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Borrower interview | TV producer and bitcoin entrepreneur is getting a small business loan

Chris Grundy
Oct 13, 2017

This week we are delighted to bring you an interview with Bitbond borrower Christian. He is a TV producer and bitcoin entrepreneur from Canada, who is getting a small business loan to get his new venture off the ground. Investors only have a few more days to invest, and interest rates at 28.2% over 12 months. Let's meet Christian.

B: Hi Christian, thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us? Could you start off by explaining your business to our readers?

C: Crystal Insight is a new media business, focusing on film and TV production and associated technologies. We have recently been working on a royalty payment system using Bitcoin. We are also working on a TV series called "Death Row Democracy". You can check out the teaser for it here: www.deathrowdemocracy.com

B: How come you started this business and why have you chosen this particularly niche?

C: Our passion is to inspire social and political change towards greater equality, greater abundance, and a greater understanding and recognition of the different cultures, religions, and ethnic backgrounds on our planet. We do this through Media, by creating stories that promote our ideals.

We strive for the “God” moment… that shared and universal frisson, when an audience knows they have experienced something sacred… a revelation of shared truths, that once unwrapped, unshackle us, one story at a time.

B: What do you hope to achieve with your loan and why did you choose Bitbond over a bank?

C: We believe in Bitcoin, blockchain tech, and believe that one day financing businesses and projects using crypto currency and blockchain tech will be the norm. For now, we just want to be ahead of the curve and build a relationship with the community!

B: What is your favorite feature on Bitbond? What features do you think are missing?

C: I like the fact that Bitbond is crowdfunded. It would be great to see Bitbond move into issuing stock in companies in the future using blockchain tech.

B: What would you want potential investors to know about your loan?

C: The loan will be used to pay for working capital while we work to get new clients, and raise money for some of our projects.  Our plan is to spend the bitcoin primarily on legal and corporate matters that will enable us to increase our revenues.  

It is worth noting that this is not our first crowd funded loan.  We used to use BTCJam in the past, and repaid about 34 bitcoins in the past year or so.  We are no longer using BTCJam because they seem to be having a multitude of technical and legal issues since they stopped servicing US customers.

B: What do you think the future holds for bitcoin? Is it the modern-day equivalent of the internet or will it fall flat on its face?

C: We think bitcoin will transform every aspect of our lives.  From the way in which we spend our money, to the way we sign contracts and have them enforced.  It is just a metter of time before crypto currency in general becomes the norm and we can't remember a day in which we relied on centralized banking.  I think eventually every company will have their own blockchain just like every company has their own website.

B: As a business owner does your place of work accept bitcoin? If not, what do are the chances of that changing?

C: A a business we do accept bitcoin.  We started accepting bitcoin on our crowdfunding campaign for our web/tv series "Death Row Democracy" www.deathrowdemocracy.com. In fact, we are using bitcoin to send our cast and crew royalty payments as well.  We plan on using bitcoin as much as we can in our business.

B: Thank you for an excellent interview Christian. Investors only have a few more days left to invest this attractive small business loan. Thanks for reading and see you on the platform ;)

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