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Borrower Interview - Pierre Barnard from FirstforBitcoin.com

Chris Grundy
Nov 6, 2015

Bitbond: Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us. Could you start off by telling us what your relationship to bitcoin is and how you first heard of it?

Thanks Chris. I stumbled across Bitcoin (and cryptocurrencies in general) in the beginning of 2015. Being an IT Consultant for almost 15 years, I was immediately hooked. I realised the potential that global, de-centralized currency holds and started on my Bitcoin journey, learning everything there is to know, and eventually starting my own blog. To this day, Bitcoin forms a part of my daily life in one form or another. I have made good friends from all over the world thanks to the global Bitcoin forums and communities.

Bitbond: Cool. What do you think the future holds for bitcoin? Is it the modern-day equivalent of the internet or will it fall flat on its face?

I believe that Bitcoin has a very bright future. Cryptocurrency services which equal or improve on conventional services emerges daily. Services like “buying airtime”, “paying for products or services” or “trading” in Bitcoin” have all become a reality.  Bitcoin’s size and dominance indicates that it is here to stay. As soon as any new innovations come along, Bitcoin could simply adopt them.

Bitbond: What do you hope to achieve with your loan, and why did you choose Bitbond?

Working part-time, I started a Bitcoin blog/directory website around 6 months ago called www.firstforbitcoin.com. I wanted to contribute and be part of this exciting technology in some way, and decided to start a guide for new-comers, as well as share important Bitcoin resources all on one site. After many ups and downs, the website it almost ready to launch.

My current loan would mainly be used to finalise and fund my faucet, as well as start an advertising campaign during the next 2 months. I also need to upgrade my notebook pc which is now almost 8 years old!

This would be my fifth loan on the Bitbond platform. I have worked towards improving my rating and trust on the site during the last few months. I find Bitbond to be an easy, trustworthy and no-nonsense P2P website to use.

Bitbond: What are the benefits of a bitcoin loan compared to a conventional equivalent like a bank loan?

One of the main advantages are borrower fees. Bitbond, offers the smallest fees for borrowers, and lending is completely free. Bitcoin loans also makes it possible for people in developing regions like Latin America and Africa to gain access to personal and business funding. Traditional banking services are often underdeveloped in these areas.

Bitbond: What is your favourite feature on Bitbond? What features do you think are missing?

Bitbond is user-friendly. I like the idea of the hassle-free method of listing a new loan, as well as the accurate rating system. I would really like to see which investors contribute to my loans, as well as a forum or chatroom where Bitbond users can interact.

Bitbond: As a business owner or an employee, does your place of work accept bitcoin? If not, what do are the chances of that changing?

I am employed full-time as a systems analyst and database developer in the HR and Payroll field. I currently work and live in Pretoria, South Africa. Unfortunately, most people I interact with have never even heard of Bitcoin. I do believe that it will change over the next few years, as Bitcoin services become more prevalent in my country and other parts of the world.

Bitbond: What would you want potential investors to know about your loan?

My latest loan listing will really go a long way in promoting my Bitcoin blog and as a result increase exposure to Bitcoin locally. In order to continue development, I also need to upgrade my notebook as my current one is reaching retirement!

Bitbond: Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us.

If you would like to help fund Pierre's blog, improve the bitcoin ecosystem and earn some interest, hop over to his loan listing and start investing!

PS. Bitbond now has a Facebook Group as requested ;) Come and join the discussion.

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