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How do I buy BB1 tokens?

Daniela Cherkova
March 25th, 2019

This blog post is designed to help you complete your investment in the Bitbond Security Token Offering.

Since launching we've paid close attention to the feedback we receive from investors and create content to help answer the most common questions.

Today's post walks you through the final two screens of the investment process. There has been a little confusion surrounding this part so let's dive right in.

On the penultimate screen you will be welcomed by this message.

Here we see the payment method, investment amount and the senders IBAN.

Please note that the IBAN is shown in order to allocate your BB1 tokens at issuance. We do not withdraw the funds from your account.

Once we click on the button, we are taken to the final and most important screen of the investment flow.

This is where you see the account you need to send the funds too.

At this stage, please head over to your online banking provider and set up a transfer. Enter the details provided on this page and make sure to include your reference code. This is vital so that we can allocate your BB1 tokens correctly.

Once you have initiated the transfer from your online banking account, you can exist this page.

In your Bitbond STO dashboard, we will list your investment as a "Declared Order". After 2-3 business days the funds should arrive in our account and your order will be listed as an "Investment".

Congrautlations, you just participated in Germany's first licensed STO.

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