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eBay Alternatives – These Are Your Top 5

Chris Grundy
Aug 10, 2018

There are many reasons you might be looking for eBay alternatives right now. The rising fees, the buyer bias, and Cassini – eBay’s mercurial search engine – are all good reasons to start looking elsewhere. Here, we will cover your best eBay alternatives, giving you a breakdown of the fees, traffic volume and ease-of-entry.

The list will focus primarily on the United States and Europe, but will include key platforms for sellers from around the world as well. Let’s get started!

1. Amazon – The obvious choice

Sellers living in Europe or America, will no doubt be rolling their eyes right now. The reason being that Amazon is almost too obvious to include in this list. It is simply the market-leader and you will no doubt have heard of it.

What you might not know however, is that Amazon draws well over 105 million unique monthly visitors a month – more than any other eCommerce platform! In fact, Amazon is the biggest search engine for products worldwide, even bigger than Google. As a result, your listings will receive far more views than on any other online selling site. This of course, increases your chances of making a sale exponentially.

Additionally, Amazon’s search engine (A9) is relatively straightforward, providing the necessary clarity for sellers to allocate resources and rank on page #1. (Check out this article for a great guide on SEO for Amazon)

The final point worth mentioning, is that Amazon is not only a cheaper eBay alternative, but also offers a superior Fulfillment service. This allows you to bypass many customer headaches associated with selling on eBay, and lets you make money easily.

If you aren’t selling on Amazon already, get cracking now.

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2. Bonanza – The rising star of eCommerce

When 12,000 Online sellers voted on their favourite marketplace earlier this year, Bonanza came out on top. Far smaller than most eBay alternatives, the Seattle-based platform prides itself in low fees and excellent seller communication.

Zero listing and setup cost is clearly an attractive proposition for sellers located primarily in the United States, and Bonanza is growing rapidly as a result. Not only is Bonanza cheaper than most competitors however, but it also offers a range of services designed to make sellers lives as easy as possible.

One such service is the smooth Google integration which helps sellers products get ahead of the competition. Another is Bonanza’s “Background Burner”, which helps you create professional looking product images in seconds. Finally, the platform also recognises other Online selling sites, allowing you to sync your products at no cost.

If you haven’t checked Bonanza out already, do so now. (This guide is really helpful for new sellers) It’s a fast growing marketplace focused on sellers and one of our favourite eBay alternatives.

3. Etsy – 1,4 million sellers can’t be wrong

Leaving payment problems in July behind, Etsy has turned things around and is now having a bumper year. The legions of happy sellers are surely at the heart of this upswing, and it’s not tough to see why the might be happy.

Etsy is significantly cheaper than eBay, and provides a more intuitive listing process. On top of that Etsy is the king of handmade items. If you are looking for a place to sell your handmade artisanal soap for example, Etsy is the perfect place to go.

Because of it’s focus on esoteric products, Etsy is 2016’s most profitable marketplace for sellers. Simply put, creators of unique products can make more money on Etsy than on any other platform. Partially, this is due to Etsy’s huge traffic. Not quite on the same level as Amazon and eBay, Etsy still get’s around 189 million visits per month, with over 5 minutes spent on the site on average; the latter being significantly higher than both Amazon & eBay. (source: SimilarWeb)

On top of that, Etsy now has well above 54 million registered members, with over 20 million active buyers. What makes it so attractive for Online sellers like you however, is the above-average loyalty of Etsy buyers. 75% of its annual gross merchandise sales from 2011 and 2014 was generated by repeat purchases. As a result, repeat purchases are far more likely on Etsy than on any other platform, letting you grow more dependably.

Importantly, Etsy is very much a marketplace on the rise. It’s ecosystem continues to grow, with Apps designed to make your product images better, and even esteemed Universities offering workshops to help maximise sales.

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4. Newegg –  Heaven for tech sellers

If you’re selling gadgets, laptops, computers, TVs, DVD players or any consumer electronic goods, Newegg is the place for you. Opened to third party sellers in 2010, Newegg now has a staggering 30 million registered customers, and has become an attractive proposition for marketplace sellers.

So what specifically makes Newegg an attractive eBay alternative? Well, first off Newegg has a well-run fulfillment service called “Shipped by Newegg”. Sellers can send their products to Newegg’s warehouses, where they will be shipped directly to customers at point of sale.

Additionally, Newegg scores points with its free access marketing programs, which allows sellers to be included in Newegg’s email campaigns at no extra cost. Newegg also helps facilitate international selling, with its “international seller program” and “global seller program”. These are designed to help US sellers reach major markets like Canada, Australia and Europe, as well helping sellers outside the US, bring their products into the country.

On the other hand, Newegg’s fee structure is just pipped by eBay’s, charging a single 10-15% commission on every item sold. Although Newegg sellers can expect to pay a little more in  fees than eBay sellers, the simplicity of Newegg’s fees allows for a more accurate prediction of profit-margins in the long-term. Instead of listing, sales and shipping fees, Newegg leverages a single commission fee.

A further point of interest for Online sellers, is Newegg’s B2C AND B2B nature. As a result, merchants can sell and buy in bulk through the marketplace. This represents an awesome opportunity for bigger sellers to shift large quantities reliably and quickly.

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5. Jet – All aboard the hype-plane

$20 billion in GMV by 2020 is an ambitious goal to set for a platform only two years old. That being said, Jet clearly has what it takes to reach this goal.

Launched in 2014 by former Quidsi CEO Mark Lore, Jet managed to raise over $220 million in funding even before launching their website. Building on such staggering sums of capital, Jet has quickly built up an awesome website with loyal customers and great variety.

Most interestingly for sellers, Jet has raised the bar in terms of units per order – achieving an average of 1.5 units per order, compared to Amazon’s 1.1. This results in a much higher average cart value, and subsequently higher sales numbers and more revenue for sellers.

The cherry on the cake here, is Jet’s still quite crude search engine, which is quite easy to get a handle on. Doing simple SEO, like including keywords in your title, description and bullet points, usually results in landing high up the search rankings. For very little effort therefore, you should be able to top the product pages and generate more sales.

In terms of fees, the marketplace is quite similar to other eBay alternatives, as it charges zero signup, monthly or listing fees. Instead sellers are charged a commission on sold items. (More detailed information here)

It should be noted that Jet.com is currently only open to sellers located in the US, with a business tax ID, and branded products in their catalogue. For sellers fitting this description however, it is an excellent eBay alternative and well worth checking out. You can do so by heading over to their website and applying to become a partner.

6. MercadoLibre – The Latin American eBay alternative

Unknown to most European sellers, MercadoLibre is the #1 marketplace in Latin America. And it has recently opened its doors to US-based sellers, making it an excellent eBay alternative.

Online sales in Latin America are growing at a rate of 10% per year, with MercadoLibre the dominating platform in the eCommerce space. With sales of over $370 million in 2012 and a 70% growth since 2010, MercadoLibre is unquestioningly a platform on the up, and US-based sellers can now jump on the bandwagon.

Partially owned by eBay, it will comes as no surprise that the Latin American behemoth offers both fixed-price and auction-style selling. By using the platforms own payment provider, mercadoPago, US merchants will be able to sell products and receive payments locally without the need for a local branch.

Fortunately, many Online selling tools are now starting to recognise the huge potential of Latin America and can integrate with key platforms in the region. Channel Advisor for example offers a premium quality integration with MercadoLibre, with many other tools following suit.

In March 2016, MercadoLibre introduced a new fee structure, scrapping listing and sign up fees, in favour for a 10-23% commission on sold items. 

Conclusion – These are the best eBay alternatives

I hope you enjoyed reading our list of top eBay alternatives, and found some new marketplaces to start selling on. Have you tried these marketplaces? We would love to hear from you via Social Media!

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Thanks for reading! ;)


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