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Inkfrog Review | Affordable eBay Listing Software

Chris Grundy
Oct 10, 2018

Founded in 1999, inkFrog is without a doubt the leading listing creation, listing management, inventory synchronization, and marketing tool for eBay sellers.

inkFrog enables eBay sellers to save time and sell more profitably on eBay while synchronizing their eBay inventory with accounts on Shopify, Amazon, and BigCommerce, and other platforms.

inkFrog enables non-eBay sellers that would like to start selling on eBay to quickly and easily get their inventories listed on eBay marketplaces and helps them to manage their eBay inventories once they’re rolling.

Why inkFrog Open?

Selling online is a complicated business and it gets more complicated with every passing year. Sellers often need to manage listings on multiple selling platforms, comply with marketplace policies that change constantly, fulfil orders and respond to customer inquiries quickly, and do it all while presenting their products professionally and cross-promoting their inventory.

inkFrog continues to be the leading tool to enable eBay sellers to accomplish all of these things quickly and effectively, balancing powerful time-saving features for established businesses with ease-of-use and pricing plans that are friendly to those just starting out.

Supported Marketplaces, Platforms, and Shopping Carts

inkFrog supports 22 eBay marketplaces around the world (including, of course, eBay.com and eBay Motors) along with Shopify, Amazon and BigCommerce.

This broad support enables eBay sellers to create new eBay listings from their inventory outside of eBay and to intelligently synchronize inventory levels, pricing, sale promotions, orders, and other key processes across multiple selling accounts and channels.

The ability to rapidly import products from non-eBay accounts and generate eBay listings from them is a huge time saver and by itself worth the price of admission for many sellers. The same is true for the ability to then keep these many selling accounts in sync over time. But of course, there’s much more to inkFrog than its broad support for multichannel selling.

Strengths and Weaknesses | Inkfrog Review

inkFrog has been getting mixed reviews since the introduction of inkFrog Open, which appears to reflect the relative ease or difficulty different eBay sellers have experienced in making the transition from inkFrog Classic. inkFrog reviews from people who have only used inkFrog Open and have no experience with inkFrog Classic tend to be predominantly positive.

Another key factor is the user’s familiarity and experience with selling on eBay. An examination of recent reviews from inkFrog users reveals these commonly cited strengths and weaknesses:

The Upside

✔ inkFrog Open saves a huge amount of time

✔ Normally very good customer service

✔ Easy to use! The app does all the work

✔ Listing template is easier to use than eBay’s listing form

✔ Once you get your settings entered correctly, it allows you to perpetually sell existing Shopify products on eBay and add new products with minimal effort

✔ Integrates well with eBay

✔ Practically eliminates the need to log on to eBay

✔ Set up was fast and the directions were quite simple to follow

✔ The custom template means eBay listings match the theme of our Shopify store

✔ You can sell on eBay but run the checkout thru Shopify so no need to log into separate platforms

The Downside

✖ Problems with inventory not syncing from BigCommerce store to eBay; supposed to be real-time, but can take hours or even days

✖ No indication as to how long inkFrog will sustain the Classic platform

✖ The set-up process can be difficult

✖ Too much work fixing all the errors and double checking every listing

✖ Difficult to use

✖ Customer support uses eBay lingo and terms unfamiliar to a new eBay seller

✖ Problems with inventory syncing

✖ Adds markups to your products

✖ Works OK to sync Shopify to eBay, but adding another store like Amazon is a nightmare

✖ You have to start all your listings on Shopify, then import to eBay. You can’t go the other way, or do anything with eBay listings for your Shopify store.

✖ Multi-item orders don’t always display

Listing Management Tools

All inkFrog users are able to use inkFrog’s listing management tools, which make it easy to host thousands of product images, relist products or create new listings, make bulk updates to thousands of eBay listings in seconds, move listings between eBay accounts rapidly, and achieve compliance with new eBay policies very quickly.

Once again, this alone is worth the price of admission, but inkFrog goes further offering all of their sellers listing “profiles,” too. These can be thought of as building blocks for listings—not just shipping policies, return policies, and payment profiles, but groups of predefined titles, descriptions, item specifics, and categories as well.

These building blocks can be assembled into “master profiles” for different product families, categories, or eBay seller IDs. Make a change to a particular profile (say, return policies for jewelry items sold in the US) and the change will automatically be made for all live eBay listings that use the profile.

All of this makes inkFrog one of the most powerful and versatile eBay listing managers around. These features are supported for inkFrog users at every subscription level and are equally useful for a few dozen listings on one seller accounts or thousands of listings across multiple selling venues.

Template Manager and Designer Templates

All inkFrog subscribers can leverage inkFrog’s easy-to-use template editor to create their own high-quality listing templates either from scratch or using any of 10 free designs as a starting point.

Like profiles, templates are dynamically linked to listings—changing a template automatically updates any listings that use it. Templates can be bulk-assigned to listings, too, which means that sellers who decide to revamp their templates don’t have to cancel and relist—just indicate which listings should use which template(s) and click to update dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of active listings on the fly.

inkFrog users at the Designer level get access to an even more powerful, drag-and-drop template editor and over 200 templates created by professional designers to use as a starting point.

When combined with inkFrog’s listing profile tools, sellers are empowered to manage large, complex catalogues across multiple accounts more or less automatically, presenting every one of thousands of products in perfectly customized and branded ways with very little overhead and easy maintainability.

Order and Customer Management

inkFrog also enables sellers to manage orders, provide confirmations and notifications, and respond to customer communication from within inkFrog.

Sellers can use inkFrog to view orders, mark them as paid and then as shipped (with this data propagating back to eBay), and then track their sales and fulfillment performance using inkFrog’s own analytics tools.

inkFrog also supports automatic confirmation messaging to confirm purchases and then shipment, including tracking information. These messages can be used to cross-promote other offered products and are a great way to encourage repeat purchases and enhance customer loyalty.

Customer questions and messages can be handled from within inkFrog as well, using a thread-enabled messaging area that is superior to eBay’s own messaging experience in basically every way.

inkFrog Plans and Pricing

With its Basic plan starting at under $10 per month billed annually, inkFrog is without a doubt the most affordable eBay seller tool of its kind on the market.

At the Basic level, you’ll be able to link one eBay seller ID and on eBay store to inkFrog and manage up to 300 live listings. Note that there is no limit to the total number of listings actually stored in inkFrog—subscription limits apply only to the number of listings that are actually live on eBay at any one time.

At the Professional plan level, which starts at $15 per month, you’re able to link an additional eBay seller ID and manage up to 1,500 live listings. As a Professional user you’ll also get access to listing by CSV import and to rule-based automatic relisting.

At the Unlimited plan level, which starts at under $25 per month, you’re able to link any number of eBay seller IDs and stores, manage any number of live listings, and offer separate, access-controlled logins for employees. inkFrog’s support for Amazon and other non-eBay selling platforms, and for synchronizing inventory and listing data between platforms, also begins at this level.

Finally, at the Designer level, which starts at $40 per month, you get everything offered at the Unlimited level plus over 200 designer templates, a more advanced template builder, and—a nice touch—one custom template created specifically for your business as a starting point for your own custom template library.

All plans include a single-page listing tool, unlimited image hosting, listing management and profile tools, order management, and automatic emails to buyers.


In 2016, eBay announced a new partnership with inkFrog, which many eBay sellers were already using, with the goal of helping small businesses grow by improving their inventory and order management. The offer of a free one-year inkFrog subscription for qualified small businesses interested in selling on eBay triggered an influx of new inkFrog users who were simultaneously learning the ins and outs of both inkFrog and eBay.

For many, this proved to be a steep learning curve, resulting in some negative comments and reviews that are in sharp contrast to favourable reviews by experienced eBay sellers who have mastered the set-up and use of inkFrog. It is not unreasonable to assume that there may be a similar learning curve for those moving from inkFrog Classic to inkFrog Open, but those who make the switch will be rewarded by the increased rigour and functionality of the new platform.

Thanks for reading our InkFrog review.

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