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Borrower interview | Venezuelan Chemical Industry worker

Mollie Thick
Jan 13, 2016

This week we have had the great pleasure to interview a Chemical Industry worker and Bitbond borrower, the Venezuelan Vicente Giliberti. Read our discussion below and find out Vicente’s view about the future of cryptocurrency, the purpose of his loan and why he has chosen Bitbond as a lending peer-to-peer platform. You can invest at his bitcoin loan for more 8 days!

Bitbond: Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us. Could you start off by telling us what your relationship to bitcoin is and how you first heard of it?

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my experiences with you regarding to this amazing service such as Bitbond, I must say that I am very happy to find you because it has been very easy and reachable to get small loans in Bitcoins combined with a high reliability and security.

I use to mine bitcoins in several different cloud mining services. Bitbond loans have permitted me to re-invest in these services increasing my earning exponentially, facilitating interests payments on time - it has been a way to get additional income different than my current job in the Chemical Industry. My wife cannot understand yet how bitcoin world works exactly, but she is happy, considering current constraints of world economy and especially in our country.

Bitbond: Cool. What do you think the future holds for bitcoin? Is it the modern-day equivalent of the internet or will it fall flat on its face?

Bitcoins bring the people freedom from current abusive worldwide banking system and corporations controls. There will be some sectors which will fight against the new system for convenience; however, the more people become user of cryptocurrencies, the harder to get this new system down.

We must to inform our relatives about this amazing tool. I am sure that in the future, cryptocurrencies could not be beaten. They will become, and especially the bitcoin, the crypto money of the entire world.

Bitbond: What do you hope to achieve with your loan, and why did you choose Bitbond?

Bitbond loans give a breath from current economical responsibilities, sometime money is not enough but Bitbond comes to the rescue; I use loans to basically increase my bitcoin mining powers, but sometimes when traditional money lacks.

Bitbond: What are the benefits of a bitcoin loan compared to a conventional equivalent like a bank loan?

To get a Bank loan is really a headache, it is like a pineapple under your arm, due to all the paperwork and requirements they ask for, it is a very bored process and time consuming. On the other hand, Bitbond loans can be achieved after an easy process of verification of your ID, address, phone number, e-mail and money income, this last one is very important to establish if you can pay loans or not.

A key issue is honesty, because I think this business is built in trust ability between Bitbond and users, please keep that always in mind.

Bitbond: What is your favourite feature on Bitbond? What features do you think are missing?

As a borrower, my favourite feature is the possibility to choose the duration of the loan as well as the amount in Bitcoins or USD in affordable interest payments. It is attractive and it beats the features of other lending programs found through internet.

Some other features such as funding time could be improved. For example, it could be possible for the user to extend or reduce the bidding time? Or maybe, if bidding time has finished, fund the user with the partial loan gotten, not start again with a new bidding.

Bitbond: As a business owner or an employee, does your place of work accept bitcoin? If not, what do are the chances of that changing?

Unfortunately and frankly speaking, I cannot see Bitcoin acceptance in a short term as method of billing or payment in my current job; however, I am convinced that cryptocurrency is the future and world economy will be moving towards it step by step.

Bitbond: What would you want potential investors to know about your loan?

As I explained before, I use to invest in bitcoin cloud mining services. It is a very profitable technique to invest the loans, it helps to speed up mining powers, receive earnings to pay the interests on time and gives a good earning margin - this way I will never be short of bitcoins for interest payments on time, avoiding to exchange local currency to bitcoins to pay interests, exchange is done only if necessary.

Key issue is to choose the correct bitcoin mining service, there are a lot of scammers in the internet inside bitcoin world, please keep an eye always open..!!!

It was a pleasure hearing about your thoughts, Vicente!
You still can invest at Vicente's mining loan!
8 days left!

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