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Best Dropshipping Products – Our top 5

Daniela Cherkova
June 29, 2018

Best Dropshipping Products – A lot of people looking to start their own online business face one common problem, they have no idea what to sell. No matter how much experience you have, deciding on the products you think will be successful for your online business is a c cumbersome task. However, this doesn’t have to be because if you decide to run your business as a dropshipping model then you will have plenty of great products which you can immediately start selling.

In addition, you will neither need to worry about dealing with physical inventory nor sell out on storage space since your suppliers will be taking care of that for you. However, choosing the best dropshipping niche is a debatable topic that demands extensive market research as well as proper prior planning.

But what is dropshipping?

In a nutshell, dropshipping is a type of retail fulfillment method where seller forwards customer orders to a manufacturer who in turn takes care of fulfillment. Dropshipping can either be used in conjunction with multi-warehouse selling such as Amazon FBA to supplement your other forms of fulfillment or be the foundation of your eCommerce business.

The beauty about dropshipping is that you can remove underperforming products or add new ones if you want to with just a few clicks. This permits you to experiment with your inventory to the point where you find a list of products that your customers like. In addition, with dropshipping you don’t have to worry about buying goods in bulk unlike traditional eCommerce. Also all you need is a good computer and internet to run your business thus you can do it from anywhere.

How to find the best dropshipping niche

Before starting an actual business, it is essential that you select the right product niche. While this might seem like an easy process, it is actually your business’ foundation stone. However, before we dive in, it is important you know that there are two kinds of niches the good kind and the bad. Here is how you distinguish a good niche from a bad one:

  • A good niche will make you a lot of money while a bad one will have no sales hence no money
  • With a good niche low customer support is required, a bad niche on the other hand will require you to spend a large amount of time in customer support
  • A good niche has higher profit margins while a bad niche has smaller margins for you the entrepreneur
  • A good niche already has an established customer base

With that said, here are some of the ways of finding the best niches for dropshipping.

Make Google Trends your best friend

Once you see the figures and numbers associated with your business then everything comes into perspective. This also applies for product niche. Have you shortlisted some of the niches you want to go with? If so then it is time to check the facts.

Google Trends which is offered for free by Google is a tool that can assist you in evaluating if the niche category you have chosen is trending and the amount of traffic it has reduced or gained over the past months and years. If the product you wish to sell is still popular and hot then you have just hit the jackpot.

Carry out some serious brainstorming and write down your best ideas

During your brainstorming session chances are that you will come across categories or products that just click with you. You might want to start by taking a piece of paper and pen or your mobile device and note down all the ideas you have. This is an essential part of the process because brainstorming is one of the best ways to capture great ideas.

After you are done choose about 10 of your best categories from your list and separate them from the original list you made which had more options. Lastly, carry out some extensive research which involves looking for the most popular stores and what they are selling. Keep a keen eye on the list of top selling products as well highly promoted products. The lesson here is to find the categories for hot products and pick the best money making niche for your online store.

Know your competition

You should know that if a niche is popular there are high chances that you will be up against some tough competition. Don’t let it deter you because it makes your work easier. Once you know who your competition is, measure and analyze them in order to gather valuable information that will help you when opening your own dropshipping store.

If you realize that there is too much competition in the niche you picked then you might want to rethink your options. If you have picked a broad niche like jewelry, shoes or clothes you might need to select a narrower niche or a sub niche when making your dropship store.

For example, if you have picked Women’s clothing be ready to have many brands and dropship stores as your competition because this is a big niche. However, you can combat this by selecting a sub niche such as stylish maternity clothes for new mothers or Plus size clothing for women. By doing this you are not only reducing your competition but also helping your business to grow faster thus ensuring more profitability.

Choosing the best products to dropship

Now that you know what dropshipping is and why it is a great business model to use for your store, it is time to teach you how to choose the best dropshipping product. As mentioned earlier, Google Trends is an essential tool to get data from if you want to curate through high potential products to put on your dropship store.

If you want to know if a product is great for dropshipping, the following is a criteria you can use:

  • It is difficult to guess the product’s price
  • Customers will buy the product without researching about it
  • It is difficult to find the product elsewhere
  • The product is not overly expensive
  • The product is not only unique but also entices the potential customer to click

To promote your products, you are recommended to use the Facebook advertising platform because it is among the most effective marketing channels for dropshippers. Think of it this way, you will be having access to an audience of about 2.2 billion active users as well as incredible target options.

The best dropshipping products by category

Now that you already have an idea of how you can start and run a successful dropshipping business, it is time to go to the next level. Picking the best dropshipping products is the most crucial part of turning your new business venture into a success. Here is a compiled list of top dropshipping products category for you:

1) Beauty and health supplies

These include things such as skincare, makeup and shower products. Since these products are renewable, it means that you will be able to create a strong customer base thus ensuring consistent product repurchases. In addition, most beauty and health products can be bought at a low wholesale price and their weight is usually significantly low.

2) Computer accessories

These include laptop cases, USB drives and laptop batteries. When bought in bulk, you can also purchase such products in wholesale price. This allows you to have a bit more room to make a profit. The key benefit for this category is that it has the potential to sell multiple items in various bundles

3) Fashion and clothing

Over the years, fashion and clothing has maintained its status of a universally attractive commodity, better yet, one that is in demand all year round. This category offers you the potential of creating customers who are loyal and ones that will continue buying from you. For this reason you will be required to focus on providing quality products and top-notch customer care service to build repeat customers.

4) Mobile phones and accessories

Because mobile phones are in high demand, lightweight and most importantly because you can stock multiple different brands, selling them together with their related accessories can be advantageous. By selling mobile phones, there are high chances of making another sale by offering your customers related accessories.

5) Party supplies

Parties are not only happening more often but also becoming more extravagant all thanks to the new era of social media. This makes it a potential niche because you can sell party supplies thus capitalizing on the trend. Party supplies are easy to sell in bundles and are usually cheap and lightweight.

If you want to enter the eCommerce field then dropshipping is a great start because the numbers don’t lie. You can now automate communication between suppliers and sales channels by using dropshipping software. This can also be your best options if you’re hoping to run a successful online business, more so if you have the best dropshipping products. With all this information, you are more than capable of finding success in dropshipping whether you’re an industry veteran or a newbie.

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