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Microfinance Lending

Are you looking for Microfinance lending opportunities that return more than just the inflation rate? Are you sick of the extortionate fees banks and asset managers are charging you? Then don’t miss out on Microfinance lending on Bitbond!

Bitbond is a global peer-to-peer Microfinance investing platform. Earn high returns on your fixed income investments and help fund businesses grow. By contributing to the loans of entrepreneurs from all around the world, you can take advantage of higher interest rate levels.

If you sign up today, your lending fees will be 0%. Signing up is done in just a few seconds.

Microfinance lending

Why Microfinance lending is great

microfinance lenders

Earn Interest

We aim to provide our Microfinance lenders with up to 25% interest rates and ø13% return on their investments. This is our mission.

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Start Today

Signing up is free! You can start lending to small businesses from around the world immediately. There isn’t a faster way to get started.

Micro lending

Bitcoin Technology

Bitcoin is a digital decentralised currency which allows investors to lend worldwide at NO FEES. Thus, bitcoin allows you to support online entrepreneurs from your home in many regions around the world.

Microfinance investing

Global Diversification

Lend to small business owners from around the world and earn significant returns. Free yourself from regional economic cycles.

Why Bitbond is the right choice for you

  • For self-managed Microfinance lenders who want to grow their savings
  • “Bitbond is the best way to make fixed income investments that I have ever seen”
  • All borrowers thoroughly credit checked by Bitbond
  • Join over 7,000 other happy lenders today
  • World coverage, support businesses located around the world
  • Save time and lend automatically with our innovative AutoInvest tool
Microfinance investors

Microfinance investments

Microfinance investing

Microfinance lenders



This Fact Will Surprise You

In real terms, putting your money into a savings account means you are losing money. As this overview of savings account rates shows, savings accounts typically pay as little as of 0.8% average percentage yield (APY). There are other Microfinance lending opportunities that provide a significantly higher yield and should be included in your lending strategy.

Bitbond allows you to make an average of 13% APY on a globally diversified portfolio of small business loans. This represents a huge increase in earnings for you. Let’s say you put $1,000 aside. This is what you will earn in interest after 3 years.

  • Savings account with 0.8% APY: $24
  • Bitbond with 13.0% APY: $443
  • Difference: $419

That means, putting your money in a savings account will make you lose $419. If you think you can afford this, leave your money at the bank. Otherwise try out Bitbond today.