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Borrower interview | Interview With Feature borrower Sam Panwar from India

Chris Grundy
May 27, 2015

Check out our new loan of the week from India. We had a short interview with Sam Panwar who would like to to get a loan to improve his business by expanding marketing actions. You can find his loan here.

Bitbond: How did you learn about Bitcoin?

Sam Panwar: I learned about Bitcoin mainly through Google. I read a lot of articles about the cryptocurrency in general and it made me to search more about this topic.

Bitbond: Do you feel that Bitcoin is widely known in India? Are there many places in your area that accept Bitcoin?

Sam Panwar: As far as I know, the number of places in India that accept bitcoin is increasing.

Bitbond: Is it easy to buy bitcoins in your country?

Sam Panwar: It’s not super easy but there are ways to buy bitcoins via wire transfer on different bitcoin exchanges or BTC brokers.

Bitbond: Could you let us know a bit about your professional background?

Sam Panwar: I am a software engineer. I have 12 years of experience in IT business . Since 2009 I have been director of Physivert Solutions Pvt. Ltd. This is a service provider in the market of offshore software development in India. Basically we are a hosting and product based company. We work closely with our trusted business partners in related IT fields such as networking and infrastructure, or directly with your in-house IT team, to achieve the best result. Currently we are focused on our innovative product Parallel Campus.

Bitbond: Why have you decided to apply for a loan through Bitbond?

Sam Panwar: As an Indian entrepreneur, I am facing a lot of financial issues and this is typical situation when we need additional funds to improve our business. I was recently looking for alternatives to get a loan and I have found about Bitbond, which I find in a compelling solution. Therefore we would love to try Bitbond platform to get funded and develop our new product.

Bitbond: Could you describe your business in more detail?

Sam Panwar: Parallel Campus is a completely integrated, web & mobile based education ERP solution for institutions. It’s a software suite that assure smooth Administration and Management of various academic and non-academic activities. Parallel Campus is the cloud-based application for the whole education ecosystem, which Parallel is running with the ‘beyond education’ concept. Our core mission and challenges are foremost to normalize education pressure, improve classroom atmosphere, implement innovative interaction to boost confidence, increase responsibility, etc.

Bitbond: Could you let us know in more detail what is the purpose of the loan?

Sam Panwar: The purpose of the loan is primarily to invest the funds in more marketing actions. In the near future we are planning to participate in educational fairs to increase our reach with potential customers.

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