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How To Open An eBay Store | Our Step By Step Guide

Daniela Cherkova
Oct 9, 2018

While you don’t need a store to sell on eBay, there are many advantages to having one. A basic store costs $27.95 a month (or $21.95 paid annually), but that includes 250 free monthly listings. For listing 251 and beyond, the fee is just $0.25 each.  

Additional advantages include up to 300 custom categories for organizing your stock; a presence on the web with your own URL; and several other tools to help your business.

This guide will provide you with a handy guide on how to open an eBay store.

Requirements for opening your eBay store 

First of all the requirements: for a basic store you must have an eBay seller account and verified credit card along with a verified PayPal account.

Featured stores and Anchor stores have much stricter criteria, but most people start with a basic store and build up from there.

What kind of eBay store should you open? 

Next, you will need to decide the kind of store you require. If you want to start with other than a basic store, a premium store costs $59.95 a month and is suitable for volumes greater than 500 items every 30 days.

An anchor store costs $299.95 per month and is appropriate for volumes greater than 5,000 items a month.

Below you can see a screenshot of the discounts, fees and features currently applicable to different eBay stores.

discounts for ebay stores

As you can see, eBay offers five significantly different options, giving sellers of all sizes the opportunity of opening a store customized to their needs. For new eBay sellers the Starter, Basic and Premium packages are most likely enough. These give you the option of listing between 100 and 1,000 fixed price products for free each month, as well as up to 500 free auction listings.

For bigger sellers looking to utilise eBay's huge reach, the Anchor and Enterprise packages offer good value for money. Besides the higher limits and lower fees, both plans offer dedicated customer support, as well as more professional selling tools. By default however, all store plans provide access to:

  1. Promoted Listings
  2. Promotions Manager
  3. Tools to optimize listings

In addition to these tools, all eBay store owners get:

  1. A customizable storefront homepage
  2. A customized store web address
  3. The ability to set "Featured Items" to display your products more prominently
  4. Store categories to organize your products correctly

Keeping all these features and tools in mind, it's easy to see why eBay sellers may be well advised to open a store.

Check out our blog post on Fees for Selling on eBay for a more detailed look at this.

Choose a name for your eBay store 

What are you going to call your store? It is worth giving this some thought.

Names are incredibly important; it should be memorable and reflect the kind of business you are in. It will also be a part of your store URL. Naturally it must be unique.

This guide can give you some inspiration, should you need it. If you think you got it wrong, don’t worry, this tells you how to change your eBay store name.

Open your eBay store 

Now we get to the important part of How to Open an eBay Store. You can set up your eBay store quickly with ‘Quick Shop Setup’.

This tool has a range of features that help you design how your store looks and feels. It also offers suggestions on design and marketing.

The easiest way is to access the default settings and then adjust them until you are happy with the result.

Take your time and play around; you can always come back and change things later if you wish using the ‘Manage My Shop’ tools which are available in your ‘My eBay’.

If you don’t want to set up your store immediately, you can come back later and use the ‘Quick Shop Tune Up’ tool in ‘Manage My Shop’.

If your aspirations for your eBay store are professional, you should definitely consider setting up the Selling Manager Pro.

Store branding 

Now you have a basic store, you can work on it to develop your own brand. For instance, you can include a logo; you can choose from one of the free logos provided by eBay’; design your own; or have one designed professionally (it costs less than you think).

You can add a theme that reflects the kinds of products you sell; you can either build your own theme or select one of those provided for free by eBay; these include some excellent color and graphics combinations.

There are also eBay header options for featured and anchor stores.  

Organize your eBay store 

This is crucial to understand if you want to know how to open an eBay store. Your shop will include a navigation bar where your customers can locate all your items.

The best way to order your store is by using a range of categories and sub-categories; for instance:

Clothing > Men > Outdoor > Jackets

Make it easy for your buyers to find what they are looking for. Depending on how many categories you use, you can list them all in your navigation pane or you can nest them in different category levels.

Note that you can include a version of the navigation bar along with your store logo with all your eBay listings.

You can also choose to display your items as a list or as a gallery with images; generally images if possible are better.

Items can be sorted using a variety of criteria, for instance by price, newly listed, and so forth.

Add custom pages to your eBay store 

Add custom pages to inform your customers about your business, the kinds of goods you sell, and your policies.

You can use these for emphasizing your brand and advising your customers why they should buy from you rather than the competition.

Promote your eBay store

Now you have your store, you can promote it outside eBay.

You can register an additional URL that points to your store and submits your URL to Google and other search engines. This is a crucial part of knowing how to set up an eBay store.

This will help you track your store’s performance and optimize it accordingly; taking a close look at your data will work wonders for your understanding of your customers and ultimately generate sales.

You should also post free advertisements to your store, on referral sites such as Craigslist.

My final tip is to promote your store across various social media channels. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube can drive a huge amount of traffic if used correctly.

Conclusion – That is how to open an eBay store

Now that you know how to open an eBay store, check out our guide on What to Sell on eBay to get a good understanding of what sells and will make you a profit.

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