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Two Useful Additions to inkFrog for eBay Sellers

Mollie Thick
March 18, 2019

In October, reviewed inkFrog, the leading listing creation, listing management, inventory synchronization, and marketing tool for eBay sellers—especially eBay sellers that also sell on Amazon or Shopify.

Since we published our review, inkFrog has been busy adding new features, and we want to update our readers about two new key features that can help eBay sellers to save additional time and drive profits higher.

eBay Marketplace Analytics

In our review, we briefly discussed the analytics tools on inkFrog's dashboard that can help a seller to understand their own performance. Since then, however, inkFrog has added analytics for the eBay marketplace as a whole.

This is a welcome addition given that independent eBay analytics have become difficult to find following Terapeak's acquisition by eBay over a year ago. inkFrog has stepped in to fill the void.

inkFrog's analytics tool crunches data from the eBay marketplace to show sellers:

  • The top-selling products on eBay
  • The top-selling eBay products in any particular niche
  • The top sellers in any particular niche
  • Sales levels, pricing, and other key metrics for each of the above

Sellers needing an independent eBay research solution have been frustrated to see them each disappear from the market over the last few years. Now they have a new, quite powerful option in inkFrog—one that's integrated with the same tool they use to create and manage listings and inventory.

Details about inkFrog's new eBay marketplace analytics tools can be found here and here.

GTC (Good 'Til Cancelled) Watchdog

Days ago eBay rolled out an unusual "early year" seller update, and amongst the included announcements was a major change in the fixed-price listing format.

Going forward, the listing duration option will be removed from fixed-price listings; all fixed-price listings will instead be scheduled as "Good 'Til Cancelled" listings.

This change caused an outcry in certain quarters of the eBay selling community because Good 'Til Cancelled listings:

  • Run for 30 days
  • Automatically relist after 30 days if inventory is still available
  • Incur fees for automatic relisting
  • Repeat this cycle indefinitely

In short, unless sellers pay careful attention to fixed-price listings and do the extra work to cancel those that aren't performing, their fixed-price listings will never expire.

Rather, they will continue to run and to incur new fees every 30 days.

Hours after the announcement, inkFrog announced their "GTC Watchdog" tool. The GTC Watchdog tool automatically cancels fixed-price listings for sellers before new fees can be incurred, and it does this according to rules that sellers themselves create.

Sellers can adjust GTC Watchdog activity:

  • By eBay category
  • By eBay marketplace
  • By listing price range
  • By how far before automatic relisting cancellation should occur

In effect, by enabling sellers to automate the cancellation of their own fixed-price listings using customized criteria, inkFrog restores the ability for sellers to have listings "expire," rather than automatically relist as would normally happen going forward.

More impressively, the tool gives sellers far more control over how this "expiration" happens than they ever had with eBay's own listing duration option.

Details about inkFrog's new GTC Watchdog tool can be found here.

Still the Leader

In our October review, we said that inkFrog was without question the leader in eBay tools for sellers.

We didn't say this naively—there are multiple players in this market and they're always nipping at each other's heels, vying for the top spot by adding features and polish. With these latest two additions, inkFrog has likely solidified its lead once again.

eBay sellers looking for an end-to-end solution to enable growth in eBay sales and shopper satisfaction should keep inkFrog near the top of their list as they make choices.

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