and calculating the cash left in your pocket at the end of the month. This makes JungleScout one of the best online selling tools, and differentiates it from more established competitors.

What does the JungleScout Chrome Extension do?


In addition to the Web app, JungleScout also offers a rather nifty Chrome extension which allows you to evaluate products while surfing through Amazon.

Sellers can use it to see the estimated sales of any product they choose. This comes in addition to the estimated revenue, the number of reviews, as well as the number of sellers competing in the space.

The idea behind the extension is simple: to make product research more efficient and minimise the need for spreadsheets. And on both fronts, the extension does well. The extension handles quickly and provides information which would not have been available otherwise.

On the down side, some users seem to be experiencing inaccurate data with regards to sales estimates. JungleScout says that its goal is to be +/- 10% of the actual monthly sales volume, however some users around the internet have seen large deviations. Here is a post on Reddit which covers this issue:

I did some more testing after i left the comment and it is hit or miss. Some of the items it is pretty close to my sales but then other items it is off by a factor of at least 10.

 Occasional deviations not withstanding, I think the JungleScout extension gives you a good idea on how products are performing and whether they represent a safe bet.

Pricing | JungleScout review

Although JungleScout makes product research on Amazon easy, it's own pricing structure is a little trickier to get your head around. This is because JungleScout really offers five different packages at four varying prices.

First off, let's look at the Web App. Here we see three variations of a very similar package. The Standard package includes the Product Database, the Product Tracker, the Database Catalogue as well as comprehensive competitor research. What justifies it's heftier price tag is the inclusion of the Niche Hunter and the ability to track up to 80 products, compared to 40 available in the Startup package.

The Business package is the same as the Standard package, but allows users to track almost twice the amount of products. To clarify my convoluted ramblings, here is a picture.

From the screenshots provided above, we can see that the prices var from $29 to $69 per month when paid yearly, and $39 to $99 when paid monthly.

At this point it is worth mentioning that JungleScout boasts a 100% money back guarantee, which might put you at ease when paying for the year up front.

That being said, I think it's prudent for newer sellers to start of with the monthly Startup plan. This will give you the time to test JungleScout and see exactly how big the impact on your business is before you commit to a larger payment.

With that under our belt, let's take a look at JungleScouts Chrome extension.

The Chrome extension is available in two iterations. The Lite version is cheaper but provides only half of the features available on the Pro version. Both clock in at $97 and $197 respectively, as a one-time fee. Here we have the features in detail:

As with the web app, JungleScout offer a 100% money back guarantee. Nevertheless, sellers might want to start with Lite before committing to Pro.

Conclusion | JungleScout review

Selling on Amazon is much more demanding in 2017 than it was in 2007. Nailing your listings, managing your inventory, competing for the Buy Box, qualifying for Amazon FBA and a million other things make demands on your valuable time.

Under such circumstances, a tool like JungleScout can be worth its weight in Gold. For relatively cheap, it has the power to massively improve your product research efficiency and make more time available to actually grow your business.

JungleScout manages to deliver an impressive amount of previously hidden data on products and competitors alike. By using the Product Database, you can easily find profitable products to sell on Amazon, while the Niche Hunter allows you to quickly find a less competitive niche.

Overall, JungleScout's excellent features coupled with reasonable pricing make this a very attractive tool for Amazon sellers around the world. That being said, readers of this JungleScout review should be aware that the extension is not available everywhere.

The countries in which the extension is available:

  • Amazon.com
  • Amazon.co.uk
  • Amazon.de
  • Amazon.ca
  • Amazon.fr
  • Amazon.in
  • Amazon.com.mx
  • Amazon.it
  • Amazon.es

Thanks for reading my JungleScout review and see you on the platform!

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