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Borrower Interview with Linda, from Weber Wood Creations

Mollie Thick
Feb 25, 2016

This week we were lucky to interview Linda Weber, from Weber's Wood Creations.
Along with her husband Mike, Linda has run Weber's Wood Creations since 2013.

In this interview with Bitbond, Linda told us how they got started and how they have been progressing so far.
We also found out how she first heard about bitcoin and Bitbond, as well as how the loan she has requested will help Weber Wood Creations grow even more!

Bitbond: Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us. Could you start off by telling us what your relationship to bitcoin is and how you first heard of it?

Hi, thank you!

Sure! My husband and I own a custom wood working business and we were searching for a way to acquire working capital in order to continue working on growth and expansion this year.  

Like so many other small business owners out there, during these first few years it’s a little tough trying to obtain a small business loan as you establish yourself. So off we went researching the web.

Low and behold we found Bitbond!

When we learned of bitcoin through our own research, it was an obvious choice to reach out to peers who may be looking for investment opportunity.

Bitbond: Cool. What do you think the future holds for bitcoin? Is it the modern-day equivalent of the internet or will it fall flat on its face?

So far, it’s been very user friendly for me to use and seems to be uncomplicated.  

As I am a first-time borrower from bitcoin I can’t speak more specifically, but I do believe with a growing population of young investors and entrepreneurs bitcoin has the great potential to be quite successful.  

It’s nice to know as an entrepreneur you can rely on your peers, friends and family to help with your success!

As a borrower, your peers see first-hand how quickly your business is taking off, so it’s an obvious excitement for growth for them to invest into your company.

I’m pretty excited about Bitbond!

Bitbond: What do you hope to achieve with your loan, and why did you choose Bitbond?

Well, we actually have somewhat of a unique story!  

We actually started our woodworking in 2013 while living abroad in Southern Spain while I was stationed in the Air Force, but since then I have retired and we moved back to the states.  

In 2014 we opened our doors here in Texas and officially became Weber’s Wood Creations, LLC (a veteran owned company) and have worked with our clients to create custom items and creations that are unique and one of a kind.  

One of our most exciting moments was actually opening our Etsy shop online in 2014!

Our sales have taken off and we know that if we get our products out into other sales marketplaces they will take off the same as well.

Mike finishing up a top hatch portion of custom Naval Sea Chest

We doubled our sales from 2014 to 2015 and intend to do the same this year 2016.

This year we are really excited to get many new ideas and creations out to even more potential clients.

We’ve been working hard to line up a small vendor booth that we should be opening within the next month, placing more leverage on our surrounding local area.  

We are hopeful to not only get our vendor booth up, running and successful, but double our sales from last year!

Mike overseeing the operation of one of our two CNC machines

Bitbond: What are the benefits of a bitcoin loan compared to a conventional equivalent like a bank loan?

For our situation, since we are entrepreneurs and it’s somewhat difficult at times for a new businesses to obtain a business loan, the benefit of being able to obtain a loan from bitcoin is certainly there!

Additionally, the benefit of potential savings in paying lower fees as a borrower from bitcoin rather than borrowing conventionally.

Not to mention, it’s a win for our peers as investors!

Bitbond: What is your favourite feature on Bitbond? What features do you think are missing?

I’m still navigating around the site, but so far it’s nice to see the real-time stats of who has invested or placed a bid on our loan, and where we are for funding.  

I look forward to investing into bitcoin in the future.

Bitbond: As a business owner or an employee, does your place of work accept bitcoin? If not, what do are the chances of that changing?

Currently, we do not accept bitcoin; but that is certainly something for us to consider for in the future.

Bitbond: What would you want potential investors to know about your loan?

That we are a family owned business who absolutely loves what we do. This isn’t a job to us…it’s more of a passion.  

These are the folks that work with us. They help us make things happen here and are a true blessing to us!

Not only do we start with creativity, but we end with creativity and constantly thriving for a new creation of some sort!  

We are really excited about our expansion this year and have been planning for it; unfortunately like many other entrepreneurs have come across a few little hurdles with obtaining the funding upfront to do so.

Given our success over the nearly past two years we know we are moving the right way (UP), it’s just getting the working capital to get a little boost for the beginning of this coming expansion for Weber’s Wood Creations, LLC.

Like our moto: If you can imagine it, we can create it!

Linda, thank you for the great interview!

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